Slit or Cut In Back of Back Seats Fabric - Defect or Design

Slit or Cut In Back of Back Seats Fabric - Defect or Design

Our S85 is a total delight. I have the grin. . .

But, it is a Beta version, as I'm finding out. But I was freaked when I discovered a slit in the back side of the right hand rear passenger seat, right in the middle of the fabric, about two inches long. It was as if someone had taken a razor and mutilated my brand new car. And i was embarrassed to have not noticed it when I took delivery. What a pain to replace the whole back seat!

I called my Santana Row sales associate, Kim, who said that this "defect"is in all Tesla models. This seems weird. What do others know about this.

jbunn | 29 luglio 2013

Also on mine. Mounting point, I assume.

markapeterman | 29 luglio 2013

This is where the rear facing seat mount is. Not sure why its there if you didn't order the seats. How old is your car? I assumed they all were like this when the seats were retrofittable, but I would have thought they would have fixed it when they made them oem only (vin 4500 or so).

TeslaLABlue | 29 luglio 2013

They put it there for the rear facing child seats. Early on the seats were not available so they put the slit in to prepare for the child seat installation later on. I am not sure if it was done to all cars, but I remember it being discussed in a child seat topic.

Musterion | 29 luglio 2013

This is by design, not a defect. Take a closer look at the backs of your rear seats and you should see *three* vertical slits in front of metal bars, each one centered below each headrest. The answers above are incorrect in that they have nothing to do with the rear-facing seat option. They are tether LATCH anchors for forward facing child seats when mounted in the rear seats. They go with the other LATCH anchors facing forward inside the rear seat. These are on all Model S and are not related to the folding rear-facing third row seats, which have other anchors if installed. Your sales associate Kim should be educated on what constitutes a defect, and you should apologize to Tesla for accusing them of mutilating your car!

Brian H | 30 luglio 2013

Don't LATCH on to the first thought that comes to mind. Or have a cow.

cfOH | 30 luglio 2013

Musterion is correct. These are federally mandated LATCH mounting points.

Mark K | 30 luglio 2013

There are also slits below the rear seats that provide access to the emergency release pulls for the rear doors.

Each of these carpet slits are by design for specific purposes.

Don't worry - nothing needs fixing.

hsadler | 30 luglio 2013

Baby car seats - tie down point for seats being put in 2nd row.
Stick a finger in the slit(s) and you will find the metal 'hook' where you should connect the baby seats belt.

(Guess it's been a while @fritzlan ? :) )

tobi_ger | 30 luglio 2013

The thread title should be renamed as it's seemingy clear that it is a intended and/or required feature, not a defect.

fritzlan | 30 luglio 2013

Yup, it's been a while since I installed baby seats.

Thanks guys for all the information.

This forum is wonderful.