"Tesla Motors closes factory to public"

"Tesla Motors closes factory to public"

Tesla Motors closes factory to public

Any word on if this is in fact to allow production of the MX to begin?

Remnant | 30 luglio 2015

NASA has just issued a 12 hour CME/Solar Flare warning. The Tesla closure might well be due to that warning.

We are likely to experience grid, communication, and transportation failures.

If you are able to protect your automobiles electromagnetically, such as within garages built like Faraday cages, or by improvising such a cage, you should do so without delay.

Remember that only old Diesel engines without an electric common rail can remain functional after a geomagnetic upheaval of the kind caused by CME/Solar Flare events.

Before the web dies down, you might want to collect info on solar Coronal Mass Ejections (CME or "flares").

The last sizable CME reached Earth in 1859, caused significant damages, and is known as "the Carrington Event". The last Carrington-size CME almost hit Earth in 2012.

Son of a Gunn | 30 luglio 2015

Quick, put your tinfoil hat on!

vperl | 30 luglio 2015

I am selling TIN FOIL HATS in different sizes and colors.

Call 1-80o-Moron

EternalChampion | 30 luglio 2015

Time to bust out the ol' Milgauss.

pvetesla | 30 luglio 2015


I'll sell some of those hats for you....but I'll need a link to get credit towards my free fully loaded one!

vperl | 31 luglio 2015

Do you, sir/mame supply tissue with yours

Red Sage ca us | 31 luglio 2015

Underground parking structures have their benefits.

deaconwp | 1 agosto 2015

Not always so Red. If Your radio in the vehicle, or Your cell phone work there, it means that electro magnetic radiation can come into the fascilities. And so will these CME emitted electro magnetic rays from the sun.

mclary | 1 agosto 2015


LionPowered | 1 agosto 2015

From a friend of a friend. Production version of MX showed up at a place I won't mention. They're getting ready :-)

ken | 1 agosto 2015

LionPowered | AUGUST 1, 2015


rxkcm | 1 agosto 2015

I just discovered a new Tesla showroom near my home in Houston today. They say they opened up about 3 weeks ago on I-45 and Rankin Rd. The gentlemen there gave me some interesting info. First, he mentioned the factory closing to tours, which is an indicator that they are about to start production. Second, they are sending the technicians for training on the X in the next week or two. I told them my reservation number was in the high 16Ks. One guy said I'd probably get mine in the first couple months of 2016, the other guy said by June 2016. They also mentioned that the design studio would open up mid-September.

Until then, I'll enjoy the tshirt I bought! :-)