What if MX duds?

What if MX duds?

What if it duds?
What if there are teething problems?
What would it take to get bad press?
Which journo is going to?
What if TM has to recall them all?
What if it is such a burden TM cannot continue?
What if the Sigs are all lemons?
Can TSLA afford the MX??

I dont think the stock price will rise much, MX is already factored in... but if one journo cant get the door closed or something TSLA could drop 10%.

eric.zucker | 29 settembre 2015

What if ... we cared less about short-term profit and just did the right thing for us, our children, our families, our country and humanity in general?

What if... more governments enacted clean air mandates and incentives?

What if ... Volkswagen signed a deal with Tesla for EV technology and batteries to save their tarnished image?

What if... aliens from Mars are on stage with Elon, and license their technology to Tesla ?

What if ... Elon was simply right, and we support him ?

Shelmire | 29 settembre 2015

right on, right on!

Remnant | 29 settembre 2015

@ Ross (September 29, 2015)

<< What if it duds? ... >>

What if you refrain from being a dud for the next 16 hours?

sandycraft50 | 29 settembre 2015

This is the defining moment for Tesla, either this will be a launch pad for the greatest car company in history or it could be the end, if the x is not perfect. Tesla will not be able to continue.

FelixMendeldog | 29 settembre 2015

• Model X will not be “perfect”—that’s impossible, the press will make mountains of molehills

• Model X will be absolutely fantastic, better by far than anything comparable and even many things not comparable like your kidneys (can we trade one for one?)

• Tesla is ABSOLUTELY fantastic; will be for decades to come

• Journalists are chomping at the bit to attack Tesla because that’s what gets them ad-clicks and they have zero integrity—zero. They are scum sucking parasites, always have been, always will be; they are waiting like a school of piranha to pounce on the first thing they can say against Model X; they already have Tesla doomsday copy waiting to fill in the blanks like a depraved Mad-Lib.

• Nearly everyone on Wall Street—especially so called “analysts”—are also scum.

RonaldA | 29 settembre 2015

Tesla is an energy company. If a door jams and stock falls 10% booya! time to buy

Plug | 29 settembre 2015

Let's be optimistic. The Battery is half full! | 29 settembre 2015

Hyperbole aside, the Model S, despite teething issues, hit the ball out of the park, a smashing success even though not perfect.

The Model X has been produced by a more mature, more knowledgeable Tesla. They have learned from mistakes. The Model X will undoubtedly have some issues but will benefit from all of the experience with the S. I'm looking forward to videos of an SUV smoking a Corvette on the track, literally, with falcon wing doors open and smoke billowing out both sides from the second row.

May I have mine now, please?

eric.zucker | 29 settembre 2015

@George, I love you! +42!

vandacca | 29 settembre 2015

In my opinion, this time around (releasing the Model-X) is a significantly less risky venture than when the Model-S was revealed.

The Model-S was a big experiment and it had some kinks that took some time to iron out. But they worked on them all and the car was a success.

The Model-X is not a new experiment. It is built on the Model-S, so the fundamentals are solid. The only big departures are the Falcon Wing Doors (FWD), which have been done before by many other companies and it's simply an engineering challenge that can be solved.

In this release, Tesla has taken more time to get things right prior to releasing the first models (today), so it's expected to be a smoother roll-out than the Model-S. There has been way more testing than ever before, and Elon knows testing thanks to his SpaceX experience. Even the lack of folding seats can be resolved later in the release cycle, but that's not an issue that will kill the overall rollout. Tesla has shown multiple times that they will quickly address any issue that arises before most people will even notice it, thanks to Elon's perfectionist character.

There is absolutely no way the Model-X can be a dud.

eric.zucker | 29 settembre 2015

@vandacca: I love you too! +1!

Ankit Mishra | 29 settembre 2015

Really electrified @eric, eh!

eric.zucker | 29 settembre 2015

Right on, @Ankit Mishra, you want a hug? Here, have one!

Today is a beautiful day, and we'll get to meet our long-awaited Model X... can't wait... it will be 5AM for me when the livestream begins, and I'll be watching. I nearly flew over for the occasion...

Aren't we completely nuts getting this excited for a _car_? This is so much fun and anticipation!

