Seen a Model S?

Seen a Model S?

I seen a Model S! Not in the stores, not on or during a driving event. I was exiting the highway in Bellevue, wa and one came up behind me as I was exiting ramp. This one was the red one. The guy driving it obviously used it for an everyday driver, because it was not perfectly polished and pristine. This one had normal road grime and the tires looked as if they had a good bit of wear them. In my personal opinion it looked far better than the one in the display at the store nearby. This one was just a "car" like every other car one the road, exept that it was a Tesla and I think it was the highlight of my week to being used like that.

Have you seen one? Where/when? Please let me know?

Brian H | 10 novembre 2012

In -- surprise surprise -- the Model S forum, there's a thread with over 50 posts. Enjoy!

Nexxues1 | 16 novembre 2012

Sorry, did not see one started. So I did.

nora-te | 17 novembre 2012

We saw a white model S coming over the pass toward lake Tahoe. We were traveling in the opposite direction, and it was snowing heavily.

As we rounded a corner, we saw the "blue" headlights, then the Tesla came into view. It looked fabulous!

FLsportscarenth... | 5 dicembre 2012

Saw a few roadsters driving around in Miami, no Model S's yet though, but did see two being prepared for delivery at the Tesla Service Centre in Hollywood though.