Tesla please put a front air dam on the Model X (like Woz's), so it doesn't look like a chihuahua's nose

Tesla please put a front air dam on the Model X (like Woz's), so it doesn't look like a chihuahua's nose

This bulldog

or this chihuaha

KyleGoss | 24 luglio 2015

You may not know, but the first picture is not "Woz's Model X", it is Woz standing next to the 2012 Model X prototype. You may also not know that the second two pictures are not production Model Xs, they are in fact test vehicles covered in camo.

Red Sage ca us | 24 luglio 2015

Designed by a stylist, versus, designed by a wind tunnel...

EVino | 24 luglio 2015

Why is it that concepts morph into what must be horrifying for Franz VH.

EVino | 24 luglio 2015

How much range is compromised between the chihuaha front end versus the concept design?

USCRXDR | 24 luglio 2015

i think my chihuahua's nose is beautiful

EVino | 24 luglio 2015

Uscr, simple way to do it is to upload the pic to, then copy/paste the link here.

jandvig | 26 luglio 2015

I must say the apparent final design is a massive disappointment. If the change to the front end is due to aerodynamic considerations, I would gladly sacrifice 10 miles of range for the 2012 prototype look. Unless they´re only aiming at soccer moms and Meth barons I hope Tesla is playing us off with this masquerade...

vperl | 26 luglio 2015

Please purchase a KIA. You dislike the vehicle, go elsewhere.

These forums seem to be loaded with malcontents, be happy.

Start your own vehicle manufacturing company, design as you please.

I love it the way it is, so.. Be Happy.

Red Sage ca us | 26 luglio 2015

Look at the bright side: It doesn't look like a Mustang.

vandacca | 27 luglio 2015

There was some consensus over at TMC that both the front and rear bumper of the Model-X mules were adaptations of the Model-S prototype bumpers, and hence the spy shots look very different from what the production model will look like.

carlk | 29 luglio 2015

@vperl Exactly. Not to mention there will always be after market parts if there are enough people interested in it.