Something very exciting coming...

Something very exciting coming...

Really exciting @TeslaMotors announcement coming on Thursday. Am going to put my money where my mouth is in v major way.

Read it online:

Care to speculate?

(Thanks Erik)

Captain_Kong | 26 marzo 2013

You heard it here first - Apple is coming in as a strategic investor and launching an autopilot iCar!

cprenzl | 26 marzo 2013

Doesn't he and the board have majority vote? He owns like 30% and a couple board members are like 10%+ too?

dstiavnicky | 27 marzo 2013

The news better be all three of the following or the SEC will be on him 'big time'.

1) minor news (twitter worthy not PR worthy)
2) personal (not about a new car or adding production lines...)
3) positive (if it's negative, he will be charged with trying to manipulate the market)

Personally, I think he made a mistake and should have just let it happen. Geeez...

weeandthewads | 27 marzo 2013


vgrinshpun | 27 marzo 2013

Put my money where my mouth is = figurative speech
Just a thought...

JZ13 | 27 marzo 2013

My bet is they have the results of the NTHSA tests and they are very positive - maybe even proclaiming the Model S as the safest car on the road.

mbcaffe | 27 marzo 2013

Elon decides to take over the DOE loan with his own money

GeekEV | 27 marzo 2013

@vgrinshpun, @JZ13 - Between the two of you, this is perhaps the most plausible guess yet. He has stated publicly that the Model S was designed to get a 5 star rating all around. If you take his tweet figuratively, he would be "putting his money where his mouth is" by revealing that the actual results are, in fact, what he's been boasting...

EcLectric | 27 marzo 2013

Some people may not have heard the expression 'put your money where your mouth is'. It means that you've been saying something, and now you intend to prove that you really believe what you're saying - by betting your own money that the 'something' is true. For sure, Elon plans to place a bet (investment) involving Tesla. He is not just going to announce something such as profitability or safety ratings.

Tiebreaker | 27 marzo 2013

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Captain_Zap | 27 marzo 2013

I put my money where my mouth was when I bought a Model S.

bsimoes | 27 marzo 2013

Dragon was originally coming back on Thursday and is now due back on Tuesday...coincidence??

L8MDL | 27 marzo 2013

The dragon touched down safely yesterday...

djp | 27 marzo 2013

Dragon came baack yesterday

bsimoes | 27 marzo 2013

Oops! I get "Science Daily" emails each morning and this morning I read the headline below without having my coffee yet. Being it's Wednesday today, I automatically registered it as next Tuesday. So sorry.

SpaceX dragon spacecraft carrying NASA cargo ready for return to Earth

Posted: 26 Mar 2013 10:51 AM PDT

More than three weeks after arriving at the International Space Station, the Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) Dragon spacecraft is ready for the trip back to Earth, now scheduled for Tuesday, March 26.

Sudre_ | 27 marzo 2013

SO the space station received a Model S?? with magnetic wheels... no more spacewalks to make a repair.

alcassfast | 27 marzo 2013

Elvis is alive?

mklcolvin | 27 marzo 2013

Better yet, Elvis just put down a reservation for a P85!

BarryQ | 27 marzo 2013

Elon = Stewie (from Family Guy). I'm a big fan of Stewie - remember his goal in life is "total global domination"

bb0tin | 28 marzo 2013

Picking apart Elon's tweet:

Really exciting: I don't know if a buy-back or some such financial arrangement would be considered exciting for the public

@TeslaMotors: I was thinking of Elon's ideas for an electric plane or hyperloop but this seems to restrict it to Tesla Motors only

Where my mouth is: I think this implies that it is a thought which he has spoken about publicly but not yet seen to have accomplished.

In v major way: This implies a very large investment, not just a large investment.

So I am thinking of a massive increase in production of the Model S. Rather than 25000 per year of the S, and then 200,000 for the Gen3, I am guessing 250,000 for the S soonish.

kilimats | 28 marzo 2013

when is the announcement done and where can i hear it live ?

jdesmo | 28 marzo 2013

I saw somewhere this morning that this 'announcement' is postponed to Tuesday?

jdesmo | 28 marzo 2013
Darmok | 28 marzo 2013

Elon tweeted not long after the original tweet that it was moved to Tuesday to avoid conflicting with quarter end.

Captain_Zap | 28 marzo 2013

Maybe he is starting another manufacturing line and using his money to get the project rolling.

L8MDL | 28 marzo 2013

He's buying Fiskar...

hsadler | 28 marzo 2013

He will buy a Fisker, and then modify it with Tesla's battery and drive train. Then he will rule the world.

alcassfast | 28 marzo 2013


Thanks for the chuckle!

chadrchristensen79 | 29 marzo 2013

I think I've got it, Elon Is going to announce leasing!
He's going to put his money Whear his mouth is by
Either guaranteeing the residual value or start his
own leasing company in order to have more
attractive lease rates.

vgrinshpun | 29 marzo 2013

Leasing is high on my list of probable exciting announcements as well. It was mentioned by others on this thread earlier on. The significance of leasing is hard to underestimate as more than 50% of premium cars in US are being leased. Just imagine 2x step up in reservations following such an announcement.

