Tesla has hundreds of orders in Hong Kong.

Tesla has hundreds of orders in Hong Kong.

It's more than all EV currently in Hong Kong according to this Bloomberg article. Not too surprising I guess.

sia | 4 luglio 2013

The American Auto Industry is back, and it is called "Tesla"!

Tesla is not just a car Californians want, or Americans want. It's a car that everyone will want, around the planet.

Cattledog | 4 luglio 2013

Great news, hopeful data point.

Mike C | 4 luglio 2013

My dad is from HK and this doesn't surprise me at all. It's a wealthy, status-conscious area that loves American culture and products. There were huge markups for iPhones, Levi's, etc. Tesla will have a field day.

Brian H | 4 luglio 2013

My WAG is that HK will be the first locale for after-market custom paint jobs.

mcx-sea | 4 luglio 2013

Gong Kong is the wealthiest country per capita. Also has the highest average IQ. Roads are great and drivers polite. And they drive on the left side of the road.

But traffic is so heavy that the average speed of all vehicles in the country is often only 10 mph. Even at that speed one can drive anywhere in the country in an hour or less. Will be difficult to justify even one supercharger!

djm12 | 5 luglio 2013

Islands are a no-brainer for electric cars. No range anxiety at all.

GeirT | 5 luglio 2013

So that is why I keep promoting Taiwan as well; an island, 24 million people here, affluence - if not in Hong Kong range at least in the ball park, and interest in anything prestigious and hi-tech is very high.
Tesla should really focus on Asia. With the dealership challenges, look overseas to safeguard the volumes, use Asia as the buffer and then go for solid market buildup.

Well... blame it on enthusiasm :-)

Brian H | 6 luglio 2013

The dealership challenges are perhaps less than meets the eye. They have collapsed in NY and NC. But Asia is worth a lot of attention in its own right.