supercharger stations

supercharger stations

Greetings ladies and gentlemen:
How could our shop get a Tesla supercharger?

Thanks you,
Eve's Automotive
824 E St.
West Sacramento, CA 95605
(916) 266-1821

Rocky_H | 20 dicembre 2013

I don't think they generally do them by request (because they cost about $150K or so to build). The biggest problem I see is that they really don't need one in Sacramento. They've already got them in Folsom and Vacaville, on either side of Sacramento, and only 55 miles apart.

nwdiver93 | 20 dicembre 2013

I think a High Power Wall Charger would probably be sufficient... or an 80 amp Clipper Creek.

carlgo | 20 dicembre 2013

Were you planning on free or for-profit charging? Please let us know Tesla's response when you contact them. It might provide a clue as to their thinking about the future.

I do think you need to make sure your wiring is sufficient to handle way more than 80 amps (per charger) as in the future you can pretty much bet that today's Level 2 chargers will prove to be unacceptably slow and will have to be replaced by more powerful ones.

Earl and Nagin ... | 20 dicembre 2013

@evesautomotive, You can go to the FAQ at under the listing:
"How can I help bring a Supercharger to my area?
Contact Tesla with your suggestions here."
There's a link you can use to request a supercharger.
I'll echo the other wise responses, however that I, too, doubt Tesla will see a need for another Supercharger in the Sacramento area. Also, an HPWC or Clipper Creek CS-90 should work quite well for your shop for a lot cheaper as well. The CS-90 has the benefit in that other EVS Roadster, Leaf, Volt, etc, can use it as well as Model Ss.

Benz | 21 dicembre 2013

@Earl and Nagin


Brian H | 21 dicembre 2013