Signature colors

Signature colors

As many of us have put down $40,000 down for a signature model x, without ever seeing the final product, nor even driven it, wouldn't it be nice to have Elon throw out a few crumbs (it wouldn't show the final secret product), by giving those signature holders the final color selection including those special signature colors, so then at least we would have something to look at except the 240V plug in my garage.

rossRallen | 23 luglio 2015

Amen to that.

vperl | 24 luglio 2015

Actually, the others are staring at the 100 Amp disconnect box in the garage.

Brian Vicars | 26 luglio 2015

I put a coat of wax on my HPWC last week. Anytime, Elon.

Red Sage ca us | 26 luglio 2015

Signature Green

Signature Blue

Signature Red

jjs | 26 luglio 2015

+1 brianvicars1 Made me laugh!

jordanrichard | 28 luglio 2015

brianvicars, that was funny. Have you gone as far as naming your HPWC yet?

Detroit SuperCharger | 28 luglio 2015

"I'm sorry Dave, I can't tell you when your Model X will be delivered" ~ HalPWC

Brian Vicars | 29 luglio 2015

Just gave my 93 Crown Victoria to my grandson. Now down to one vehicle. I hope my X comes soon since my 1978 Impala is now our only mode of transportation until our Tesla arrives. Bought the Impala new but I'll be lucky to get 50 years out of it.
Maybe I should have purchased an import instead.

RonaldA | 29 luglio 2015

Seems that the design studio should be up by now don't you think?

Roamer@AZ USA | 29 luglio 2015

I think the colors will be,




ken | 29 luglio 2015

@RonaldA, either Thursday or Friday. Signature Blue for me!

vandacca | 29 luglio 2015

I'm starting to believe that the first Model-X vehicles have now been (or will be within the next week) configured (via phone or a private Design Studio) and production will start on them in the coming weeks. If that is the case, then the opening of the official and public Design Studio won't necessarily be this week, and it may not go live until sometime in late September.

ken | 29 luglio 2015

Thursday or Friday!

AlMc | 29 luglio 2015

What....You mean you have not been called to configure yet??? :)

My opinion....yes speculation..,,is that EM announces on the ER2CC that the design studio for the X will open Friday August 9th. The site will be overrun and freeze at 12.01am Friday if that happens

My color choice: bring back Sig Red

ken | 29 luglio 2015

I have to believe that it will be open before the quarterly earnings call.

Red Sage ca us | 29 luglio 2015

Roamer: Don't forget:



paradis | 30 luglio 2015

Metallic g-forcite
Midnight ohmium

aija | 30 luglio 2015