Madatgascar | 29 settembre 2015

The X can be great, but Tesla's reveal events have left a lot to be desired. Let's hope they don't keep us waiting for an hour like they did with the Powerwall event. It will give the impression they are duct taping the cars together behind the curtain. Come on Elon, this is a big moment...don't be distracted by water on Mars....

carlk | 29 settembre 2015


I dont think the stock price will rise much, MX is already factored in... but if one journo cant get the door closed or something TSLA could drop 10%.

Thoughts like yours are also factored in the current price. Good luck to you. | 29 settembre 2015

It's 11 AM. TSLA is up, the Dow is up, the NASDAQ is up. The S & P 500 is up. It's a good day so far.

Boukman | 29 settembre 2015

I won't be..... .

Boukman | 29 settembre 2015

it won't be....! .

ken | 29 settembre 2015

Drop of 10%, buying opportunity! Today is the long awaited day of pictures and measurements, THE REVEAL OF THE X, can't wait, OH, I need to stop posting and get to the airport. See you guys there!!!

lasalaleo | 29 settembre 2015

7pm is taking forever to come!! I have no plans of purchasing the X, but I'm extremely excited for this event, and for Tesla in general. Optimism, guys. optimism!

johnse | 29 settembre 2015

Someone will write a shocking expose, barely grounded in truth. They will stoop to nothing, deriding the Falcon Wing doors. They will focus laser headlights on the slightest perceived flaw, ignoring the lightning harnessed in the X.

And it won't matter. There are enough of us that will see the truth and make this launch a success, and form the market that will Hoover up every one of these that Tesla can make.

madodel | 29 settembre 2015

After having followed Tesla for over 2 years now I doubt they will be releasing a crappy product. There may be teething pains as someone mentioned, and maybe the stock will tumble. Hell Apple sold more iPhone 6Ss than any phone ever this past weekend and AAPL has fallen over $5/shr since close on Friday. Investors are nuts, and analysts are idiots. Let's wait and see what happens later today. I'm still waiting for access to the design studio to place my order. I'm hoping Musk and Tesla blow everyone away tonight. Will make my ordering that much easier. Now on to really important issues, do I want 6 or 7 seats?

Model X Signature #1096

vperl | 29 settembre 2015

Hope all the naysayers go away and never let in just a few short hours, please leave now to avoid your total and complete embarrassment.

rossRallen | 29 settembre 2015

Wall Street loves to disrespect Tesla one day (to push the price lower), then scoop up shares, and then get all enthusiastic the next. Analysts are scum and market manipulators. They know nothing, as you'd know from listening to their stupid questions during the analyst phone calls.

Some of the headlines they run in "articles" about Tesla are outrageous "Tesla threatened by all-electric Porsche!" Really? Wanna wait three years for that vaporware? We need more electric vehicles, and Tesla will thrive even with competition from luxury brands because Tesla is the leader in innovation, performance, and features.

The event tonight will be grand. The Model X will exceed all expectations. The additional TSLA shares I bought a few weeks ago will be a good investment.

Captain_Zap | 29 settembre 2015


During the Model S test drive events the phrase of the day was, "It exceeded my expectations." I expect it to hold true for the Model X. Elon wouldn't settle for less.

David N | 29 settembre 2015

If Model X is a "Dud" it will be absolutely devastating for Tesla.

But I wouldn't worry too much,

Given Elon's quest for form, function and perfection, it should exceed expectations, send shockwaves around the auto world. capture every top auto award.

Anything less might be a bit dissappointing.

Sit back, relax and let the show begin…...

JeffreyR | 29 settembre 2015

Happy Model X Day everybody!!!


Juggernaut | 29 settembre 2015

Just answering the original post question, "What if Model X duds?"

We will be somewhat let down. Even yet, will remain hopeful..

In reality, it's just folding out after a long wait and I see no reason why it won't be another juggernaut. Space X does make me wonder, but a Tesla crossover after the best sedan ever...? It's going to be just fine --- soon...

carlk | 29 settembre 2015

Elon said the X will be a better SUV than S is to sedan. How is it possible to make something even better than the S? I'm starting to feel that Elon is going to show us the impossible.

Ankit Mishra | 29 settembre 2015

Why does Spacex makes you wonder?

And X will blow everyone's mind. People, you heard it here first. Don't waste your energy on expecting it to fail(suggestion).

ernie | 30 settembre 2015

It was not a dud.

carlk | 30 settembre 2015

Not at all. All the reviews I saw are pretty much all positive.

johnwladd | 30 settembre 2015

Elon is proven dominant once again.

