I received my care on November 23 but still no title. How long does it take in average to receive the title especially in Florida ? Does anyone experience the same delay ?

jjaeger | 6 gennaio 2013

Can't speak for FL - but picked my car up at the factory on 12/23 and received the title on 1/5/13. So just at two weeks. Now I can complete my PenFed loan after the fact.

Mel. | 6 gennaio 2013

Alex, could Tesla be waiting for something from you, a drivers license or insurance card?

Michael Emrich | 6 gennaio 2013

Received my vehicle in Florida on 11/26/2012 and still have no title from DMV Florida.

I inquired with Tesla on 1/3/2013 and received this answer the same day:

"The title document itself will be coming from the DMV.

I am having our Administration Team reach out to the Florida DMV directly to sort this out.

I will update you, if there is any information I get.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope it is getting close.. "

Today is 1/6/2013 and there is neither a title nor any furthers news.

mkh1437 | 6 gennaio 2013

I am in similar situation. I took delivery on 11/16 and have not received a title yet. I emailed to ask about it, and received the following response:

"We submitted your information to the DMV and are now waiting on them to process the paperwork. We will be calling the DMV on Monday to follow up on this."

BYT | 6 gennaio 2013

Does the title come with the plates or separately in California? Anyone know?

TonyF | 6 gennaio 2013

I took delivery on December 10 in PA, and registered it in PA on the 21st. Received my title 10 days later.

jjaeger | 6 gennaio 2013

Title in CA comes separately from the plates.

BYT | 6 gennaio 2013

I figured, thanks jjaeger!!

stevenmaifert | 6 gennaio 2013

California - Took delivery December 23. Title arrived January 4. Plates should arrive by FEDEX from Tesla this week. Don't know why CA insists on sending the plates and registration to "the dealer". Same thing with a Leaf we purchased in October. Title had my plate number so was able to send in the HOV decal application in advance of receiving the plates.

jat | 6 gennaio 2013

I think it took about a month to get the title for my LEAF in Georgia.

Brian H | 6 gennaio 2013

That's 3 weeks. Exactly.

EcLectric | 6 gennaio 2013

In CA took factory delivery 12/22 and received title from DMV 1/5, so 2 weeks for me as well. I think it depends a lot on DMV. I wouldn't worry if every Tesla customer in FL is also waiting a long time.

alexeybekin | 7 gennaio 2013

As far as I understand I submitted all necessary documents. I just feel uncomfortable without proper title and without real number plates.

jat | 7 gennaio 2013

@alexeybekin - I had my license plates in Georgia long before I had the title.

jat | 7 gennaio 2013

(the above was talking about for my LEAF)

Epley | 7 gennaio 2013

Delivery in November, still no title. Guess I should follow up on this!

mkh1437 | 7 gennaio 2013

I took delivery on 11/16, and just received my permanent plates in the mail last week. Maybe my title will be forthcoming now that the plates have been delivered.

portia | 8 gennaio 2013

In CA, got mine in about 3 weeks after delivery.

Schlermie | 11 gennaio 2013

In CA: It's been 3 weeks, and I still haven't received Title, although I have received my plates and registration. The CA DMV says it may take up to 6 weeks.

bradslee | 12 gennaio 2013

I am in the Bay Area and received the car on Dec. 29. The title arrives on Jan. 10. It took 12 days for DMV delivered the title. However, I have not received my plates and registration.

CarlE_P439 | 12 gennaio 2013

In CT. Took delivery Dec 30th. I am transferring my plates but I was told to not put them on my Model S until the registration arrives (which still has not happened). I have not been pulled over yet so not too worried up to this point.