"In Production" Images or Video suggestion for Tesla

"In Production" Images or Video suggestion for Tesla

Since every Tesla is custom at the factory, it would be great if Tesla would provide to purchasers images or videos of their car in various stages of production. Tesla could automate this. This could be provided to the purchaser at delivery.

rossRallen | 1 dicembre 2015

That would be a nice souvenir to have.

aesculus | 1 dicembre 2015

Yep. Been discussed many times. Not sure why they don't do this. So easy with today's technology and when you make cars to order, it should be automatic.

Rajkrishnan9 | 1 dicembre 2015

I was thinking of the exact same thing just today!!!

Triggerplz | 1 dicembre 2015

Sounds like a birth of a baby..y'all wanna see when the FACTORY DOORS OPEN as it PUSHED out into the world..

Triggerplz | 1 dicembre 2015


Roamer@AZ USA | 1 dicembre 2015

Driven out would be better......

MyXinTx | 2 dicembre 2015

I'd be happy with a tour of the factory coordinated with the production of my vehicle. Obviously it would be an estimate since actual build time may be challenging to pinpoint exactly, but that would be a cool feature and a unique memory-making experience.

Ankit Mishra | 2 dicembre 2015

They are busy in making great cars. They don't have time for stuff like this. Maybe in 15 years when Tesla becomes a giant mediocre company they can do stuff like this.

ir | 2 dicembre 2015

Just adds more stress if it fails testing and needs fix up work.

"How come my car isn't progressing like the others?"

Rajkrishnan9 | 2 dicembre 2015

WaitN4myX Gr8 idea coordinate tour with prod

pvetesla | 2 dicembre 2015

They should just video a few cars from a far enough distance making it difficult to distinguish all the details. Then just sell it as your specific X being built. Profit margin would be much higher and maybe that extra money would allow them to produce the X in reservation date order.

Triggerplz | 2 dicembre 2015

@Roamer... Driven out would be better but I'm referring to it as a Baby accordingly it's Pushed

JuJoo | 2 dicembre 2015

Think sonogram pictures :)

carlk | 2 dicembre 2015

@Ankit Mishra +1.

Triggerplz | 2 dicembre 2015

@JuJoo.... LOL

MyXinTx | 2 dicembre 2015

@Rajkrishnan9 Already spoke to a Tesla tour coordinator, he really liked the idea, but currently not set up as an option for now. He said he will make that suggestion for the future, and suggested I reconnect with them about that prospect once my vehicle is scheduled for production.

Honestly I do not have real expectations...but it would be cool even if nothing more than a viewing after production before shipping out.

@Ankit Mishra If they were "too busy making great cars", then MX deliveries would be popping all over the world...with folding 2nd row seats (sorry, I cannot resist). Great cars?..Yes, too busy?..We can only hope soon...

I appreciate your perspective and respect all comments, but try to put yourself in the perspective of someone who is planning to lay out over a $100K in the purchase of the most expensive vehicle they ever will buy. Something like this would be similar to the European Delivery option that some premium auto manufacturers offer, and that requires a trip over the Pond. From what I understand, that is an incredible experience that make the new buyer feel like royalty and builds brand loyalty...besides, that would be just great PR, which TM desperately needs now with the ramping up of MX production and external criticism coming from all directions.

IMO, the hassle and investment (what?..$10K per year max for administrative costs) in small things like this could have a great return on investment, just like to current discounts on purchasing merchandise (hats/shirts/etc) for owners and res make us feel good.

Every little thing helps... | 2 dicembre 2015

It would be ridiculously easy for Tesla to set up a VIN-correlated, automated email communication system, independent of all other corporate systems for security purposes that would keep each customer informed as to the manufacturing and shipping status of their car, complete with HD photos. It would take fewer resources than the development of the silly snake charging cable. But it would take someone in the chain of management to actually understand the value of high quality customer communications to the company and to the customers. The number of calls asking about an occasional stalled build would be dwarfed by the number of calls "Where's my car?" that they now get.

End of rant. Thanks for your indulgence.

robert | 2 dicembre 2015

Ferrari already does this. Customers get emails with photos as their car progresses through the production process.

Farmer Dave | 2 dicembre 2015

georgehawley +1

Ankit Mishra | 2 dicembre 2015

To all people who are speculating that it is easy for Tesla to do this stuff- you are right. But its not their priority now. Tesla is different due to the man at its centre- Elon Musk. Now, I know a lot of you get irritated when someone talks about him but its a fact. To maintain the control that makes Tesla different it requires values of Elon to be present in all part of Tesla. If you start a lot of unnecessary processes too fast he wont be able to look after them and that's were the degradation of this company into a mediocre/dead company that we have as norm will start.
Even if these kind of processes are to be started it will require time so that all employees understand the values of the company. And right now, Tesla is extremely busy and will be for next many years.
For $100,000 people are getting to be a part of human resilience. A single man has organised an effort to fight a problem created by negligence of the rest of human race. It represents more than just a car- if he can do it then maybe all problems can be solved if we try hard enough. People are going to get the best car their money can buy. And if non folding seats bother you, come back in few months. I am sure Tesla will acknowledge that people request for folding seats is right and will release X with it.

AlMc | 2 dicembre 2015

I like the idea as long as the engineers working on some *unnamed* configuration options don't spend any time on it. This looks like a great project for a couple interns....:)

madodel | 3 dicembre 2015

I agree with AIMc. I'd love to have automatic communication of my X's production status with photos. That would be exciting, but if it in anyway delays my getting my car, faghetaboutit! I am weeks away from getting this. As to building brand loyalty, statistics to date imply that it can't get much better than it is despite what the shorts, shills and Consumer Reports implies.

