Tesla's partner Google to monitor our personal activity?

Tesla's partner Google to monitor our personal activity?

I am wondering if this subject has come up before. One of the big "downsides" to Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., is that these companies are using "social media" to take away our privacy. I'm not joking.
Google is now a partner with Motorola and Tesla. Don't call me paranoid, because this is a potentially VERY REAL THREAT. 1984 and "Big Brother" are closer to us than we think. Does Google's presence mean that there will be features in the Tesla cars' software that will track our location (GPS), speed, activities, phone calls etc? Look, it seems the majority of Citizens are ambigous to the severity of this erosion of our privacy. The fact is: Nobody will truly value our Freedom until it is GONE, and I TRULY hope that Tesla is not going to allow Google to monitor us. A recent article in WIRED Magazine quoted an ex-NSA agent as saying "We are (putting his forefinger really close to his thumb) this close to being a Turnkey Totalitarian Society." Simply put, I value my freedom. Will owing a Tesla make everything I am done available to anyone who wants to intrude? I hope someone has some insight on this subject. Thanks!

RanjitC | 27 febbraio 2013

The ex NSA agent was not talking about just Tesla. He could see your credit and debit card purchases, locate you using your cellphone, check your medical records from your insurance company including your medication purchase history , also your credit history is available, satellites can look in your backyard, all this while he is sitting at his desk in Washington DC. This is common knowledge, what more he can do is unknown. Every company and bank you deal with tracks you, down to your grocery store. Start behaving yourself.

GeekEV | 27 febbraio 2013

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they AREN'T out to get you...

NumberOne | 28 febbraio 2013

You can look at satellite pictures of your house. If you have a smart phone, make sure location services is disabled, unless you need it, because Google and Apple can see where you are. Big brother is always watching, but sometimes blinks. Google is not likely to track your movements (what would they do with the data), but if you frequently speed, perhaps some targeted advertising for good attorneys would not be a bad thing. I got a speeding ticket in NC (I do not speed and am pretty sure I was not speeding at the time, as I was going over a bridge with a 50mph limit and a long line of cars behind me that passed me as soon as I was over the bridge, which shortly after which I was pulled over.) When I got home 2 days later, may mail already included many letters from law firms wanting to represent me!

GeekEV | 28 febbraio 2013

@leonardD - There's plenty Google could do with the data, though they would almost certainly anonymize it. They don't need to know who YOU are for it to be useful. They could track where people drive and use it to decide what areas need better street view coverage. They could use it to see what businesses they should target to create google local pages. They could use it to improve directions they give by comparing directions you got with the route you actually took. They could (and do?) use it to track traffic flow. The list goes on and on...

NumberOne | 1 marzo 2013

@Geek EV - I agree with you. This is indeed useful, and no reason that I can see to be paranoid, as some people might be.

DBT | 3 marzo 2013

This ship has sailed. The Feds were already doing this with On-Star, the story is a decade or more old by now. You can look up the court cases on it pretty easily.

I get the feeling this privacy battle is like every stock market crash. The smart money knows and gets out first, and everyone else is left holding the bag. Oops where did my privacy go?

Also: anonymized data is meaningless. If you have enough data you can statistically find out who a particular piece likely belongs too.

ChristianG | 6 marzo 2013

In germany a guy forced the phone company to get all his stored data they have about him. So fact is we don't kneed goodle or anyone else to do it. If you have a cellphone it's done. Even without the GPS it's close enough.