Under the Hood

Under the Hood

Tesla represents a new, efficient auto industry that is far better for consumers. Since their EV has so few parts, in the future, Tesla will be able to offer low cost upgrade/restoration products to customers. This will help Tesla reduce annual auto sales globally by 50%, by more than doubling the life of their EV for 1/4 the price of a new car. This will make it possible for Tesla to achieve 3X the market share without increasing factory sizes, while severely damaging ICE manufacturer’s business models. Tesla has a lot more under the hood than people realize.

An upgrade/restore factory would be cool. Being able to replace motors ten years on with new, upgraded ones, while at the same time getting other "refreshments" would help drive the total cost of owning a Tesla even lower than at present, further antagonizing the "planned obsolescence" auto business model presently employed by the ICE makers.

We will see. Tesla is very bright. They will do the right thing. However, reducing global new auto sales would
be highly desirable from a resource savings point of view and a market share point of view. No doubt, someone in Tesla has heard this before...

Its also likely, to me, that Tesla will deliver a 1000 mile range EV at all price points in the not distant future. I am unsure of economic feasability at this point, but I suspect that what sounds impossible is probably on someone's drawing board....

That's part of what I love about the Tesla EV's. They are so early in their game....

Brian H | 24 ottobre 2013

No problem with the motors; electric motors are cheap. But they're so close to 100% efficient now that there's not much more to squeeze out of them. Power storage and charging is where it's at.

aaquino22 | 24 ottobre 2013

Two words: Lithium Polysulfidophospates

Timo | 24 ottobre 2013

Also electric motors last practically forever. Barring bearings there are no moving parts that even touch each others, so no wear and tear in them. PEM module OTOH might get better, if not in efficiency then with control.