Supercharging Station public info screen

Supercharging Station public info screen

Tesla Motors is obviously known for innovation. It seems that as more and more model s' hit the road, the wait at supercharger stations will increase until more slots at provided. It would be nice if each car station had a small public screen showing SOC and time remaining of charge so others had an idea how long the wait would be to charge. Just a thought....

CaliSun | 21 maggio 2013

What would be cool is if they used the car's GPS position to register you in the queue when you arrive at the supercharger. Then with your idea you could see how long people have left to charge and how many people are waiting and what position you are in line.

Jean PierreD | 21 maggio 2013

calisun: you are perfectly correct! lets hope it happens

pilotSteve | 21 maggio 2013

Hopefully at last some of this functionality is baked into the about-to-be-released 4.5 software!

SamO | 21 maggio 2013

Hopefully they will allow for reservation taking. That ensures that you could leave the house on a road trip and reserve a spot 3 hours away.

You could allow the car to calculate arrival times, route, traffic and offer to let you update the reservation.

APU | 21 maggio 2013

The reservation idea is cool but it could be hard to enforce. Initially and ideally, it may be a good idea for TM to just add more slots the supercharing stations.

SamO | 21 maggio 2013


The Supercharger would know which car is being charged and could simply not activate charging for an unauthorized user.

But once the reservation system is established, it would be second nature and seamlessly integrated.

jbunn | 21 maggio 2013

The first time I used the supercharger, I was a bit surprised. No gauges, controls, not even an on and off switch. Much easier to use than a ChargePoint. More like plugging something in to the wall. I think that was intentional design. Like the Tesla design, the less moving parts, the less failure points. Works or it don't.

I would like to be able to look on a web site and see the charger status for chargers along my route. ChargePoint does a good job of this. Tells you what's in use, what's free.

Not a fan of reservations though. Imagine how frustrated we'll be pulling up to a Supercharger to find several bays reserved, but unused. Reservations do not maximize the use of a finite resource. They are convenient for the reservation holder, but they are not efficient.

Thankfully, we have a public garage with a free charger in my neighborhood. (I don't have one at my apartment). This allows me to charge once a week, which is all I need. The folks that use it are developing their own standards of what is appropriate and what is not.

I would suggest;

Take only what you need if there is a line waiting
Monitor your car. When it's done, move it immediately
Leave information. Contact info, or estimated end time
Charge outside of peak busy hours

GeekEV | 21 maggio 2013

+1 all of the above

Brian H | 21 maggio 2013


Tesla has said it will monitor usage, and add more "units" to stations where needed. That approach should suffice.

EcLectric | 21 maggio 2013

I agree with jbunn: reservations are not a good idea, as plans change and enforcing reservations is inefficient could be a nightmare. On the other hand, it might be nice if the SuperCharger system provided as much relevant information as possible. For example, if you could (instead of a reservation) indicate your intention to SuperCharge, then everyone who so registered would get an update on their probable wait time. The system could detect the state of the chargers (whether they are being used, or haven't been used, though supposedly available) and could use GPS to gauge who would get to the charger first.

Definitely wouldn't want to show on the nav screen the other people headed to the SuperCharger... talk about a race condition...

ColonyGolfer | 22 maggio 2013

I think Tesla could hire some furloughed air-traffic-controllers to monitor this reservation system. LOL

stimeygee | 22 maggio 2013

Reservations make perfect sense, with one simple rule: if you're late for your reservation, it's gone.

If you don't do reservations, then there is absolutely no way to plan a trip's actual total time. I have two very small children, and a busy life, and the length of a trip is the overriding factor as to whether we do the trip or not. If I know I have a reservation at a supercharging station, I can plan accordingly, and owning an EV is no big deal. But if I have no idea how long my stop will be - could be hours and hours, who's to say, especially once more Teslas get on the road - then the entire supercharger network is basically useless to me.

If you're worried about non-reservation holders not being able to charge, you can always split the chargers: half for reservation holders (or open to all if the reservation holder isn't there), and half for walk ins. Easy.

jbunn | 22 maggio 2013

No. You are making the problem worse, not better. Im guessing youve never used the system. Let me ask. Lets say im charging in bay 4, and you have a reservation. I take longer to charge than anticipated. What happens to your time slot? Do you get reduced time? Bump every other reservation? What if bay 3 becomes vacant? Do you stay with your reserved slot? Or jump over? What happens to slot 3 holders? What about your reservation? No not easy.

Understand that not all cars charge at the same rate, have the same needs, and the supercharges dont deliver the same power. If a car is on 1a, the next car on 1b wont get the full rate. Charges are limited in the power they can supply per pair.

Im sure you have a busy life. Good for you. That includes everyone here. You are not entitled to a quarter million dollar piece of hardware standing by just for you, should you need it.

DR R | 22 maggio 2013

THE best and most productive addition to the tesla the current moment and with the current state of technology....would be a rapid and significant build-out of the supercharging stations....for example....i wanted to travel from westchester county ny to western pa using route 80....numerous possibilities of recharging resources via recargo and plugshare just didn't work out....especially if you want to spend less than 2 hours and then be on your along the major interstates would make the tesla a much more desireable and practical choice for a primary vehicle....sales would would be more successful....etc...etc...etc...

Mike C | 23 maggio 2013

Reservation system is not efficient. When I use the Superchargers, I generally charge from say 50 rated to about 200 rated, enough to make it to the next station. It only takes 30 minutes or so this way because the charge is fastest at the low end of the battery. Turnover will be fast, the reservation system would add needless delays and wait times. Further, I have been told by a worker that they will announce Superchargers in CA less than 100 miles apart and with 120 kW rate, so waiting wont be a big problem and should be short when it does happen - unless inconsiderate people leave their cars there longer than necessary.

Mike C | 23 maggio 2013

To be clear, a worker told me locations that were less than 100 miles apart, but the 120 kW is my assumption from Elon's Oslo talk.