Tesla endless miles per charge

Tesla endless miles per charge

I know some other has asked this question and it has been answered with, not needed, or more free energy nonsense.

But I do see sense on asking or proposing an alternator on the electric cars.
Electric car isn't anything new and there are a lot of options on how to convert your current 4 and 6 cylinders gas cars to electrics. Researches around the glove have develop electric motors that generate enough electricity to charge a battery and induct the motor at the same time. Yes you herd right, the technology for an electric motor to run with its own technology exist.

So why to we need supercharger centers?
How can an apartment owner charge his/her car?
What about a long trip where there isn't any tesla supercharging centers?
Traditional gas cars use alternators to run the car while driving and charge the battery at the same time?
What happens if you drain your battery completely? Will you be able to jump it and get it up an running until you get to a charging station?

I think is possible to add alternators to the tesla to have it running on alternators while the battery gets charged. Or use magnet motors to produce this electricity so you never has to stop and swap your battery or wait long hours to charge. This will also allow to jump your car and have it running on the alternators until you get home, or a charging center or keep running your car until your gets charged by itself.

A few theories of how or where to put your alternators.

Could be On the wheels. The rotor will turn the coils without consuming electricity but predicting it instead. Imaging 4 alternators,

It can also be attached with pulley to the main electric motor and will rotate at the same speed. One motor producing energy (alternator), the other motor inducting energy (engine).

If you think about it there are a lot of theories on how to add one or more alternators to EV, and I believe that if it isn't done at the factory, it will get done by aftermarket suppliers.

So you will be able to be energy free from gas, and tesla supercharged centers. I will see the future electric car that will run forever producing its own electricity.

Timo | 22 maggio 2013

This has been already answered a zillion times: you can't generate more energy by using energy. That's what alternator do, they convert kinetic energy to electric.

To put it simple your supposed chain of energy conversions is:

battery - motor - alternator - battery.

electric - kinetic - kinetic - electric

You can't get anything out from that. Absolutely nothing.

Alternators do not produce free energy, they are basically just electric motors run reverse, they brake the system where they are connected to a bit more than you get electricity out from them (conversion loss).

BEV already have regenerative braking. That's alternator (motor) generating electricity which slows down the car. Note that there is no brakes involved in that braking, it is purely that alternator doing it.

Alex K | 22 maggio 2013

Please see How come electric cars don't have alternators that just recharge the battery while you drive?

nwdiver93 | 22 maggio 2013


Who was your science teacher? I need to verify that they were fired long ago...

Brian H | 23 maggio 2013

Do US grade schools still teach science? I thought they gave it up as a bad job long ago. Along with grammar, penmanship, geography, civics, and music. Too hard for the kiddies. Some might actually fail!

The horror‼

Jolinar | 23 maggio 2013

+1 Brian H
and btw: not only US schools ;-)

ian | 23 maggio 2013

Very funny Brian! Sometimes I wonder the same thing! ;-)

Xfactor | 23 maggio 2013

wow I am impressed. I knew this will happen before I submit my first post.

thanks to Timo to the explanation.

for the rest of you. my science teacher was better than any of yours. he just give lesson. everything that you can Imagine can be done.

I am not a kiddie. do your homework and you will find magnetic motors running without a battery, or any other electricity supply.

I have more ideas to discuss, if you want to talk about people look into a mirror and tell me what you see.

BTW: my English professor was the one who got fired. I learn by practice not by books. I even got my first car running on brown gas with my own build kit.

PorfirioR | 23 maggio 2013

I had a similar epiphany today while I was walking on my treadmill and drinking a milk-shake at the same time (the perfect energy cycle).

Brian H | 23 maggio 2013

You suffer from what Rumsfeld called "Unknown unknowns", obviously.

Where do you think magnetism comes from? Whizzing orbital electrons aligned with each other. The source of "free" magnetic energy, and will be dragged into lower and more disordered orbits as you draw on them. Not infinite, not costless.

nwdiver93 | 23 maggio 2013

I used to have one of those magnetic motors that run w/o a battery but I traded it for a unicorn. Then the unicorn died :( THEY NEVER TOLD ME I HAD TO FEED IT MAGIC GRAIN!! WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO GET THAT HERE? THE ONLY PLACE I KNOW THAT SELL IT IS HOGWARTS!

tork | 24 maggio 2013


Not quite the perfect energy cycle unless your milkshakes are made of your diarrhea

Brian H | 24 maggio 2013

Only available in chocklarse flavor. And a bit less every passthrough.

olanmills | 24 maggio 2013

"I am not a kiddie. do your homework and you will find magnetic motors running without a battery, or any other electricity supply."

I'm sorry but you're just plain stupid.

Vawlkus | 27 maggio 2013

As an electronics engineer I refer you to olan's statement. It is a statement of fact.