What if you could ask Elon and the Tesla Team a question, what would you ask?

What if you could ask Elon and the Tesla Team a question, what would you ask?

Some of my questions would be:

What is the long term Supercharger goal beyond the 2015 map?

Do you envision continuing the Supercharger rollout across the U.S. Interstate and highway system and to what degree? At what point is it completed?

How do you envision future charging (10yrs from now )for Tesla owners who are not near a Supercharger while traveling, I mean they visit Aunt Debbie, have 10% charge left and now need to charge. Running 30 amp extension cords from your Aunts dryer is a bit tacky, What about us with gas dryers?

Do you see public Superchargers at Major gas Station chains for the 20 min "fill up"? will they still be at no cost to Tesla owners?

Is your plan to gradually install Solar panels on the majority of all Superchargers?

What is best guess on battery power in the next 10 years? 110kWh, 125kWh, 150kWh?

What is your outlook for charging time in the next 10 years? 5, 10, 15min charging?

Will charging at home always be limited to, say, several hours?

How do you see those who only have street parking being able to charge?

Will Tesla and SolarCity eventually have a "Package Plan" "Bundling Plan" available? Solar Panels, home battery storage, Tesla purchase all bundled together?

Elon has mentioned a maximum of perhaps 6 different models of Tesla cars, We see the current 4dr full size car, the SUV, and the Model E, what do you see as the other three?

Who do you think will be the first Manufacturer to offer a serious competition for Tesla?

Does any other manufacturer have technology even close to what you currently have?

As Model E is released, how do you see delivery taking place. Is doing a personalized delivery as you do now feasible when there are 150,000 cars that need to be delivered? Is that when Tesla Dealerships come into play?

What question would you ask Elon and the Tesla Team? | 11 maggio 2014

"How do you feel about people asking you questions that either you won't answer, because the answer is proprietary, or can't answer, because the question calls for speculation?"

carlgo | 11 maggio 2014

Some of those questions could be answered generally. He could address the charging questions with a general statement that charging will be quicker and easier to access in the future, or that it is fine as is.

He is not going to discuss secret technology, negotiations with potential partners, specific plans and such.

Musk already has mentioned lower battery prices, battery plants, some future models, plants in China, etc. Nothing wrong about a hint of the future, the direction the company would like to go. That is not secret stuff. And Musk speculates quite freely and that has not been harmful at all.

EQC | 12 maggio 2014

At least on the topic of the long-term supercharger plan, a few questions have been answered.

One statement I recall was something to the effect of "as long as people keep buying Teslas, we will keep building superchargers."

Based on this, I would not expect there to be some "final goal" for what the layout would look like, but that as-needed, crowded supercharger sites will get expanded, and new supercharger sites will get added where it makes the most sense (which will become clear as more people buy and use Tesla cars).

Herby | 13 maggio 2014

Because an university near the city where I live found a Lithium-Titancarbide battery with 10fold capacity of usual Lithium batteries, I would ask:

When can I buy a Model S with a range of 1000 miles at an average speed of 80 mph ?

I confess, I'll wait for a comparable possibility, before I change to an electric car, and I strongly believe, there will be only a few years until this will be possible.

Timo | 13 maggio 2014

Define "usual lithium battery" in that sentence. Those claims are usually exaggerated a lot. More likely it's more like 3-5x current generation batteries. If even that.

Brian H | 13 maggio 2014

And if the cost to manufacture is an even higher multiple, it will never get made.

Red Sage ca us | 23 maggio 2014

Around the World in a Day...

Perhaps your questions would be answered as...
The Supercharger network will never be 'complete'.
You'll have to get Aunt Debbie to ride a stationary bicycle, attached to a generator.
There might be SolarCity Stations, if there is any profit to be had, in charging... for charging.
Solar panels, and battery backup, will be installed in all Supercharger locations where it makes the most sense.
After the battery packs surpass 120 kWh, most people won't even notice the upgrades beyond that.
Most people probably don't want to handle cables at better than 4" diameter, so no... charging won't get much faster.
Until or unless the United States moves to a different standard of building in residential areas, maximum charging at home will likely be maximized at 80 through the HPWC.
People will charge at work, at play, at the gymnasium, at the library... Wherever they park.
You should be able to bundle installation of an HPWC with battery storage and solar panels now, if you like... But the auto purchases would be separate.
No peaking at the future product line! Let's just say, there won't be any dinky little minimum range 'city cars' on offer from Tesla.
Volkswagen will probably offer the strongest competition, likely through their AUDI division.
If we were to look at other company's intellectual property, I'm sure that would be illegal.
The current delivery, sales, and marketing strategy should scale well, as long as we can keep in front of demand. I see no reason to build a dealer network with standing inventory.

drax7 | 24 maggio 2014

When will we get twice the range at half the cost, that charges within 10 minutes,
beyond that the rest is trivial.

