Utility Trailer

Utility Trailer

My son recently received his new Tesla Model S and its one stunning automobile. I too, would like to purchase one but I require a pickup truck or similar vehicle. Since a Tesla pickup truck is several years away I thought of way of making it happen sooner.

Tesla could manufacture a closed aero-dynamic utility trailer (10-12 ft long). To offset the drag and energy used to haul the trailer you could incorporate the following…
• 45kw battery pack installed below the bottom of the trailer providing addition energy to the main vehicle through it’s trailer connector
• 2 load cells, one over each of the trailer’s tires could calculate the load. The data feed back to the main vehicle through the trailer connector to calculate energy usage

I hope this suggestion helps.

grega | 10 settembre 2013

It's an interesting concept to add a trailer+battery. I wondered about something similar for long distance trips - hire a battery trailer, drive 600 miles, return the battery trailer - but thinking about it more deeply I think that little brainstorm would damage the image of Tesla more than it helped.

I can see what you're suggesting, but it's still more of an "extension to a good idea" (ie: the EV), probably more suitable in the future than now. However there might be an argument for a standard plug for powering FROM a trailer, which could enable several 3rd party options in time (whether a light trailer with small battery, big battery, caravan, even a petrol generator on a trailer).

Naturally enough, if you're after a pickup truck, then buying a really nice SUV probably isn't going to be a great fit :)
I wish you good luck though!