Vehicle 2 Vehicle (V2V) links by 2016?

Vehicle 2 Vehicle (V2V) links by 2016?

Position and condition data, even linking with pedestrian smartphones? Is RoadNet the next step towards SkyNet?

petochok | 28 settembre 2013

This goes hand in hand with Tesla philosophy. Clearly, the car is not for those who fear being data logged.
Same applies to this, and all upcoming tech innovations. I say a choice needs to be made to either embrace the new features for their safety advantages, or stick to rebuilding that carburetor every so often in exchange for total privacy of an ancient transport device.

jstack6 | 29 settembre 2013

This is already being dome with MINI E ACPropulsion built EVs in Delaware. They pay $5 a day and that adds up and can help pay for the EV.
It should be a feature on every EV. Even the Nissan LEAF has a unit for V2H and it is being sold and used in Japan.

Any EV with a fast charge port could have an external Inverter like those used for Solar added and provide power.

Timo | 29 settembre 2013

@alex, has your computer been added to bot network or did you add those links yourself? I flagged that as spam.

Brian H | 29 settembre 2013

Flagged. What has an external inverter to do with car-to-car communication?