UPS, Fedex, USPS, Service Vans Commercial Vehicles

UPS, Fedex, USPS, Service Vans Commercial Vehicles

I am curious what it would take to create a plant that produced vehicles for UPS, FEDEX and USPS. Each of these customers have large buildings that they sort packages and store their vehicles at. The model S has plenty of power to push even a heavy delivery vehicle. Although if the vehicle was made by Elon it would not be heavy. An all aluminum UPS, FEDEX, USPS truck with the drive train of the Model S/X would yield 150 to 200 miles easily. I would doubt that the routes of these companies would be large enough to use all of the battery charge. The large buildings that each of these delivery companies have for the sorting and storage of the vehicles could have Solar City photovoltaic panels on the roof. Either powering the grid during the day or charging batteries the solar panels could yield a zero emissions low cost to gasoline or diesel. Every town all across the globe has these types of vehicles. Telsa should make them first. Telsa has to stay out in front of everyone in every aspect of EV. No one should ever bring something to market before Tesla, they were the first so they should and will be the best. Commercial vehicles makes more sense than selling to yuppies. Don't get me wrong I like both of my Model S P85+ vehicles. But I own a business that has 10 plus service vehicles. I would love to have commercial EV vehicles that can get 200 miles range. The GEN 3 is a perfect idea so that the masses can enjoy all the benefits of the EV. Businesses are the ones with the money. Develop commercial vehicles that run for free from the Solar panels and have little to no maintenance issues and watch them line up for the vehicles. If need be partner with a company that has the potential to make a great body and tesla provides the drive train. Pick up trucks, Commercial Cargo Vans, UPS delivery trucks, FEDEX Delivery trucks, USPS Delivery trucks. Tesla, keep up the great work. You have caused a commotion. It is awesome. The world needed to be turned upside down and shown what is possible. Now you need to stay out front. Don't let anyone come in and steal your ingenuity. Tesla you are the first, make sure everyone stays one step behind you. Go fast an hard for 5 years and the rest of the car companies won't know what hit them.

plaeuschler | 23 marzo 2014

The Swiss Post is on the electric track since 2008:

They even had an electric vehicle company develop purpose-built vehicles. I heard the employees love driving electric. In 2011 they decided to only buy electric vehicles for city delivery, and install solar panels in addition to the fact that in Switzerland already 60% of the electric power is hydro-electric.

Guess it's just a matter of time until larger shipping companies will switch to electric.

Car t man | 23 marzo 2014

This is all fine and well, but you need to take a breath. Some of these things
are new to you, but not necessarily to the market, etc.

Tesla is basically the electric car 2.0
Second iteration of electrification.

It was already going on once, back in 1990ies. EV 1 and all that and also
delivery companies, were already testing fleets. Deutsche post (DHL), had
a fleet of electric vans, with non rechargeable zinc air batteries, with
range of about 250 miles of actual range, etc.

Many of us feel Tesla should enter all of the market niches, but the reality is, it has to pick its fights well. It can't cover everything immediately. Hopefully the E is everything it can and should be. Tech
and design wise. Then a pickup, convertible,..

sbeggs | 29 maggio 2019