I want my Model X before the end of this year.

My Signature Model X P90D, #1096, VIN 00444, Signature Red Multi-Coat Paint, 20" Silver Wheels, Ultra White Seats, Dark Ash Wood Décor, Black Alcantara Headliner, Six Seat Interior, Subzero Weather Package, Tow Package, and a 72Amp onboard charger.

MyXinTx | 3 dicembre 2015

@madodel I am so jealous of the exterior color of your future X, the rest of your selection not so much but we are all individuals...enjoy your ride. You are da Bomb... so Tesla should hire you to redesign the seats so they can fold, and create a Communication System as you described.

@Ankit Mishra I just gotta ask... What/Who are You? For months you persistently defend TM and Elon and post like an existentially-aware PR monk atop the highest mountain top in Teslaland. You have mentioned you don't own a S, or plan to ever purchase a Tesla vehicle, which is totally cool. While your wholesome excuses and explanations are a delight to those who see the battery "half-charged", your refusal to acknowledge the realistic and apparent flaws within TM does not give full validation to your perspective. While I highly respect Elon and all of his accomplishments, many aware forum members do not agree with all of TM's decisions, of which many may not be fully directed by him, as he is just a man. Besides, I don't think you give him all the credit he deserves, as he is capable of communicating reasons for some unpopular decisions, and he should never be too busy for that.

I am now humored by your comments, so I guess I should Thank You for the cosmic-relief and entertainment. I say this with respect and admiration of your positive attitude, obviously which I do not fully share...Please don't stop being you.

By the way, my hard-earned cash is not trying to purchase "a part of human resilience", but rather a high-end technologically advanced automobile that gets me from Point A to B with a smile on my face, albeit without directly contributing to air pollution...unless the electricity I charge with came from burning coal. And how sure are you that Tesla will eventually provide folding 2nd row seats...or is that just your hopeful intuition speaking again??

Hmmm, are you on the TM payroll by any chance? If so, I will suggest you get a raise for your exuberance. Serious respect to my forum colleague.

adamgreen | 3 dicembre 2015

Not that I think it's a big deal, but the novelty would be appealing.
As notes, it's easily done. A typical high school tech hacker could devise an object-tracking web cam that could identify each car on the line and send short videos to recipients.
GM even offers a program where the customer can build their own engine. Surely tesla could put a small safety observation booth somewhere to watch the car reaching a few interesting points along the production line (paint booth ... doors going on ... first time it rolls on its own wheels or whatever ... ? Set up a cafe and sell espresso drinks ... just as a novelty and people would go there like a trip to the zoo to watch wild animals in captivity!

Red Sage ca us | 4 dicembre 2015

It could very well be that Tesla Motors intends to implement such a system some day. But for now, they are likely certain that everything in their Fremont facility will be changing in the next two-to-three years before it comes anywhere near close to being finalized. Adding the video equipment to track cars as they go through each station and the parallel networking systems that would be needed to do so is just one more level of complexity that can be avoided for now. I expect it is 'on the list' of 'Things to Do'... Y'know, just like folding second row seats and a Head Up Display... After all, they did get to a lighted vanity mirror, cup holders, and map pockets, even though coat hooks haven't arrived just yet.

carlk | 4 dicembre 2015


@Ankit Mishra I just gotta ask... What/Who are You?

Hmmm... aren't you the person who's been attacking people of being forum police? Either way that's the question I wanted to ask you too but then I realized it's the dumbest question one could ask on an internet forum.

@Red Sage ca us

I expect it is 'on the list' of 'Things to Do'... Y'know, just like folding second row seats and a Head Up Display... After all, they did get to a lighted vanity mirror, cup holders, and map pockets, even though coat hooks haven't arrived just yet.

Those things help sell cars but I'm not sure of the video set up though. They won't be able to do that until they become another fat cat and got tons of resources to waste.


I like the idea as long as the engineers working on some *unnamed* configuration options don't spend any time on it. This looks like a great project for a couple interns....:)

But the cost of dirupting production line would still be there. Probably more so if a couple of interns are working on that. ;)

Ankit Mishra | 4 dicembre 2015

Let the past lie in past bro. I am not bothered by these words.
No need to react to @carlk's post. Thank you for kind words (no sarcasm). I respect Elon and hence I believe he wont let X be without folding seats if people demand it for very long. I don't have any insider info.

carlk | 4 dicembre 2015

@Ankit Mishra

Thanks you. I'm with you on both accounts.

aesculus | 4 dicembre 2015

Actually I bet there is a whole group of students at San Jose Community College who would love to get involved with Tesla to build this. Probably do this just for the experience so little or not cost or distraction from Tesla's part and it could be a super PR piece too.

Ankit Mishra | 4 dicembre 2015

There are a lot of people all over world who would be interested in working with Tesla. But Tesla requires a level of quality in its workforce and hence not just any group of people can work on its projects. Also, if Tesla doesn't gives it their best and messes it then these same group of people who want Tesla to do as they like will put Tesla to task "Wow, Elon!! Cant even do a webcast properly."

MyXinTx | 5 dicembre 2015

@carlk I cannot dispute with your perspective, but I was somewhat distraught and critical of you being rough and patronizing to our forum colleagues in the past. However I do respect your longevity here, insight and honestly have noticed that you are more kind these days. We are all here to express our input and be educated.

@Ankit Mishra You truly are a gem, like I said, don't stop being you, you add a unique dimension of calmness. Just please once in awhile acknowledge that TM has the opportunity to improve itself for some blemishes it has created. Now if they awarded a MX for the most positive and supportive posts, you'd be in the lead :-)