Elon was asked about leasing during the Q4 CC. His responce was that it will be offered as soon as Tesla will be able to get favorable leasing terms.

I think that Elon starting his own company is unlikely, though. Leasing is very capital intensive - one would need a billion to initiate leasing for 12,500 Trsla Model S cars. He would need well established partners for this one.

bsimoes | 31 marzo 2013

He's going to announce the build-out of the Hyperloop, where you (and your car) can hop on and be transported anywhere within the continental U.S.--forget the 300 mile range; you now will have 2000+!

vouteb | 31 marzo 2013

More superchargers

RedShift | 31 marzo 2013

It was the center console. Next they will announce exciting storage pockets, and may be the in-car vacuum like the new Honda odyssey.

Andre-nl | 31 marzo 2013

The only two things that I can think of are:

1. The announcement of an X-prize of some sort that has something to do with EV's (perhaps combined with solar power).

2. Covering that humongous roof of the NUMMI plant in solar panels to make the Model S production line fossil fuel free (the roof will not generate enough, perhaps the parking lot will get solar canopees and another solar plant is put in a sunny desert somewhere).

Perhaps these don't cover the in a 'very major way' part of his tweet, but don't forget that CEO's like to generate a little excitement. It's free publicity.

teriyaki88 | 31 marzo 2013

Let's have some fun.
My Top 5 Guesses for his Tweet

5. Musk will buy SD Chargers and rename them SD Superchargers
4. Hire that NYTimes reporter then send him to Alaska to cover Iditarod race, to check on the range of sled dogs
3. Open a new showroom in North Korea
2. Modify a Model S and send astronauts to Int Space Station
1. Replace Jay Leno as new host of Tonight Show

mcx-sea | 31 marzo 2013

Have all possible guesses been posted? Remember, only one, or possibly two, are likely to be correct. Or even none of the above!

jeroens | 1 aprile 2013

More exciting than the profitability announcement….?

Elon Musk
To be clear, Tesla is in California, so it is not April Fool's yet! Also, some may differ, but imo the Tues news is arguably more important.

Nexxus | 1 aprile 2013

Elon is going to announce the new GenIII vehicle. By getting rid of the 40kWh version, Tesla will have room for the new lower end GenIII for bewtween $35k and $50k.

Michael_Bluth | 1 aprile 2013

I think you may be onto it. Perhaps GenIII production schedule is being pushed up?

Neech | 1 aprile 2013

My bet is that Superchargers will be up and running sooner than expected and they will announce another charging option where they are placing units in parking lots such as Target, Lowes, Costco, etc. | 1 aprile 2013

Looks like it's been announced:

1) 40 KW cancelled due to lack of demand - orders will be replaced with range limited 60 KW that can be software upgraded to full 60 KW (for $10K?)

2) All 60 KW have supercharger hardware installed (although likely still will be a charge to activate).

See press release details (if not a April fools joke) at:

It makes a lot of sense - Europe never had the 40 KW option nor did the Model X, It makes all MS cars capable of using the Superchargers.

Michael_Bluth | 1 aprile 2013

Yesterday's news was not the announcement. Elon said there is still news to come on Tuesday, and he thinks it is more important.

Hi_Tech | 1 aprile 2013

hmmmm... Anyone else think it's an introduction of a new larger sized battery (especially with the news of 40kWh being removed)? Maybe a 100kWh/360mile battery?

mdherbst | 1 aprile 2013

Maybe one lucky Tesla buyer will be selected to go for a ride to the ISS!

wonder | 1 aprile 2013

Exercise options providing large capital infusion which will be used to dramatically deploy and grow Supercharger Network in very short order ..., and wait for it ..., Supercharger's will charge at much greater rate as he already alluded to in earlier statements.

L8MDL | 1 aprile 2013

He's partnering with a national chain to install Superchargers at all of their locations. Saves Tesla the cost of the land, gives the business a built-in clientele. The question is -- who? I'll guess Pilot or Love's truck stops. Or not!

dortor | 1 aprile 2013

My prediction - Elon is going to cover some/all of the Loan from the Govt. in exchange for interest-rate/cash/stock at some point in the future - it's the only thing that has anything to do with "putting his money where his mouth is…"…

but that's just my prediction - we'll all know soon enough.

shop | 1 aprile 2013

Elon will announce investment in advanced energy storage company and tesla will have exclusive ev rights to it.

jeroens | 1 aprile 2013
jeroens | 1 aprile 2013

Tesla Motors
CEO @elonmusk's announcement will take place tomorrow at 2pm pst. Tune in via live webcast or conference call: