VIN Decoder for Model X

VIN Decoder for Model X

Tesla just released the Model X VIN information and we've updated our VIN decoder to now support these new options and field values. Interestingly, it appears there will not be a 2015 Model X, but all will start with the 2016 year. This departs slightly from the Model S VIN years, which are based on the date when the car was built.

vindecodervehic... | 15 maggio 2019

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Redmiata98 | 16 maggio 2019

Excellent tool, found out that the X is a “compact utility vehicle” that will now let me park in more commercial garages. | 16 maggio 2019

@Red - Funny! Yep, that vindecoder is not too accurate.

jimglas | 16 maggio 2019

its over 6,000 lbs (Compact Utility Vehicle). the reason I was able to write it off as a business expense

taukita22 | 26 febbraio 2020