What else should Tesla sell?

What else should Tesla sell?

I've been thinking about complimentary products, like charging stations, that are closely related to their brand and can create additional revenue. Thoughts?

negarholger | 23 novembre 2013

Tesla is starting to sell battery storage - home, business and industrial. SC are the perfect test sites for business size, at the Fremont factory they have an industrial size. SolarCity has some home installations.

Dwdnjck@ca | 24 novembre 2013

Blank drivable chassis for customization for expensive classics like Mercedes SSK. | 25 novembre 2013

@Dwdnjck Oh I love that Idea!
I'm thinking the MGB on a Tesla chassis
(Although I imagine the dimensions are way off.)

bonaire | 25 novembre 2013

M2G - Mower to Grid.

Imagine an electric riding mower with 12-16 kWh battery subsytem that also acts as a battery storage device for the home should a power failure occur. Yes, this would be a sister company called Tesla Mowers. :)

Jan Ellen | 25 novembre 2013

It would be for the kit car lovers maybe also what. A Tesla drivable chassis with electric motor with an adjustable wheelbase. I myself am in possession of a Cobra kit car and would like to see such a thing also called on electrical base built.
Base complete of Tesla, and custom made bodywork possibly by customer itself.This could then possibly also assistance offered by technical people of Tesla

Brian H | 25 novembre 2013

Report to the dunking stool in the morning for processing.

DallasTeslan | 25 novembre 2013

I'd like to see more gear being sold. I'd like something to put on the wall in my man cave.

filsmyth | 25 novembre 2013

Oh, you meant what else BESIDES vehicles -- but I'll share this anyway:

wynonnaoh | 26 novembre 2013

A big 4wd pick up! Something farm capable, not some drop for cruising the main drag. (I hate drops)
I want to be able to load the bed with corn, and go out to the field and shovel it for the cows.
Or go out to the woods and bring in a load of fire wood.

alcassfast | 26 novembre 2013


blue adept | 26 novembre 2013

There are already a number of ICE to EV conversion kits/manufacturers/installers out there stretching from the West coast to the East, not to mention the fact that marketing of the Tesla drivetrain chassis would directly undermine the sell of the range of Tesla's model lineup, so I'm sure that everyone can understand just how counterintuitive such a move would be...?

STY1 | 27 novembre 2013

I concur on the truck idea! It would be great to make an affordable mail/ups delivery vehicle (get the smoking ones off the road!).

Robert Fallin | 30 novembre 2013

For one thing, an affordable electric car. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Tesla Model S and recommend them to all the professionals I know with a high enough income to afford one. However, BMW has just "raised the ante" with its I3 electric, The BMW I3 boasts 100 mile range, but only is reported to cost $45,300.

BMW could probably sell the I3 even cheaper (say, around 30,000 or less) if they had gone with Hemp plastic (as Lotus does) for its body panel and opted for supercapacitors and a magnetic resonance wireless charging system.

Such a system, when fully integrated into the Interstate Highway system could theoretically have unlimited range.

If I were Elon Musk, I would buy back as many of the Tesla Roadsters as I could, refit them with supercapictors and magnetic resonance, resell them and use the profits to outfit the Model S and Model X with supercapictors and magnetic resonance. I would also have my designers take their styling cues from GM for a small pickup truck, as the new Chevy and GMC small trucks look awesome.

The Model S already looks like a Hyundai Genesis, so I would have the designers look at both the Hyundai or Kia lines for styling cues for a long range electric compact that could be priced in the mid to high 20K range.

Timo | 30 novembre 2013

Just FYI supercaps are HUGE compared to batteries. Currently they are useless in pure BEV:s.

Brian H | 30 novembre 2013

Robert Fallin | November 30, 2013 new
... and opted for supercapacitors and a magnetic resonance wireless charging system.

Yaass -- just hand-wave wired roadways into existence, and it all becomes easy! Let us know when you're done with that. In the real world. Till then, bye-bye!

Timo | 1 dicembre 2013

Robert, that "2011_wirless_report.pdf" paper is full of errors and typos, it even mixes power density with energy density. Filename is "wirless". Somehow doesn't feel like reliable source.

carlgo | 2 dicembre 2013

I'm with STY1 in thinking deliver trucks would be a great market. There are zillions of UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc trucks around the world. They don't drive far so range isn't an issue and at night they all sleep in corporation yards that could easily be equipped to recharge them for the next day's deliveries.

I could see Tesla offering a recharging/swapping and maintenance program to make this economical and risk free for the customers.

blue adept | 16 dicembre 2013

Another Tesla truck option:

You could haul some stuff in it and cart some people around as well.

blue adept | 16 dicembre 2013

Someone chopped this up and posted it on Jalopnik:

I guess oriented for the heavier haulers"?"

blue adept | 16 dicembre 2013

@STY1 and carlgo

A company called Smith Electric Vehicles is producing full electric heavy vehicles in a number of model configurations for a variety od applications:

Here's their website for your review:

So there is already someone addressing the medium-to-heavy industry transport sector, albeit not employing the Tesla technology template, though that is not to say that Tesla might not have a future offering itself"?"

Who knows the mind of Musk?!

Brian H | 16 dicembre 2013

Lessee that in regular size:

comerbr81 | 17 dicembre 2013

I kind of like the UPS Fedex idea, if there is enough battery power. Those two companies have thousands of trucks. The problem is those trucks drive around all day long, they might exceed the range. They are also a lot heavier than a regular car which could also impact the performance and range.

I think the next logical step for Tesla was something similar to the Lexus model RX instead of their model X with the falcon wing doors.