Tesla Eugene Oregon

Tesla Eugene Oregon

Tesla should open up a store in Eugene Oregon, Tesla has stores in washington, Illinois, California, are we in Oregon not worthy of a Tesla store, here the Nissan leaf sales are starting to grow a lot.

Brian H | 15 novembre 2011

Order one online, and make the Leaf owners "green" with envy.

ckessel | 17 novembre 2011

If they open an Oregon store, it'll be in Portland. Eugene is just too small to support a store (and I say that having grown up in Eugene).

AndyM | 7 febbraio 2012

I second ckessel's opinion on Portland vs. Eugene. There are more jobs and more money in Portland, therefore higher demand. Eugene is within the Model S 85 kWh range - round trip! - so very likely to not open anything in Eugene. Perhaps if Eugene would start encouraging high tech investment again... but I digress.

So far, however, TM is only serving the Portland market out of the Seattle showroom.

Go Nissan! Great job on selling the Leaf. There's not a competition for any Tesla offering. They have to put dealerships in more places, since you can't drive from Portland to Eugene one way on a charge with a Leaf. If you want a short-range commuter car, EV, that acts like a conventional car, buy a Leaf. If you want a high-performance luxury car, EV... get a Tesla.

-Andy (tech guy displaced from Eugene to Portland by market forces)

vperl | 13 giugno 2015

Eugene, the original poster had an agenda.

Google each city metro area populations, then figure why Tesla decided on Where they are located now.

Gee you had to use Google ?