Using the superchargers?

Using the superchargers?

Who has used the superchargers? I feel like going to each one just for the heck of it. I will stop to use them when I drive to L.A. in November to show my dad the new car. Please share your experience using them. How many chargers are at each location? did you see another S charging when you were there?

Volker.Berlin | 30 ottobre 2012

DarrellH | October 30, 2012

We used the Gilroy Supercharger Saturday. We were on a trip to the Carmel/Monterey area. We didn't really need the Supercharger but we thought we might as well try it out. What a gift from Tesla and SolarCity! We can't wait for a long cross-country trip. But for now the next long trip will be a trip to Disneyland in December.

erictridoc | 30 ottobre 2012

Driving from SF to LA in our ICE Lexus, we were able to locate the Gilroy and Tejon Ranch supercharger locations with only 2 charging slots available. We could not locate the Harris Ranch chargers. Has anybody seen the station in Harris Ranch and is it operational? Also note that the charging stations ( at least at the Tejon Ranch location ) is only open from 10am to 10pm.

The Harris Ranch location is critical to allow the 85kw battery to only have to fill up once for the SF-LA corridor route....

jbunn | 30 ottobre 2012

There is a Shell Station at Harris Ranch and the supercharger is right out front of the store. If you can't find it, just stop in side, and they will point it out. Just got off the phone with them.

I have a question though. We have always heard that the supercharger is for occasional use only. Fritz was on Leno's Garage giving Jay a test drive, and Fritz said you can use it with no worries. So if I go between SF and LA and need to charge a few times on the weekend, or even twice in one day, is it destructive or not? Anyone heard the latest on this?

MB3 | 30 ottobre 2012

jbunn. The party line ever since the SC announcement is that the SC stations do not harm the battery. Near as I can tell they figured out how to avoid harming the battery. Perhaps by slowing the charging as the battery fills.

See for example.

erictridoc | 30 ottobre 2012

jbunn: Thanks for the information. We actually filled up at that Shell station on Monday and still could not find the Tesla station...

jbunn | 30 ottobre 2012

Thanks MB3. I dont know how I missed that the first time. Good news.

benjamin.brooks | 31 ottobre 2012

The Harris Ranch Super Charger is by the cafe building in the huge Shell station.
There's only 1 spot, unfortunately.

Also found the Super Charger on I5 by the Grapevine, there are like 8? spots there (near the Panda Express)... seems a better bet once more Model S cars hit the road.

Once they finally come out with the iPhone app, would be smart of them to list which SC are is use vs. available in real time, so people can plan ahead better for their stops...

Curmudgeon | 31 ottobre 2012

While Driving back from LA in my Dodge Pickup, we stoped at Tejon Ranch and found the supercharger. Also we stopped at Harris
Ranch. There was a black Model S charging. License was MODELS2.
I can't wait until we get our Model S. Maybe in Jan.

mbcaffe | 31 ottobre 2012

I am pretty sure MODELS2 is Elon's car. hope there plans to have chargers at Harris Ranch. that will be a popular stop.

cerjor | 31 ottobre 2012

The problem with finding the SC at Harris Ranch is that it is not associated with the same kind of structure that we have been shown. It appears as it's electricity comes solely from the grid. The model S charger is next to the roadster charger.

jbunn | 31 ottobre 2012

Should be a good location for solar, but to make it effective, you need some space. Perhaps Harris wasn't able to grant that much space at the Shell. Not a given that the cells are sitting directly atop the charger, I guess.

Did they have the "Rocket". I'd love to see that eiether at the site, or on the street corner, or visiable from highways. Homing beacons for Tesla owners, and to the unfamiliar, a great chance to drive by and say "What the hell was that?!? What's a Tesla?"

We're all used to seeing the orange 76 ball, the yellow Shell shell, the red and blue Chevrons, green BP signs. Time to build brand consciousness with what might be the coolest signage in the refuleing biz.

Jolinar | 1 novembre 2012

Yes, this Tesla sculpture would be great sign on every charging station... And it doesn't need any numbers/price on it because it is free :P
I'd like to see some people staring on it and wondering what the **** is this thing? :D

R3dStang66 | 1 novembre 2012

@erictridoc thanks for that times of operation. I assume they would be open 24/7 but i guess not. I wonder if all the SC have that same info.

DouglasR | 1 novembre 2012

If you squint your brain just right, the Tesla sculpture invokes the monolith in "2001: A Space Odyssey."

cerjor | 1 novembre 2012

At Harris Ranch, there appears to be ample room for the solar version. There is a small airport next door and some other space for parking semis. I also read somewhere that none of the supercharger stations have the tower and that it was just part of the publicity for the opening ceremony. I can't verify that.

Michael S | 1 novembre 2012

just charged in hawthorne this morning. second time i have used it. heading to SF along 101. using Rabo bank charger in GOLETA now. will use GILROY tonight.

portia | 1 novembre 2012

@MichaelS, how many chargers at Hawthorne, and Gilroy?
why did you not take the 5?
I usually take the 101 also, much better scenery than the 5 (in my ex-car), but will try it next time so I can hit all the superchargers along the way!

tork | 1 novembre 2012

@erectridoc, Are you sure those are the hours of operation? The pictures I saw tend to make me believe that they are hours in which you could contact Tesla for service if you run into trouble with the supercharger. I imagine you can still charge outside those hours if you know what you are doing

sagebrushnw | 1 novembre 2012

@ Jolinar

Did you mean "what 'in the world' is this thing?"

portia | 2 novembre 2012 has first person reports ofusing superchargers!

rdravenelle | 2 novembre 2012
kk | 3 novembre 2012

I used the supercharger in Barstow this week, on my way to Vegas and back to Los Angeles. I used the Recargo App to find very helpful photos of where the two chargers are located, behind the Chili's.

My biggest gripe about the supercharging experience and also leaving my comfort zone of chargers was not having a Tesla App to track my charging progress. Please Tesla, don't make us wait any longer....

dahtye | 4 novembre 2012

I used the supercharger in Folsom today. Here's a few comments:
- 81KWHr of power when I first started chaging!
- I had 60 projected miles left on my 85KWhr battery when starting to charge
- I got a full charge within 1hr 5 minutes
- Charging current at start was 225A @ 358V
- Charging current at end was 72A at 396V
- A considerable amount of heat is generated from the car during this type of charging - the fan at the front of the car was running and heat was being pushed out - likely to keep the battery cool during the supercharging time
- When I started charging, I was the only Model S in the four parking Tesla reserved parking slots
- When I returned, another Model S (exactly like mine same color and options) was parked at the second of the two superchargers.
- There are two parking spaces per charger at the Folsom outlets
- Only one of the two spaces can access the charger
- The other space is for "waiting" for the charger to be available

One interesting note: If a person leaves for dinner (say 1.5 hr dinner) during charging and his charging is done in let's say 1 hr, he has no way of knowing whether charging is done or whether anyone else is waiting to charge. So, having the mobile app would definitely help here. I'd hate to be the person hogging the charger when one or two other owners are waiting.

Timo | 5 novembre 2012

If a person leaves for dinner (say 1.5 hr dinner) during charging and his charging is done in let's say 1 hr, he has no way of knowing whether charging is done or whether anyone else is waiting to charge. So, having the mobile app would definitely help here.

I thought there already is such app. If not an app then car could just text you when it finishes, that should work with any cellphone (you would just need to tell the car your phone number, and that's it).

William9 | 5 novembre 2012

Until the App becomes available, I've thought leaving sheet of paper in the windshield with my cell phone number would be courteous. Then if someone rolls up and is waiting, he can call to let me know he's there. Of course my bigger problem right now is get delivery of the S so I can have this problem! P83, so shouldn't be long.

dahtye | 5 novembre 2012

William9, that's a great idea. I'll do that next time. The other Model S on the other charger didn't have such info either. Maybe if we on the forum all do this at Superchargers, the ones who are not on the forum will get the idea.

Timo, I didn't know such an app exists. Can you point me to it for an iPhone? Also, how do I get the car to text me when it's done? What UI do I use on the center display?

nickjhowe | 5 novembre 2012

No TM app yet - although on the earnings call today it was said the app is in beta - I've seen no references to it in the wild anywhere. But if it is in beta it should be coming soon (ish)

Michael S | 5 novembre 2012


2 chargers operating at Hawthorne with two more pending and slots for two more.

1 charger @ Gilroy. 1 pending and slots (no canopy) for a total of four.

I took the coast because thats where my business took me. The Rabo bank chargers (BTW) are 70amp chargers, not like the pip-squeek (30 amp) Chargepoint and Blink chargers.

jd3tm | 5 novembre 2012

A quick update on the Gilroy Supercharger situation.

It is located behind the Sony store in the outlet mall. There are TWO functioning Superchargers at that site. I know this because I was there Saturday night in one of the stalls while AN IDENTICAL Pearl White Performance Model S was in the other...

There are also two J1772 chargers located in that same area of the Mall.

Side note. The other Pearl White Perf Model S was NOT a Signature! It was being "tested" by a Tesla employee. Apparently, there will be new functionality coming soon! Of special note is the observation that the car came alive while the driver was a few hundred feet away from the car...I suspect an Iphone/Android application enabled this behaviour!

Final note. There was a Volt charging at the J1772 stall. Great couple with 2 small children. I gave the overview and walkthru on my Model S... He watched as my car charged 110 miles in less than 30 minutes. He was going to be there for another hour to finish charging his Volt!

Tesla definitely has the right model for public charging! Superchargers Rule!!!

Sig 692

nickjhowe | 5 novembre 2012

@jd3 - thx for the update. Wonder what other functionality is coming?

Brian H | 5 novembre 2012

There's been some talk of add-on upgrades in the works. No details.

portia | 5 novembre 2012

I took a Sunday drive out to Gilroy yesterday, I left home with 190 miles projected, got there with the SAME miles! Going on the 152 highway with its up and down the hill, the regen apparently charged a lot. So I got to Gilroy, not really needing to charge the car, plenty of miles to get home with lots to spare.

I tried it just to see how the supercharger worked. I probably only needed 15 minutes of charging, and thought about the note on the dash idea. Although I didn't think there would be more than 2 S's there in the hour or so I was there.

Yeah, there were two superchargers. And there was a guy in a BMW Active E charging his at the J1772, and he came over to admire the car, and told us that Sergey (you know who) has TWO model S, one already received, another to be delivered soon.

I uploaded photos and checked in using the Recargo app on the phone. It has ALL 6 supercharger stations in its database already, and photos too. So it is a good App to have, you can see other checkin's and learn something about the place before you get there.

mrspaghetti | 5 novembre 2012

Sergey? Is this a guy I might be able to find in a Google search? (hint hint)