How many more color options, how about 19 coats of paint ?

It's mostly an iterative process, most of the solutions will evolve over time.

howartcow | 26 maggio 2014

When will the mid-priced coupe be officially announced?

Remnant | 26 maggio 2014

If the Ryden dual-carbon battery becomes commercially available and competitive, would the current MS, MX, and ME (or whatever its name is now) designs become significantly less expensive as a result? And in that case, will Tesla offer Ryden battery packs as upgrades for the Tesla vehicles already sold?

olanmills | 26 maggio 2014

What are your gamertags?
(So I can play Halo with them)

Timo | 26 maggio 2014

If the battery costs twice as much as Panasonic (making it competitive) then, no it would not make car any cheaper.

Remnant | 27 maggio 2014

@ Timo | May 26, 2014

<< If the battery costs twice as much as Panasonic (making it competitive) ... >>

In my book, competitive means less rather than more expensive.

I expect the Ryden battery packs to cost less than the current Lithium-ion ones.

Timo | 27 maggio 2014

Twice the capacity / twice the price = same kWh/buck. Competitive.

Of course you can be right that it might be cheaper, at least in long run because the material costs are less (no fancy elements in it).

willowmailbox | 11 agosto 2018

What is the applicable sales policy, if any, of Tesla towards diplomatic sales and expats in Europe?

David N | 11 agosto 2018

Geeze, this post I did was dug up from 4 years ago.
Kinda cool to see what questions were like in the beginning.

sosmerc | 11 agosto 2018

Today I would ask: Can you explain exactly how funding has been "secured" to finance Tesla's future?

SO | 11 agosto 2018

@sosmerc - soon

gantimurty | 13 agosto 2018

The nature of commodity business is that there is no pricing power, despite inflation at 2%. The price of the models will remain same or come down little. But if he can come up with a 400 mile range sedan, its game over for the other car companies, which when their market share sinks, have to raise prices, which in turn gives him pricing power. So he has no choice but to come up with higher range battery packs soon.

Ross1 | 14 agosto 2018

Do you ever think about electric cars?

This was Elon's ice breaker when he first dated Talulah.

Remnant | 14 agosto 2018

When do you expect to produce mirrorless cars?

Rutrow 3 | 14 agosto 2018

I would ask:
"How would you resurrect a forum thread that hasn't had any comments posted for over four years?"

milkpower31 | 15 agosto 2018

When do you expect to produce mirrorless cars? - 100 % true story

my colegue from and I argue almost half of the day about it! he does not agree

Xerogas | 15 agosto 2018

@milkpower31: flagged, you spammer

Remnant | 16 agosto 2018

@gantimurty (August 13, 2018)

<< ... if he can come up with a 400 mile range sedan, its game over for the other car companies ... >>

M3 already gets 347 miles with a 75kWh battery and RWD in city.

An 85kWh battery would get a range of over 400 miles, especially if M3 goes mirrorless (to reduce drag further).

Themoo | 18 agosto 2018

When will the traditional cross traffic alert and blind spot monitoring be added to the model 3?

Xerogas | 19 agosto 2018

My questions:

How can we help?
What are your favorite snacks, so we can send some?
How about 100,000 greeting cards, so you know we support you?
Is there anything you need?

Ask not what your country can do for you...

alicekmello | 25 settembre 2018

I would ask:
''Do you have any ideas about the time machine?"
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It's so interesting to me.

dmm1240 | 25 settembre 2018

When are you going to release the permanent fix for the shudder problem with the MX?

dmm1240 | 25 settembre 2018

When are you going to release the permanent fix for the shudder problem with the MX?

dmm1240 | 25 settembre 2018

When are you going to release the permanent fix for the shudder problem with the MX?

dmm1240 | 25 settembre 2018

When are you going to release the permanent fix for the shudder problem with the MX?

dmm1240 | 25 settembre 2018

When are you going to release the permanent fix for the shudder problem with the MX?

sosmerc | 25 settembre 2018

Can you tell us who you would consider a partnership with if given the opportunity ? (and why)

NOLEK SUM | 25 settembre 2018

For Elon

When will you be FCF positive?

