Tesla floor mats vs 3rd party

Tesla floor mats vs 3rd party

I am currently waiting for my MS to arrive in the next month or two but in the meantime I have been hearing lots of rumblings about the floor mats that come with the car. Thus I have decided it is probably best to get new mats prior to delivery. I have heard people mention Lloyd Mats (Lux and standard) and I have also heard people mention the mats tesla sells in their online store. I am wondering if anyone has any feedback as to which are better? Which ones stay in place better? Which look best, etc. I'm not sure if there have been any comparisons, in which case any feedback from people that have either would be appreciated. Thanks.

mcx-sea | 16 marzo 2013

Our Tesla Model S mats from Coverking are a perfect fit. Went with their 70 oz. material, much more plush than any of the Lloyd's we had seen in other Teslas.

Just compare their free samples with mats from any other maker.

BTW, have yet to see a Costco review from a Tesla owner.

TikiMan | 16 marzo 2013

In case anyone doesn't want to spend the extra $$$ on a rear-cargo area mat, I recently bought this at my local Pep Boys, and it works great for things I don't want soiling my rear cargo factory carpet...

TikiMan | 16 marzo 2013

Has anyone who bought the Lloyds Ultmats not installed the hooks, and had any slipping problems?

I just got my Lloyds Ultmats, and would prefer not to install hooks if possible.

kickgas | 16 marzo 2013

Got Lloyd's Tru Berber mats in beige. They have a tan/black blend that goes very well with the tan interior. Cost ~ $130 for all 3 interior mats.

DouglasR | 16 marzo 2013

I got Lloyds Luxe, and I don't use the hooks. They stay in place just fine, look and feel great, good color, and I believe they have a better warranty than the Ultimats. They also are treated with Scotchgard.

skulleyb | 16 marzo 2013

I just ordered the Lloyd mats from the link below and they have a 25 $ discount code/sale going on if you order anything 199 and up.
Look at the top of the website

BarryQ | 16 marzo 2013


Did you get the Coverking through Costco or direct from Coverking?
I could not see how to get the 70oz through Costco - only option is 40oz. (Costco is cheaper, $69 vs $99)

mcx-sea | 16 marzo 2013


Ordered a front set thru Amazon. They sent rear strip in error. Asked for an exchange, finally settled for a full refund.

Meanwhile ordered a rear strip thru CarCovers4Less. Same price, free shipping, 10% discount, and no tax. (Worked with "Tasha").

Super quick delivery from Anaheim, CA. So also ordered the front set from CarCovers4Less. Quick and easy!

Today's comment, from a real estate broker. "These are nicer than most carpets I see in multi-million dollar waterfront homes!"

Robert22 | 16 marzo 2013


Any chance of snapping a picture of your 1st and 2nd row mats in place?

Also, with the thicker pile have you had any "fat-footed" accelerator issues?


reitmanr | 16 marzo 2013

I confess.
I bought the Costco mats, black with carpet insets for around $16.

So far, even when doing ranch duty, they trap dirt just fine and are easily cleaned.
I really didn't want any lettering on the floor and needed mats NOW!

And, most importantly, my wife approves of them- it was her comments and encouragement that got us to buy our MS last February.

Nearly 3000 miles so far after a Dec 31st delivery. And I noticed we have used about 4 gallons of gas since then in our other cars.

Love this car!

Bob W | 18 marzo 2013

I ordered the official Tesla (black) "Premium Carpet Floor Mats - Interior Set" from the Tesla web site Feb. 12th, and they arrived jsut three weeks later.

I wanted the Tesla logo and a perfect fit, and that is exactly what I got. These premium mats are much heavier and larger than the standard Tesla floor mats. Shipping weight was 15 lbs (6.8 kg) for the three mats.

Premium Floor Mats Installation Tip
The hardest part was installing the two plastic hooks on the driver's side. For safety reasons, you really should installe these, though it is much too tempting to skip this step.

After 15 minutes "screwing around," I was getting nowhere. I just could not penetrate the tough base carpeting by spinning those plastic corkscrew hooks, no matter how hard I pressed down.

