For sale: Roaster Hard Top Roof Panel - black carbon with clear coat

For sale: Roaster Hard Top Roof Panel - black carbon with clear coat

This roof was originally specified as a very pricey option for my Signature Edition 250 Tesla Roadster.

Excellent condition, very little use.

Located in the UK, collection preferable, but could also ship,

Brian H | 11 agosto 2014

You should keep it for the snow and rain Global Cooling is bringing.

CapriMax | 11 agosto 2014

I will use the roof in the garage for that. No need to double...

alanwwebb | 13 agosto 2014

I have four Roadster Sport tires with minimum usage and a soft top, too.Located in Boulder, Colorado. Can meet somewhere in or near Boulder with this stuff.

CapriMax | 14 agosto 2014

Jane W, what exactly do you propose to do: swap 4 tyres and soft top for the hard top? :)

Did you see on my post where I am based - if so, have you got any suggestions of how shall I make way through the Atlantic Ocean on one battery charge?

Are you blond by any chance?

alanwwebb | 14 agosto 2014

Funny. I wasn't intending this message only for you. I was trying to piggyback on your post to reach Coloradans that viewed it. Sorry if that is an intrusion.

For crossing the Atlantic, all you need is an electrolyte intake. On Amazon ;)

alanwwebb | 14 agosto 2014

And how does that top fit your Roaster?

CapriMax | 16 agosto 2014


bart513 | 14 settembre 2014

Can you email me at about the tires and soft top?