Rear Camera Location on Model X

Rear Camera Location on Model X

Just wanted to point out that the rear camera for the Model X is located in the rear Tesla logo (at least the car that was at the Detroit auto show):

rossRallen | 22 marzo 2016

No, it isn't. It is just above the license plate and slightly left of center next to the trunk opening switch.

Triggerplz | 23 marzo 2016

Back in Jan 2013 when this was posted that camera coulda been just about any where

aesculus | 23 marzo 2016

What's up with these old threads that seem to surface lately? Is this an artifact of the maintenance they did a few weeks ago?

rossRallen | 23 marzo 2016

I guess so. I was surprised to find an old thread near the top of the list and replied before checking the date.