Production Revisions & Modifications

Production Revisions & Modifications

Since the First Tesla Model S has been produced, has Tesla revised, updated, modified or added any new options or features. Many of us have experienced cars with advanced Navigation, Heads-Up display, Parking sensors, Digital TPM, Heated Seats, Night Vision, and other minor but important accessories. Most products evolve during production, and it may not be best to be the very first owner. Along with other prospective Tesla owners, I anxiously await additional options to be listed on the "Design your Tesla Model S" page or improvements made by Tesla.

timdorr | 13 novembre 2012

Yes, they have been doing this via software updates to the car. For instance, vehicle "creep" (the slight torque applied when you let your foot off the accelerator pedal) was patched in most recently. They have further features being planned as software updates.

Brian H | 13 novembre 2012

The way TM puts it (for dramatic impact) is that the day you take delivery is the worst your car will ever be, as they upgrade it routinely with software. They also issue due bills for hardware unavailable at production time due to supply chain bottlenecks.(Happens they've pre-announced that there will be more hardware upgrade retro-options available next year, too.)

dmrowland | 13 novembre 2012

A TM associate at the newly-opened San Diego store said the seats will soon have two memory settings. She didn't say if other changes will be made with that memory setting like side view mirror positions or preset radio stations (like I've seen in other vehicles).

TeslaModelSOwner | 13 novembre 2012

When did they say they would retro fit hardware?

Software updates I get, but things like HUD and night vision would require hardware and cost to TM so wondering if they would upgrade hardware no cost

TikiMan | 13 novembre 2012

As far as I am aware, the 2012-13 Model S will only get free software upgrades, upgraded sun visors, and higher-quality front mats.

Who knows what changes will be added for the Model S 2.0 for 2014-15, however, I suspect there will be a few, and maybe even a 500 mile range battery!

Brian H | 14 novembre 2012

Just going by Elon's remarks in the Q&A ...