Ross1 | 1 ottobre 2015

Is there any truth to the rumour that 9/29 will become an international holiday?

eric.zucker | 1 ottobre 2015

Only hardcore Detroit-friendly journalists would have anything bad to say about this car or Tesla.

Ross1 | 1 ottobre 2015

And newspapers are driven by revenue streams. Tesla doesn't aavertise and ICEs do.
Therefore there will be pressure to poopoo EVs.

vperl | 1 ottobre 2015

What if Ross ate that bag of cheese burgers and exploded, would anyone notice?

Ross1 | 3 novembre 2015

So then why are there no deliveries?

@vperl: WHitchings would.

sbeggs | 3 novembre 2015

Tesla bringing production of second row monopost seats in house is the reason for X delay.

Mark Z | 3 novembre 2015

The seals were another reason given in the conference call as a reason for X delay. Considering that the seats and doors are installed at the end of the production line gives a bit of perspective on the progress that is being made. Getting production right is more important than rushing the vehicles out of the factory needing some correction at the Service Centers.

Ross1 | 3 novembre 2015

I read in an Aus motoring mag that we should support Tesla because they were buying seats for MX from an Aus manufacturer.

Hence my posts about Albino kangaroo skin interiors.

The factory is set up in Fremont??

There is a thread from Sept about it.

Someone disputed the Aus info, but whover it was making them, it must have been a tough and rough ride (pun)

The Aus firm makes seats for MB and many major carmakers.

"Most difficult". Let us hope Tesla can make them then. Sub it out to SpaceX if it is rocket science.

Red Sage ca us | 5 novembre 2015

You could try asking Who, What, When, Where, and How -- that way the person you interview will tell you 'Why' on their own.

aljjr2 | 5 novembre 2015

I assume this negative Thread is moot now.

Tesla stated the Conversion rate -- reservation to order -- is higher than the Model S was.

Question answered...

aesculus | 5 novembre 2015

I was really surprised by the statement that the MX conversion rate was higher than the MS but I did not really follow the MS reservation to order history. What were the reasons that the MS reservations did not covert to orders?

TonyInNH | 5 novembre 2015

The real proof will be when they actually start taking orders from the general reservation holders. They have yet to reveal final specs, options, and prices. How they can make any assessment as to the success or failure of the X without response from the general reservation holders is beyond me.

MyXinTx | 5 novembre 2015

@aljjr2 Au Contrare about this being a negative thread, in fact it is a brilliant topic with generation of positive answers by most.

While some around here may "worship" Mr. Musk a bit heavy, he and his team truly are visionaries in a contemporary automobile evolution.

Without TM, the Prius may be as far as we would have gotten to date.

Truth is TM could absolutely fail in the next year or so... Severe autopilot malfunctions, exploding batteries, production disasters, etc...but I think not.

Fast forward 3 years when Model 3's are the best selling vehicles in U.S., and made domestically.

Internationally, it unfortunately won't take long for our huge Asian "friend" to start reproducing reverse-engineered replicas across both ponds.

larmorfreq | 5 novembre 2015

I think the conversion rate is higher, due to market forces for comparable vehicles: if you are in the market for MX you might consider mbz GL or cayenne. Recently, last year, mercedes added to their top of the line gl with an AMG-- that version is pricey and has a 6.3 liter engine, and a high end cayenne has a starting price of 140k (correct me if i mis wrote).

So if you are getting/leasing an MX and compare to current market offerings, only really need to consider adding ludicrous mode to performance for direct comparison. For sigs, i don't think anyone is comparing a signature perf MX with a honda pilot.

just my 0.02

Red Sage ca us | 5 novembre 2015

The Porsche Cayenne Turbo S starts at $158,300 and is no faster to 60 MPH than the Tesla Model X P90D at ~$132,000. So, yes... Adding LUDICROUS mode would still be a bargain in comparison.

Ross1 | 5 novembre 2015

You would have to arrive at The Logies et al in Wing Doors.

So onsell to Madonna, or Anne Hathaway or your other friends in the 'wood.

Bet the Chinese would pay a million for one

Triggerplz | 6 novembre 2015

What if the MX duds??? What if a frog had wings it wouldn't bump it's az when it lands...