For sale - brand new HPWC

For sale - brand new HPWC

Strictly for practical reasons, will not be using my HPWC that I received via Fedex 2 days ago.

So it is brand new and I welcome any offer.

If interested please email me at

ps: sorry to be using the Forum for this purpose; one-time event. Can hopefully find "win-win" situation...

Kapil | 19 settembre 2013

@hanleym14 you beat me to it. I'm in the same if you get more than one offer, please pass it along as I also have a HPWC I need to get rid of.

TMCproud | 19 settembre 2013

@kapil - Will do!

TMCproud | 19 settembre 2013

@kapil (part 2)

I called Tesla customer service and they responded same day with a Fedex label asking me to return it to them and they will give me a full refund.

unclegeek | 23 settembre 2013

@Kapil.. did you ship it back too or are you still selling yours?