I finally used a small flat-blade screwdriver to punch two small holes in the carpeting. Just two light taps with a rubber mallet was all it took. The corkscrews then screwed in properly, and they feel like they will be staying put.

jdb | 18 marzo 2013

Agree with Bob W, received the Tesla premium interior mats a few days ago, seem to be very good quality, made in USA, nice understated logo on front mats. Liked them so much went ahead and ordered Tesla premium rear trunk mats. Though think that company should be able to figure out way to lower shipping costs on their merchandise.

elguapo | 19 marzo 2013

So the Tesla premium mats only come in black. If I want better / more durable mats to match my tab interior, anyone have recommendations for the right color from Lloyd's?

elguapo | 19 marzo 2013

I meant "tan". iPhone thinks it is so smart. | 19 marzo 2013

Note that Ultimat and Lux have different colors (no idea why). Anyway, some have reported Parchment for Ultimat is the tan, but one MS owner didn't like the match. I suggest getting a few samples as some Lloyds dealers can send you samples. That's what I did for to match the Grey interior before settling on Euro Grey. Make sure you check the color at night and in sunlight to be sure you get the color you like.

Mitchell Waite | 16 settembre 2013

Does anyone think its insane to put red mats in a Model S with black leather and red piping? I thought the red mats would look cool and complement the red but maybe its going to look too garish.

PS Is there anyway to get notified if your post is answered?

Mitchell Waite | 16 settembre 2013

These Intro-Tech Automotive HEXOMAT Floor Matsmats have over 1400 reviews with an average of 4-1/2 stars out of 5. Are they better than the Lloyds?

Are these the Lloyd Mats RubberTite Rubber Floor Mats you are comparing them too (4400 4-1/2 stars):

Brian H | 17 settembre 2013

No notification. Obsessive checking is the only way.

Bonlaw | 17 settembre 2013
AmpedRealtor | 17 settembre 2013

I would love to order the Lloyd's mats but I can't find a way to get a Tesla logo put on them. The only available logo is a stupid one with flames. I did see another Tesla a couple of months ago with Lloyd's mats that had a beautiful white or silver Tesla logo in the corner - how do I order Lloyd's mats with a Tesla logo? Tesla is not listed as an available logo even on the Lloyd's web site.

help! :)

Brian H | 17 settembre 2013

I think they made some for TM to market directly.

Alex K | 18 settembre 2013

@AmpedRealtor | SEPTEMBER 17, 2013: I did see another Tesla a couple of months ago with Lloyd's mats that had a beautiful white or silver Tesla logo in the corner

Yes, like Brian H said, these were mats that Tesla carried in their online store. I don't know who actually made them and I don't know why they are not there any more. I bought a set for the front, back and trunk. They have a subtle silvery Tesla logo on the lower corner. The only problem I've had with these mats is that the ones for the trunk have a white rubbery coating on the back. This coating flakes off and the black trunk carpet underneath looks like it has dandruff. I have to constantly vacuum it out.

optimistic | 18 settembre 2013

Original mats, junk.

Tried Lloyds Ultimate next, better, not great.

Someone posted, and these are amazing. They are heavy, look great, don't show footprints and every pine needle or whatever else you might track into the car. They're really impressive. Recommend highly.

Mitchell Waite | 20 settembre 2013

Please respond; comparing Lloyd Mat's to Tesla Matts the Tesla's are more expensive and fugly IMO:

Lloyd Mats - RubberTite Rubber Floor Matts (little discs)

2 Pc Front Matts $54.90
1 Pc 2nd Seat Mat $54.90
Small Trunk Matt $59.50
Standard Trunk Mat $89.90
Total $254.60

Tesla - Flat boring no logo

All-Weather Model S Front Truck Mat $110
All-Weather Model S Truck Set (Rear) $200
All-Weather Model S Interior Set $200
Total $510

Mitchell Waite | 21 settembre 2013

Reading the reviews of Lloyd some people say they give off a bad odor that gave them a head ache. I picked up a set of 4 transparent universal mats at O'Reilly Kraco 5904 Auto Floor Mats for $15. The fit great in front and in back they only cover a portion of the floor but are adequate.

