Tesla is suddenly a brand name

Tesla is suddenly a brand name

I was reading an article in the NYTimes this morning, about newspapers in New Orleans. In it, someone was quoted as saying that one paper's website functioned poorly. The quote: "They promised a Tesla and it performs more like an Edsel."

This was not in an article about cars. Totally unrelated.

Cattledog | 13 maggio 2013


Despite all the other comparisons, I think this is how it relates most closely to the Apple of the last decade. People want to identify with this brand for many reasons. It's part of the massive stock appreciation over the last 2 months. Will it last a decade? Potentially - it is a product with more significant impact.

Velo1 | 13 maggio 2013

Saw an ad on TV for the NASDAQ last night watching Mad Men, which started with showing a Tesla Model S. it was fun to see Tesla being touted as a brand the NASDAQ holds out there as a great technological company on their exchange.

herkimer | 13 maggio 2013

Every day now, pride in the Tesla brand is growing like a prairie fire!

Captain_Zap | 13 maggio 2013

A few short months ago the conversation was always the same.

"What kind of car is that?"

"It's a Tesla"

"Who makes it?

"Tesla... It's a company in California..."

Yesterday, we had a very different conversation in a small backwoods town with a couple boys around 10 or 11 years old. They were waiting for their dad in a BMW in front of a florist's shop. They hopped out of their car and the conversation was quite a bit different from what we were accustomed to.

"WOW! That is the coolest car ever!"

"Thank you. Do you know what it is?"

"Yeah! It is an ALL ELECTRIC Tesla Model S! I want one when I grow up!"

Their emphasis and enthusiasm was an awesome thing to witness.

jk2014 | 13 maggio 2013

Telsa is the first and only true all electric car company to find success in the auto industry. If most cars will be electric one day, then Tesla will be considered the gold standard in the mind of a customer. Every other car company that comes along will be compared against it, thus everyone who purchases a car will instantly think Tesla. Car = Tesla. That's some pretty power stuff coming down the pike. No need for elaborate commercials when people start associating Tesla with any and all vehicles made.

Like google is to search, UFC is to MMA... Tesla is to cars. | 13 maggio 2013

Nice post Captain_Zap!

jonesxander | 13 maggio 2013

+1 Cap Zap

matt.wis | 13 maggio 2013

Posting from Nola (New Orleans). P85 being delivered Friday. It had better be way, way better than our current electronic newspaper! Edsel may be too much of a compliment!

I'm in the "was going to buy stock in January and can't believe the run up while I waited" camp. Ouch. Oh well, at least the car is coming :)


Stark | 14 maggio 2013

The brand training starts young... The other day my 4 year old daughter was playing with her Barbie car. I walked in and said "hey, cool Barbie car!". She stopped playing and looked at me with a very serious face and said "No daddy, it’s a Tesla car". I don't have a Tesla car (yet), and I've only seen 2 in the wild (Burlington Ontario), but I guess I've been talking about Tesla for so long now my neurosis has infected my children! I’m so proud! :)

StefanT | 14 maggio 2013

My 4 year old pretends his electric Mini kid-kart is a Tesla. It is blue and he has to plug it in every night just like I do. He gets very excited when he identifies a MS in pictures or on the road. Chances are good he will learn to drive in my S. If all goes well he won't really even know about ICE vehicles. I expect it will be similar to the rotary dial phone, my kids know it existed and people had to use it but don't really comprehend using it.

Stark | 14 maggio 2013

@StefanT, kids are pretty cool eh! My 2 year old son was waiting for me to load him into our SUV this weekend. He tapped the gas lid cover thingy, looked at me and said "gas bad". I'm hoping the same as you and that my kids won't know much about ICE vehicles too.

highfalutintodd | 14 maggio 2013

Poor Edsel. 55 years later and that car still gets no respect. ;-)

TheAustin | 14 maggio 2013

Velo, I've seen the ad, and it is very cool to see Tesla featured in a such a positive, public way. But just so you know, NASDAQ doesn't create those ads out of the goodness of their heart...Those are part of the negotiations in order to get companies to list with them (versus NYSE).