Tesla SMILING for 1 week \ 800+ miles

Tesla SMILING for 1 week \ 800+ miles

I've had my P85 for just over 1 week and I've already put 800+ miles on it. The "Tesla SMILE" is going strong, but I have a few questions and 1 amusing anecdote as follows:

Question 1: When I'm driving at highway speed, there seems to be what sounds almost like engine noise. It's not loud or invasive, but I'm not sure if it's normal. I hear it most when I'm accelerating and not at all when I'm decelerating or going down hill. It seems to be getting louder over time. Is this normal or should I be concerned? If it makes a difference, the A\C is running.

Question 2: With ICE vehicles, there is a "break-in" period where they advise you to refrain from driving fast, revving the engine, etc. so that the engine gets fully lubricated. Does this same advice apply to an EV?

Question 3: I'm told that you can burn out the coils in an EV when flooring it \ spinning out, etc. Does anybody know if this is true?

Question 4: This one is probably a little dumb, but I haven't been able to figure it out. Is there a way to turn off the stereo? I know I can mute it, but can I turn it off?

Anecdote: My Tesla is blue. There's somebody that works in the next suite that has a white one. On Friday, I parked my car, then the white one parked next to mine in the parking lot. Apparently, some of my co-workers saw my car in the parking lot on the way in from lunch. A few minutes later, I walked out, got in my car and drove away. While I was gone, one of the guys looked out the office window, saw the white Tesla and confused started asking if Tesla's change colors. To add to his confusion, a few minutes later, I returned from lunch and parked in my original parking spot. While walking into the building, I was accosted by a Software Engineer demanding to know more about Tesla and how they can make the car change colors. Apparently, once they accept that it's advanced technology, anything is possible....

July10Models | 17 giugno 2013

1. That's the AC compressor you are hearing or the dampers upfront when opening or closing
2. No, just drive and enjoy at full goose
3. No sense, the power curve is programmed for max performance without over doing it. When your battery is running low the curve is further adjust to limit power output.
4.No, it is not a radio, it is a computer that plays music via an app and receives radio broadcast. Pausing the audio in the app is sufficient. Besides the concept of on and off is so twentieth century.

alohasara | 17 giugno 2013

Awesome. Thanks for clarifying, I appreciate it.

bradslee | 17 giugno 2013


You never know what your MS can do for you and maybe she is indeed a chameleon-:)

Kleist | 17 giugno 2013

Yes - in the setting menu you can pick the exterior color.

Going at highway speed on a quiet surface I can hear "engine" noise with my car. In my case I think the right rear wheel bearing not being perfect ( so faint I would never hear this in an ICE ) or it is some buffetting of the rear windows or rear hatch.
I am amazed of all the faint noises you can hear in the MS and you never heard before.