Vermont Supercharger? Please!!!

Vermont Supercharger? Please!!!

Anyone know anything about possible supercharger in VT for this upcoming ski season? Looks like several are listed for "2014" on the supercharger map. If anyone knows of progress please tell. Would be disappointing to not have any SC for upper New England this winter.

laurentjd | 3 agosto 2014

No news, but agree with you! Also would help heading to Montreal form NY

mstrauss | 4 agosto 2014

I'd love to know where the process is currently with supercharging along I-89. The dots on the map seem to show these near Lebanon, NH and Williston/Burlington VT. There are a number of sites in those areas that would make a lot of sense and provide additional amenities.

AlMc | 4 agosto 2014

If you know of businesses that would host an SC approach the business, get a contact name and send it to TM. They will listen.

jamie@ | 4 agosto 2014

I emailed Tesla the VT Welcome Centers Director contact ... Last May.
I am not aware if Tesla followed up.

HWF | 4 agosto 2014

I live in NJ and have a house in Stratton, VT. If I had a MS, I'd plan to use the SC in Albany, which is about 140 miles from my home in NJ, and 100miles from my VT home.

Incidentally, a bit off topic, but I'm concerned about not having AWD for the ski country. It's obviously quite hilly in VT and I'm on a dirt road.

plusplusjames | 4 agosto 2014

If you want SuperChargers in the NorthEast, be prepared to make a LOT of noise. So far, we are neglected!

Plugged In | 4 agosto 2014

I second these emotions, although I think the Albany / Colonie Center SC does make much of VT reachable even on a day-trip. STILL... more please!

adstein | 4 agosto 2014

White river junction/west Lebanon is essential to open up northern Vermont. Also need one somewhere on 91 between Northampton and the Vermont welcome center.

Eknight47 | 5 agosto 2014

The Albany SC makes VT accessible if you're from NY/NJ/CT - not if you're from MA or RI.

Superchargers are needed (before another ski season passes us by) in the following areas:

White River Junction
The 91 Location between Northampton and Vermont WC
1-93 in NH somewhere near Hooksett BEFORE you can split off to 89 Northern VT (Burlington area)

Darth Fedor | 29 agosto 2014

Montreal - NYC in a 60 is still not doable we need Vermont!

DTsea | 29 agosto 2014

there seem to be about 3 planned for Vermont on the 2014 map.

plusplusjames | 30 agosto 2014

You people are not making enough noise. Therefore we will remain neglected. Please refer to my many, many posts on this topic...

DTsea | 30 agosto 2014

Has nothing to do with how noisy you are.

bsimoes | 31 agosto 2014

Route 7 is the route many travellers use through Vermont. It is on the western side of the state. Middlebury has a site that used to be a car wash, which has since been cleared. Now, it is a vacant lot next to a shopping center right on the highway and next to a McDonalds, Hannaford's grocery, TJ Maxx and across the street from a large Marriott Hotel. I have sent numerous emails to Tesla as well as the town manager and business development office, and have heard nothing....

J.T. | 31 agosto 2014

I contacted Dartmouth and the Town of Hanover to see if they'd be interested in putting a Supercharger there. They were excited about the idea but not enough. Here's the reply:

Good afternoon Jay,
Sorry for the delayed response. It is exciting to hear so many people are purchasing and using Teslas. We are currently working on improving access to charging stations on the main campus. However, the town of Hanover is installing charging stations in the central parking garage, located in Downtown Hanover. I would direct you to their website for more information
The Hitchcock Medical Center has an electric vehicle charging station and is accessible from town on the free Advanced Transit Bus System Thank you for your offer to help support the Dartmouth Sustainability Office with this initiative. We will definitely keep you in mind as we turn our attention to sustainable transportation on campus.
Rebecca Hoeffler
Sustainability Fellow
Dartmouth Sustainability Office

I thought it would have been a perfect fit. Dartmouth is less than 1/2 mile off of I-91.

tga | 3 settembre 2014

The Sustainable Hanover Committee and the Town Selectmen have been talking about installing charging stations in town since at least 2012. The Apr 2014 Capital Improvement Plan has allocated $18,000 for installation of (some number of) charging stations:

Unfortunately, the 4 J1772's at Dartmouth-Hitchcock are all 3.3kW (16A @ 208V). They are listed on plugshare (2 in the hospital garage and 2 at the Heater Rd building).

I just emailed Rebecca and encouraged Dartmouth and Hanover to only consider high-current stations, for future-proofing the installations. I suggested that Tesla's destination charging program would be a good fit for the Hanover Inn, and also suggested Sun Country Highway for their CS-100's.

If I hear back from her, I'll post it.

WillEric | 3 settembre 2014

tga, thanks for following up on this. The absence of a supercharger in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts is a huge problem. Surprised that Tesla would not make this a priority.

mikegre | 6 settembre 2014

I emailed Tesla and pointed out to them that although demographics in Vermont (pop. 626k) might not necessitate a SC, they should realize that many Tesla owners living in NY, CT and MA drive up to Vermont in the winter to ski. Lo and behold, about a week after my email, my phone rings and it's Tesla thanking me for the email and telling me that they are planning a Super Charger for that area.

Unbelieveable company to respond like that.

nicole | 6 settembre 2014

Great news. Did they happen to mention where? I make the commute from Philly to Montpelier on a regular basis and hoping I don't have trade cars with the husband once my Tesla arrives.

plusplusjames | 7 settembre 2014

@Mikegre: It's great that you got a response! I also wrote them but have not been favored with a reply. :(

schepps5 | 7 settembre 2014

I have a friend working in supercharger site acquisition, and he is in Vermont working on sites. Overall that team has many, many irons in the fire, but it is a surprisingly long process to get each one open

plusplusjames | 7 settembre 2014

@schepps5: I get it. Just trying to throw more logs on the fire.

tga | 7 settembre 2014

Check out the "New New England Superchargers" thread on TMC. Rumors of a SC at the new Hooksett rest areas are heating up again.

kwen197 | 4 novembre 2014

In Oregon, Tesla is providing free of charge the "Wall Connector" to businesses that will install them for there patrons who drive Model S.
They will charge at 230 V/40 amp or 80 amp if you have duel chargers.
The Cascade Mountain areas have snow sports in winter and great golf in summer.
When you take your trips to the Green & White mountains, you might mention it to the hotels & restaurant's.