When are we aussies going to get the chance to experience the Tesla Model S? I was last in contact with Jay Mc Cormack last year and now i cant even find a phone number to ring him on, i understand that the right hand drive varients have been delayed so the test drive that was schedualed for mid 2013 has obviously been pushed back, but until when exactly? Also Ford has decided to close down its Australian Manufacturing plants here in Australia, mabey Tesla could purchase these and start pumping out some Tesla`s made right here, down under, in australia! This would avoid the Import taxes, i dont think its fair that we Aussies are looking at $140 - $160k for a Models S Performance when our dollar is at or above parity with the U.S dollar. Also as possibly one of the most sun drenched countries in the world, i think that your solar powered super-charging stations would be a perfect fit for Australia, you could start by putting one where i live, halfway between Sydney and Brisbane, then between Sydney and Canberra, Canberra and Melbourne. Lastly, you need to have a lease option available from day one here in Australia, if this is possible, i will be signing up day one! (reguardless of what the wife says lol) btw our government is good at giving out money to auto manufactures (toyota, to build thier hybrid here, ford another billion just to stay open for a few years) so please lets get the party started down here elon & team!

stuey81 | 3 giugno 2013

Also can you release the Model s app on the australian app store, just so i can show this to people at work, you cant download it from any country outside the u.s, even if its just a demo, i would be happy with that. cheers stuey

Brian H | 3 giugno 2013

Your costs are your own government's doing. Import taxes. And you use right-hand drive, not left. Duh.

danielccc | 3 giugno 2013

Brian, what's the gratuitous "Duh" for? Side of the road is an arbitrary choice. There is no global standard and many major countries (UK, Japan, India, Indonesia, South Africa) use it.

Import duties and VAT are indeed Australia's own problem, and Australia is too small a market to manufacture a low volume car like the Model S. But, if the Free Trade Agreement between Australia and Japan is completed, an possibility would be to import those Panasonic batteries directly and assemble the packs in Australia, to avoid tariff on a significant chunk of the value of the car.

Brian H | 4 giugno 2013

"i understand that the left hand drive varients have been delayed"

All existing MSes are left-hand drive. Australia needs right-hand drive.

codesparkle | 4 giugno 2013

There is an ongoing discussion on TMC about this topic.

A few corrections to your opening post along with some ideas:

A vehicle that drives on the left side of the road is referred to as a right hand drive vehicle because of the driver's position within the car (others have noted this first, just explaining)
It seems more reasonable to talk about producing the RHD version of the high-volume third generation platform than the Model S, which is a low-volume product.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was sure the money was going to the auto workers who are losing their jobs for retraining, not Ford iself.
The upcoming election will very likely result in a change of government. I would expect extreme hostility towards anything perceived as "green" from an Abbott administration.

Nevertheless, as an Australian I would love to see Tesla buy the Ford factory (would be a real bargain, I recon) and churn out Gen III's (RHD) in 2016/2017. At the very least, they need to open galleries in Sydney and Melbourne showing off the RHD Model S in the next year or so.

I think the main benefit Tesla might get out of having an Australian RHD factory would be its relatively low distance to other RHD countries (marked blue, from Wikipedia):

Brian H | 4 giugno 2013

The Abbott government would have to unwind a mountain-sixe rats' nest of disincentives to encourage that.

Brian H | 4 giugno 2013

typo: mountain-sized

danielccc | 4 giugno 2013

Distance is far less important than tariffs. An Australian base would only be attractive with favorable trade agreements, to Japan for example.

Tesla might get a hedge on the success of such trade agreements by acquiring a right to first refusal on the Ford plant. It's way too early to actually buy it though.

danielccc | 4 giugno 2013

Also adding that I have no idea if the Ford plant is any good, or is thoroughly obsolete. Fremont was fairly modern, all things considered.

meloccom | 4 giugno 2013

Given the strength of the Australian dollar I think its unlikely that Tesla will establish manufacturing here unfortunately.
As we have a free trade agreement with the USA Import Tariffs most likely will not apply, but most of any additional cost of the model S will be from the Luxury Car Tax (LCT) which applies to the proportion of its price above about $75,000.
If you're worried about the price of the Model S you need to worry more about the recent fall in value of the $AUS compared to the $US than any Import Tariffs.

Mark.Brisbane | 5 giugno 2013

I asked Tesla these same questions and got some answers from Naomi Takeuchi who is part of the team looking after us now from Cali.

"The latest information we have now is that right hand drives for AU and NZ will start production at the end of this year. We hope to start delivery in early 2014. A couple of months prior to that, we will announce pricing and options for AU/NZ, and plan to have a test drive vehicle available at that time as well."

The Tesla will benefit from a reduced LCT as it is electric as Meloccom mentioned.

Worried about a fall in the AUD I decided to hedge my purchase by buying some US dollars recently.

Hope this helps guys.

