Roof rack

Roof rack

While we're waiting for our car, we might as well talk about stuff...

The betas going around the country have pano roofs AND roof rack attachment points. According to a member of the TMC forums, (see the Toronto thread), cars without the pano roof will not have the attachment points. I thought that a strange decision, if true.

Something to consider if you're on the fence about upgrading to the pano roof.

Here's an example of the optional "roof transport system" that the Porsche Panamera has available. (~$500)

You would need to add to that a carrier for whatever it was you were throwing up there unless you just tied it to the bars. Like bicycle rack, ski rack, or boat attachment. Can you imagine rolling down the road with a boot on the roof of your Model S? :-O

Volker.Berlin | 7 novembre 2011

It would certainly be appreciated to have the option, but realistically speaking I expect that the vast majority of Model S customers will rarely use it, if ever. For two reasons: Firstly, the Model S has more cargo space than any other sedan on the market, and more than some station wagons, so the need to put additional cargo on the roof will seldom arise. Secondly, there will be a serious range penalty due to deteriorated aerodynamics.

Mycroft | 7 novembre 2011

You're right that it wouldn't be used often. Just when attaching large objects. For example, if you have passengers in the back, then where would you put the bicycles if you were going on a trip that included cycling?

For me, it would be nice to have for the occasional plywood trip, but $500 would buy a lot of $20 truck rentals. So I would probably pass.

However, if you do have the need, boat, bicycles & passengers, etc. Then this would be a highly desirable option indeed!

Robert.Boston | 7 novembre 2011

Example: from our summer home up in Maine, we take kayaks off to various lakes or bits of seacoast. Nothing very far -- max 60 miles -- and all off-highway, so I don't care much about the extra drag. Getting a couple of sea kayaks inside a Model S would be a neat trick indeed.

Brian H | 8 novembre 2011

Don't you use the telescoping ones?


Michael from Germany | 9 marzo 2012

We have two tricycles instead of usual bicycles. It is impossible to transport them without a roof rack. I car where I cannot use a roof rack is not usable for us.

petero | 9 marzo 2012

looks like the Subaru Impreza Sport rack for double the money.

Robert.Boston | 9 marzo 2012

Poking around on the Model S beta that was visiting Boston recently, I paid attention to the mysterious slots on the roof. These were little doors that opened to reveal a threaded socket, about 1/4" in diameter. Seemed obvious that these were attachment points for a roof rack.

mvbf | 9 marzo 2012

A post long ago I mentioned a suction roof rack system called a sea sucker. What I like about it is how easy it is to remove when you do not need it. Here is a video of a race car with bikes attached to the roof to prove that it works:

Teoatawki | 9 marzo 2012

That's fine for the glass roof, but I'd be concerned the suction cups or weight might damage the aluminum roof.

gagliardilou | 10 marzo 2012

I don't have a need for a roof rack but its nice to know its available.

Crow | 10 marzo 2012

I'd be worried about the paint.

mwu | 11 marzo 2012

I specifically asked at the store in DC this weekend and those are confirmed to be roof rack mounting points

Brian H | 12 marzo 2012

take a look at that video at 1:24 or so. Looks like the bike is fallen forward over the windshield!

Brian H | 12 marzo 2012

Correction: around 0:59.

Reli | 3 ottobre 2012

I spoke to my local dealer and he said the following regarding a roof rack.

The roof rack is something that Model S was engineered to have. It isn’t available just yet, but it is an accessory that will be available In the future. Also, it will actually only work with the panoramic roof. The body color roof and black painted roof will not be able to accept the roof rack.

Brian H | 3 ottobre 2012

With strong vacuum pads and door tabs ...

Hendrik147 | 4 ottobre 2012

I doesn't make sense to me that you need the pano roof to mount a roof rack. During winter (I live in Norway) the roof is often covered in snow and I need a roof rack for my skis. I was not planning to get the pano roof since I can only use it 5 months a year, but now I might have to reconsider..

Teoatawki | 4 ottobre 2012

It's just that the pano roof has the sockets to attach a roof rack for a very clean solution. If Tesla doesn't get one out soon, I'm sure some 3rd party will. Non-panoramic roof owners will have settle for suction cups and straps, whether from Tesla or others.

Timo | 4 ottobre 2012

How long skis you have? Cross country or downhill? Model S trunk is huge, I think you can fit the skis there, at least with back seats folded.