What's cool is the blue custom lighting of the Tesla makes them glow so they produce an other world effect.

2cents | 29 settembre 2013

I trust I'm not the only one who shows off the empty frunk? I was a tad embarrassed by the flimsy, warped "mat" that came with my P85 so I purchased a frunk mat from South Coast Accessories. They have a special line custom made for the Model S which you can find at

I got the very heavy (52oz) frunk mat, in black. It's tastefully embroidered with the word "ELECTRIC". Again, perfect for the frunk where it really drives home the point to slack jawed newbies looking for an engine. If one ordered the whole ELECTRIC set for the rest of the car mats, I can guarantee one thing -- there would be no flopping on the passenger side mat. These things are thick, plush and heavy. Cheap, no. Good, yes.

I'll try to attach some pics on the TMC forum for anyone interested. I haven't mastered how to do so on this site yet.

Brian H | 29 settembre 2013


☻ Your image must be hosted (imageshack, etc.) Then get the direct image url (not the page one). Insert in this HTML:

<img src="URL" width="600">

Nkadakia | 6 ottobre 2013

I have recently purchased a full set of custom floor mats for my Model S P85
They are a beautiful set with cover the front, rear, frunk, trunk, and even the little compartment in the trunk. They are black custom mats, with red piping to match my interior.

Check out:
South Coast Accessories

Fax 949-951-7810

Ask for Jerry
These mats are a perfect custom fit, and are high quality. Even come with the floor attachments to the drivers side.

Nkadakia | 6 ottobre 2013

The correct website for South Coast Accessories is
I would agree with 2cents post above. All the mats are high quality, and the electric monogram looks great. They will customize them for you to match the interior or your car.

ddr28075 | 3 novembre 2013

I just purchased the Premium 52oz complete set. I am realy realy

pleased with this set, it's a perfect fit & finish, super plush, and

it truly matches the quality of my Tesla Model S. Great customer

service and I highly recommend them,as for Jerry He gaive all the Info

i needed to make my purchas with a good peace of mind,Also South Coast

Accessories custom sets are made by the same manufacture that supplied

the Tesla Premium Mats for their aftermarket program . "Daniel R." P.S.

here is the web site

rocketscientist34563 | 3 novembre 2013

I ordered the Tesla all weather mats online. They arrived just before an early rain in LA. I love perfectly and will handle my kid's dirty shoes. I also got the trunk mat, love it. They are super light weight, easy to get in and out and I believe made from a thermoplastic as I they'll last.
I recommend them! Are they beautiful...not sure I just don't think of car mats in that way...they say Tesla and I like that. And...they work.

asw20747 | 27 gennaio 2014

We received our Tesla Model S in December...everything seems first class EXCEPT the floor mats!

We looked at the Tesla store and found their WeatherTech mats to be VERY industrial, something you might see in an SUV in Alaska.

Someone then suggested looking at:

We liked what we saw on the website but we REALLY liked what we received!
We ordered the Left, Right, Rear and Frunk. The quality is amazing and the stitched in logo (available in various sizes) is clean and incredibly accurate. I believe there is also a mat available now for the rear trunk also.

Here are some photos of our black mats with the gray logo.
We absolutely could not be happier with them!

MSB | 27 gennaio 2014

Those mats look nice in the car.

Thomas N. | 27 gennaio 2014

Funny timing. I just emailed my Delivery Specialist today and asked him if the Service Center has any floor mats available other than the original ones in my P85. Both of the front mats literally flop over and the passenger in the front seat has to hold them down with their foot. It's pretty ridiculous.

The DS told me he no longer works in Costa Mesa and is in Palo Alto now so I need to call the Service Center and deal with them.

I'm putting a call in this week and we'll see what happens.

Your mats are very nice but I'm holding out on this one. 110K for a car and there's no way I'm paying for upgraded floor mats. All I want are mats that don't fold over - nothing special.

plusplusjames | 27 gennaio 2014

All weather mats are all sold out on the Tesla site...