Mark.Brisbane | 5 giugno 2013

Sorry, I should add that Jay is no longer working for Tesla.

stuey81 | 6 giugno 2013

Sorry, I ment to type right hand drive, that's what I get for commenting after a 12 hour night shift, and Brian h, your comment was not appreciated or welcome! No luxury car tax on electric? Can you please provide me with a link to backup this statement, last I read was some clown in parliament was actually trying to implement an electric car tax! I'm not sure why this country seems to be against electric cars, with no incentive whatsoever when you purchase one, I think some sort of tax break and free rego is the way we should be going. I was among a handful of people to drive the Holden volt at cotta harbour last year, and was shocked to find out the price was over sixty thousand Australian dollars! Now there is no luxury car tax added to the Holden volt and our dollar was over parity at the time, I looked into how much it would cost to import a car my self from the states and shipping was under five grand, so how does a forty thousand dollar car end up costing over sixty thousand by the time it lands here if we have a free trade agreement in place with the u.s? Also I was in contact with Kevin yu the other day from teslas Asian pacific region and he told me pricing would be availble in the next few months with a test drive also available around the same time.

stuey81 | 6 giugno 2013

And yep another typo there, should read Coffs Harbour, just before captain obvious Brian h jumps in.

stuey81 | 6 giugno 2013

@codesparkle I was referring to the one billion dollars our government gave ford in the year 2000 mate.

Brian H | 6 giugno 2013

It was my understanding that import taxes are to blame for the price disparity in Aus.

jmac | 25 giugno 2013


stuey81 | 4 luglio 2013

Jmac, that you jay? ;)

jmac | 18 luglio 2013

Hey Stuey - yes it is - hope all is well

jmac | 18 luglio 2013
Brian H | 18 luglio 2013

If you're trying to post images, jmac, use this HTML:
<img src="URL" width="600">

where URL is the image webhosted URL.

Westscott | 15 agosto 2013

Recently took a Model S for a test drive in Manhattan and despite the traffic everybody just stopped to stare, it truly is a gem to drive and drop dead gorgeous. I'm on the waiting list for an AUS delivery so I guess patience is a virtue.

stuey81 | 15 agosto 2013

westscott, what number are you on the waiting list mate? also what area/state you in champ?

stuey81 | 15 agosto 2013

and sorry bit late but, hey jay! ( jmac ) , sup bro, why did you leave tesla man, or are you comming back?

ian | 15 agosto 2013

Looks to me like Jay is an employee with that little Tesla "T" by his screen name.

Can you tell us what you do for Tesla Jay?

Westscott | 19 agosto 2013

It's time to hammer the keyboards and demand both sides of the 'House' to drop vehicle taxes for early adopters of Electric Vehicles. In Hong Kong the tax incentives ( at least till March 2014 ) for EVs are HUGE but in Australia governments come and go, the rhetoric of carbon emissions prevails, yet the biggest polluter of all sits patronised in every garage.

Let your voice be heard while this election pulsates or you will forever be donating taxes for saving the planet.

David Campbell | 20 agosto 2013

A man can dream... one day there will be something like the Tesla Model S in this country... one day.

Westscott | 21 agosto 2013

Dreamers make change.

As a young RAAF Academy Cadet I had the privilege of listening to an address by Adolf Galland, the German who shot down Douglas Bader. He was inspiring but the real inspiration was the AOC SUPCOM, an AVM who wished he could employ an Officer just to dream. That senior RAAF Officer knew that only people who step outside their boundaries and dare to be different can inspire, lead and open doors to true wonderment.

David, it's time to realise your dreams. Make it happen and while you are doing it remind those pollies that we/you should't be paying taxes for saving the planet.

deecooray | 22 agosto 2013

I'm dying for some pricing info, I can wait for delivery, I just need to know if I can afford it...

As a green energy enthusiast I'm willing to move heaven and earth to get one of these babies.

griffo | 3 ottobre 2013

I want to see that huge touch screen also be used for DVD's and TV.

Brian H | 3 ottobre 2013

Good luck with that. Video is disallowed, for safety reasons.

JHM | 4 ottobre 2013

As an investor, I definitely want to see Tesla roll out RHD Model S as soon as possible. I also like the idea of importing batteries directly from Japan and assembling battery packs and the rest of the car in Australia. If it avoid import taxes all the better. I'd like to see battery packs assembled regionally. Much space in the Fremont California plant is taken up building battery packs. It seems like low hanging fruit to produce pack regionally and devote Fremont to building more chassis.

At any rate, I hope Teslas get to Australia soon.

Miggy | 1 aprile 2014

Any update on the RHD model S.

jmac | 31 maggio 2014


ian | 5 giugno 2014

Didn't Elon say he was heading to the UK after the shareholder meeting to begin UK deliveries?

420weblazeit | 1 ottobre 2014

We need to get this Brian H removed from the forums, whoever he is... he's a major troll, and if he's a Tesla employee, I sincerely hope he get's fired

DTsea | 1 ottobre 2014

What because he pointed out that video on the main screen is illegal?

Benz | 1 ottobre 2014

Brian H is certainly not a troll.

420weblazeit | 1 ottobre 2014

DTsea, no because he stalks me on every topic, and sends hate and posts negative messages

Benz, "troll" in the sense that he annoys people, calling them maniacs, posts often incorrect information regarding import/exporting Teslas.

Brian H | 1 ottobre 2014

Amongst many other failings, you don't read good. I said you sound like someone in the manic phase of bipolar syndrome. (I've dealt with a few.) Every post you write strengthens the impression. I have been on the forum for about 7 years. Your blather hasn't been here for 7 weeks. It's already too long.