Solar roads

Solar roads

isn't the answer to battery charging to pave roads or verges with solar panels that cars pick up charge from by a trailing connector, like trams from overhead lines? I see solar panels are now cheap(ish) and easily produced and some train tunnels have been covered with them when repaired.

Timo | 25 ottobre 2013

Needs to be wireless. Power required to move Model S at 60mph is over 15kW, that kind of power would be serious health hazard.

maltbaek | 25 ottobre 2013

OK doesn't that technology exist? It would transform electric cars - even if it was just available on highways and batteries could take over on minor roads.

Timo | 25 ottobre 2013

Tech exists, problem is price. Current roads are cheap, that would not be.

Robert Fallin | 25 ottobre 2013

"In South Korea, Wireless Charging Powers Electric Buses"

maltbaek | 25 ottobre 2013

OK - use induction charging for cars using solar road generated power - what am I missing?

jonlivesay | 25 ottobre 2013


bonaire | 25 ottobre 2013

I think the roadway charging happens in places like a Mars base or a very small city. The problem is electricity for transportation is quite efficient right now and we don't need fancy roadways. We need denser batteries - charge at home and drive all day - rinse, repeat.

aaquino22 | 25 ottobre 2013

Building infrastructure creates jobs. Write to our politicians to get it done. Wait. The last I check they don't listen much to the people. Corporations have more influence than we do. Sad.

Brian H | 26 ottobre 2013

The "rinse" is only necessary for appearance's sake. ;)

ivarhbergseth | 15 aprile 2014
carlgo | 15 aprile 2014

Make batteries that are cheaper, lighter, charge faster and have a range of around 400 miles or so, at 70 mph with normal elevation changes. That and access to fast chargers on par with the access to gas we have now and all is fine. No retro-engineered alien technology needed, probably ready to go now for the most part.

The charging network issue is simply one of investing now to ensure sales, or not and waiting for sales first. Tesla will have limited production capability for years, so probably can sell all it can make for awhile anyway.

Rocky_H | 15 aprile 2014

Yeah, I second carlgo's point. What we "need" is what will fit people's needs. Driving for three hours and then a half hour stop is a normal traveling procedure, and most people's use is for even less capability than that. We have the technology to do all of that right now, and its deployment is spreading. It's just that it's a little pricey for most people to get into it right now with cars running in the $70K+ range. It's not big technology advancements we need, it's just the next several years of prices coming down.

Brian H | 16 aprile 2014

If solar roadways can justify themselves in stages and in different ways (he talks about ease of repair, durability, wastewater capture and processing, and other factors), they may gain traction. The option open to Tesla was/is charging stops, and it is doing a masterful job of implementing it.