Tesla is now selling test cars for immediate delivery

Tesla is now selling test cars for immediate delivery

I went to the Order page and discovered this mentioned. If you click on the link it takes to you a page to email them. Also, it states delivery is in 1 month so no more extended wait times.

jat | 2 aprile 2013

What do you mean "test cars"?

It looks like P85s get delivered in a month, 85's in 2 months, and 60's in 3 months.

Even at 2000/mo, something doesn't add up about reservations, as they were at about 20k reservations and have shipped about 7500 cars.

mikhaila | 2 aprile 2013

True. Design page says

"Some test drive cars are available for immediate delivery. Contact us for more information."

mikhaila | 2 aprile 2013

Also says

60KWh: 3 months
85KWh: 2 months
Perf 85: 1 month

olanmills | 2 aprile 2013

They also added that "effective monthly cost" crap to the order page.

cgiGuy | 3 aprile 2013

Called Tesla about this in case there was a chance of upgrading from my "awaiting production 60" to an 85 with low miles (for a discount).

Bottom line: These aren't "test drive" cars, they are "inventory cars" that people have backed out on after production. They specifically said they are brand new and priced exactly the same as if you ordered one today. But they're ready to be shipped out to someone today.

I only asked about the 60s at that point (since that's the price range I'm looking for) and the guy I spoke to went down the list of cars available and told me what they had, none of which lined up with what I was looking for. He rattled off about 10 60kWh models, so I would *guess* they have at least a couple dozen to chose from if you throw the 85s in the mix, too.

jat | 3 aprile 2013

Wow, surprising that people would back out after production, as that means they lose their $5k deposit. I have heard of a few people that had problems finalizing financing, but surely there can't be that many of them.

JZ13 | 3 aprile 2013

They need to change the language as the web site clearly stated "test drive cars".

cgiGuy | 3 aprile 2013


rochec | 3 aprile 2013

Not test cars, but "orphans". So I popped over the local service center today to check it out and look at some of the MS they have there and one of the guys asked me when my delivery which I told him the standard 60 or so days that it is now at. He was surprised it had gotten that quick, but suggested I ask about an "orphan" and pointed to a beautiful black MS sitting in the corner.

It sounds like quite a few buyers back out and their cars are left looking for an owner, so it can be delivered pretty quick, assuming it has the features you want or you are willing to compromise.

I can confirm they have a few orphans now.

GLO | 3 aprile 2013

I have an interested co-worker. Any idea what the "discounted price is"??

cgiGuy | 3 aprile 2013

None.. See my comment above.