2050project | 30 gennaio 2014

Looks like they're working on a more thick (70 lb oz pile), luxe version as aftermarket option:

Brian H | 30 gennaio 2014

teslaccessories is not "they" (Tesla Motors). It's independent.

rlbinkley | 6 agosto 2014

After putting up with the light weight floor mats that were delivered with my Tesla, I went on where I found a discussion of floor mats containing recommended alternatives to the factory mats. I researched the offerings and selected the black 52 oz compete floor mat set from South Coast Accessories. The transaction went very smoothly and I received my new mats yesterday. I was very pleased to find that the new mats were much thicker and more substantial than the mats that came standard with my vehicle. After installing the new mats, I inspected the look and feel of the mats in the car and was pleased to see that they actually added a bit more luxury to the already incredible electric cruise beast. I would highly recommend the South Coast Accessories floor mats for anyone wishing to upgrade their floor mats. You will not regret doing so. The full set comes complete with mats for the frunk, trunk and passenger compartment. Very nice.

2050project | 7 agosto 2014

I really like the look of the Luxe mats option here:

ben | 2 marzo 2015

If you have a black interior, please note this word of warning regarding buying the correct color for Lloyds mats from AuthAnything:

After selecting the mats you want, you'll be prompted for what color. Your choices are EITHER stock Black or custom color. Do NOT choose the stock Black as it does NOT match the black interior in a Tesla (company color name is technically "Tesla Black".

You'll want to choose the "custom" color option and go with "EBONY". This is just a slight shade less intense and matches the existing mats and flooring so much better.

Enjoy your Tesla!

ben | 2 marzo 2015

By the way, also be careful when ordering Lloyds mats from other providers, such as South Coast Accessories. The problem with SCA is they don't give you the option to purchase the other colors that Lloyd's does. So with SCA, it's Black, Tan or Grey. I don't know if they are actually providing you with Ebony, which is what actually matches the interior.

So unless you can establish that when they say "Black" they mean "Ebony", I would stick with, select the Ebony color, and know that you are getting the correct color the first time.

jerryrk | 9 aprile 2015

I have to chime in on this one.
Ben, I'm not sure where you got this information about South Coast Accessories. First they are not a provider of Lloyds mats. They only work with one true Custom High End mat company. This manufacture has been supplying the custom high end mat industry for over 24 years.
These custom mats are designed and manufactured in Southern Calif. USA.

They manufacture custom mats for vehicles such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and many others. They have been featured on shows like 'West Coast Customs' & 'Overhaulin' with Chip Foose. They also supply mats for custom programs for Shelby, Saleen and others.

Now about the Tesla mats. South Coast Accessories uses only this manufacture who was the Factory Aftermarket Premium approved Tesla mat supplier. The Black 52oz Premium carpet is the only authorized carpet approved by Tesla for that program. This Black carpet was custom died, and blends well with the factory Black carpet. The embroidery work they do is sewn directly into the carpet, no heat set patches here. Yes you can custom order color binding to complement your interior.

South Coast Accessories specializes in custom designed unique premium mats to a select group of vehicles. The same manufacture has supplied our company since 2003.

Brian H | 9 aprile 2015

There's no such thing as "a manufacture". It's manufacturer. YCLIU.

jerryrk | 10 aprile 2015

Thanks Brian, your right. I posted it last night and I guess the spelling app. didn't pick it up.

Roadtripper | 10 aprile 2015

"your" "you're" - beat you to it Brian

Brian H | 11 aprile 2015

Yore rite!

mitch.hayes | 11 aprile 2015

(1st post) I had great luck with Jerry at He took very good care of me in February with my P85D. His mats are completely custom and very good quality. I also loved the dead pedal cover he recommended. His products can be seen at

Johnandmim | 22 aprile 2015

I am very disappointed in the quality of the floor mats. But, my primary concern is the potential hazard these mats might present in the future. There have been numerous accidents, with other automobiles, occur when the mats were not hooked to the floor or properly installed on the floor. Using Velcro to attach a floor mat is potentially dangerous. I hope Tesla will recall or provide a solution to properly adhere these mats, before a serious accident occurs.

Tezla888 | 13 luglio 2015

Anyone find the lloyd luxe or ultimate mats actually acts as a sound deadener?

Do you find the car to be more quiet with these mats installed?