On Track!

On Track!

Oooh! I am so totally satisfied with the additional details released about the Model X.
Now we know it is still "on track"
That must mean that even more details will be available "soon."
Maybe we will even find out something "as production nears."

Just as I was writing this snarky post, I got a call back to schedule a Model S
test drive, because I had requested to attend the One Billion Mile event closest
to me in Pittsburgh. I asked the nice young lady on the phone if any more details
about the X would be released at the event. She told me "No" but that I should hurry
up and make my deposit and get in line now, becuase when they finally release the specs
just before the end of quarter, a lot more people are likely to get in line.
I explained that I am a Signature reservation holder and that Tesla has already had
my deposit for 2 3/4 years, but that I was wondering how they could expect to deliver the
cars before the end of the quarter if the Design Studio was not opened immediately.
She clarified, that the specs will be delivered in 1-2 months and the Design Studio will
be open to signature holders before the end of the quarter, but actual production of my car
is likely to take a little longer.

Milly Amp | 17 luglio 2015

Can anyone say "2016"?

modelx2015 | 17 luglio 2015

that's not good. I will have to change my name to modelx2016 then.

ernie | 17 luglio 2015

Oh goody!...The car will be one year "newer"!!!!

vperl | 18 luglio 2015

Gee whiz kids, if there are 5K MX produced in 2015 I will be not only surprised, but happy.

markphchorg | 18 luglio 2015

I get that you've been on the list for a long time and are frustrated... especially with the sig amount you fronted. I came in late 2013 and I dealt with the delay by buying an S85 last November... best decision I ever made!!! Now I'm ready to up the ante to an MXP90DL -

But being so negative is a waste... Elon said in his "3 Dog Day" post on the website yesterday "Don't worry, those remain our focus and good progress is being made on both. X is on track for first deliveries in two months" -- 2 months is nothing compared to the time we've already put it. And as a sig holder the Design Studio will probably open quite soon for you (the consensus is 3 weeks). Don't Worry, Be Happy - I'm saying that to myself, too.

Red Sage ca us | 19 luglio 2015

Elon has previously said 'Q3 2015' and 'Summer'. The last full day of Summer will be September 22. I'd expect the first deliveries of Model X to be on that day or sooner.

nelsonc | 19 luglio 2015

Factory tour last week. I believe the x line won't be ready for a few months. 2-3.

They teased with a few x spread through out the tour. | 19 luglio 2015

@nelsonc: I was there in May and didn't get a warm and fuzzy from the look of the idle MX robots but I have no clue how much effort it takes to program multi-task robots and adjust them to the required precision.

rpc8169 | 19 luglio 2015

@nelsonc Can I ask if the X you saw looked different than the photographed mules this year? Or are you not allowed to say? Thanks.

Roamer@AZ USA | 21 luglio 2015

I feel your pain. Two Model X sigs and one regular on deposit.

ScoobyDoo | 21 luglio 2015

I'll be touring the Fremont plant August 6th and looking for evidence of Model X. Will report out, hopefully with pictures

JeffreyR | 21 luglio 2015

@ScoobyDoo "Will report out, hopefully with pictures."

They make you sign an NDA and won't allow any pictures. So don't get your hopes up. But I imagine you will see a lot more than I did last Sunday since the plant was mostly quiet. Since folks need to test drive them before finalizing their order details "soon" before the "end of summer", you might actually see some getting built. Really hope hard and you might see a finished one (I didn't).

ken | 21 luglio 2015

ScoobyDoo | JULY 21, 2015

Don't violate your NDA but just a thumbs up or thumbs down could tell us whether they are being produced or not.

carlk | 21 luglio 2015

I'm sure Elon and his gang are working as hard as they can to get a good working product out as soon as possible. I don't think they have ignored you. Whiners could just cancel your rev unless you could find a better solution like to suggest a better team to work on the project. Maybe you just want to vent but who doesn't?