Trip Planning - Charlotte (Huntersville),NC to Nemacolin, Farmington, PA

Trip Planning - Charlotte (Huntersville),NC to Nemacolin, Farmington, PA

I have tried various tools such as EVTripPlanner and while it will allow planning a trip through Superchargers, I can't seem to make it optimal. That is, It seems to be hitting every charger along the path. For instance, there are a few cases where it routes less than 100 miles before stopping again. The middle one could easily be skipped at no risk. There is another case where the route is extended to include another charger. This one could possibly be skipped, depending on how it's going that day.

I would like to start with a route and delete a stop and have the planner re-optimize with removed point ignored. Does this exist?

I really want to use the chargers and therefore my Tesla. However, it looks like the increase in distance is about 300 miles and that is making my ICE look better, at least concerning time, which shows a difference of about 4 hours.

I would like drive electric, but I would like to cut these differences in 1/2. I don't want to add an additional day of net travel to my families vacation.

plusplusjames | 14 giugno 2014

Not sure what the complication is... Easy: Burlington, NC, Glen Allen, VA, Newark, DE. ???

amatiych | 14 giugno 2014

Evtripplanner lets you delete stops. Start with "route through SC" option and then click on x next to Sc you want to skip. Then click route direct.

Maxkiddo | 14 giugno 2014

Thanks to both of you for your help! I see I didn't know how to use EVTripPlanner and I was also making it too tough!

PhillyMomof4 | 10 agosto 2014

Thanks so much for this thread. I was having similar problems planning my first long trip in the MS85. EVtripplanner looks awesome. Only problem I see is that it doesn't show the miles between the SCs, so I don't know which SCs I can skip. Am I missing something?