Video showing European options/mods

Video showing European options/mods

cloroxbb | 27 luglio 2013

Are the Europeans paying more than the US/North America for all of that extra stuff?

pebell | 27 luglio 2013

Yes these are additional packages and options to the ones you are familiar with.

tobi_ger | 27 luglio 2013

Yes, winter package (EUR 1500) and parking sensors (EUR 500) are extra options. Prices are from German site.

tobi_ger | 27 luglio 2013

@Brian: thanks for posting the link.

mherzog57 | 27 luglio 2013

I've had a deposit down since May waiting for these options to be available in the U.S. and was told then it would be coming shortly. I'm calling Tesla on Monday!

Geert.Snijders | 27 luglio 2013

Ofcourse we pay more: they just translated the currency signs $->€.
So about 30% more to cover for transport, re-assembly en import duties...

Tâm | 27 luglio 2013

Europe charging socket/plug is huge. I assume Europe Supercharger won't come with nice slender Tesla plug?

Reilly McHugh | 27 luglio 2013

What were the three lights to right of charge port?

jkirkebo | 27 luglio 2013

They replace the ring around the US plug, ie. charging status lights.

avanti | 27 luglio 2013

So, are the rear seat heaters not controllable by the seats' occupants? That would be weak.

TS | 27 luglio 2013

Wishlist: backseat remote control ( Bluetooth or Wifi) :
-Seat heat
-local lights

The remote control could also be an mobile app with "user log in" , where I'm the admin...

cfOH | 27 luglio 2013

Tesla Model S 2.0


olanmills | 27 luglio 2013

Dang, I wish we could get rear heated seats. I would like cooled seats too.

If they won't do it, it would be cool if Tesla left a place open for us in the software interface to allow us to get it done at an aftermarket shop yet still let us control it via the touchscreen.

CalabasasKid | 27 luglio 2013

I'm dying to see whatvthe video screen interface shows when the parking sensors are activated.

tobi_ger | 27 luglio 2013

I don't have the link at hand, but there are recent screen shots on the TMC forums, iirc the Norwegian thread.

tobi_ger | 28 luglio 2013

@Notre Thanks!

Jolanda | 28 luglio 2013

A fully loaded P85+ will set you back $160.000 in the Netherlands...

cloroxbb | 28 luglio 2013

Wow, alright then :)