Why have so many Execs quit?

If you are convicted of securities fraud, who will run the company?

Is “financing secured” the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?

(For the team): is Elon a hyperselfadulating narcissist? Does a hobby horse have a hickory Dick?

NOLEK SUM | 25 settembre 2018

Do you laugh at fawning lapdogs like Xerogas? Do you worry that fanbois like that would molest you?

alanduxbury | 26 settembre 2018

While I understand the emphasis on building EVs, there is not too much point if there is no infrastructure to deliver them, and no parts facilities all over the country to hold parts for bodyshops. I am just entering the fourth month waiting for my MX to be back since somebody rear-ended it, and with the current Rear Body Panel Assembly on back-order it looks as though it will be over four months before I get it back. That will be a week longer than I actually had it to drive. So Elon, how do you propose to keep all the M3 purchasers calm while they wait for THEIR spare parts? After all, there will be over 500,000 Teslas on the road by the end of this year, and M3s alone will be built at about 300,000 a year from 2019 which sort of implies that there will be a lot more Teslas for people to run into the back of!!!

emiblack159 | 29 novembre 2018

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ttoomm1 | 29 novembre 2018

when we will get cars with :
- unlimited range
- no need for charging
- much cheaper technology than today
- EmDrive tech or something similar, which allows flying, no wings, no propellers
- EmDrive which allows not only flying, but also parking in the sky
- EmDrive which allows also diving and sailing

T35LA | 29 novembre 2018

When will be key fob summon enabled in Europe?

Jaswinder Brar | 29 novembre 2018

Question: Innovation Suggestion:

What Do You (Mr. Elon Musk Team) Think Of This New Concept?:

@elonmusk & @Tesla

*New @Tesla SuperCharger Connection Here:*


Also See More Inventions & Innovations Here:


morai.naoufel | 9 marzo 2019

Do you expect to make an electric scooter like the toyota i-road or the lit motors C1?

morai.naoufel | 9 marzo 2019

When do you exept to open a service center in Morocco?

Hallc7860 | 9 marzo 2019

Why on earth would you close the showrooms?

Ivan Zhegalin | 9 marzo 2019

The first is that I asked who made this forum ...
But seriously, what he thinks about my ideas:

Automation conveyor or how to make Tesla for $ 25k.

The failure of measures to automate the assembly of the Model 3 was not due to the shortcomings of robotics, but the archeitecture of the Model 3 itself, designed in the image and likeness of previous models, which were originally created under manual assembly, which played a fatal role and the subsequent production hell.
What is needed now and the most important thing is absolutely realizable from a technical point of view with minimal material and time costs:

1. Monoblocks.
-Reducing the number of assembly units, which will allow the use of existing robots;
-Increase the performance of service centers.

2. Super connectors.
-Each monoblock is installed simultaneously connecting a single connector that unites all connectors into a single unit;
- Due to the high performance of the conveyor, there should be online monitoring of the correctness of the connection;
-Minimization of assembly time, the principle of "One block-one movement."

3. Refusal to tighten the bolts (minimizing these operations).
- monoblocks assembled are delivered to the conveyor with the bolts already attached to the quick-locking pins, which work in the manner of super connectors, which are included in the grooves and are fixed with welding force.

Solutions are based on adaptive layout for existing robots and classical mechanics.
No robotic vision and advanced artificial intelligence, no anthropomorphic robots required.

SO | 9 marzo 2019

@Hallc7860 | March 9, 2019
Why on earth would you close the showrooms?

If sales can continue without the costs of showrooms, great! Time will tell if this works.

NKYTA | 10 marzo 2019

All the showrooms are not going away, full stop.

sosmerc | 10 marzo 2019

Elon, what is your highest priority: building high quality products that are as trouble-free as possible and providing the highest customer satisfaction OR doing whatever is necessary to make the company profitable? (even if that means delaying lower cost models and additional model variations).

carlk | 10 marzo 2019

Talk about boneheaded questions.

efuseakay | 10 marzo 2019

“Where’s my spoiler?”