What's up, Norway ?

What's up, Norway ?

Today is the first day of the testdrives in Norway. I wondered how long it would take before people start to post their experiences here on the forum.

So don't be shy, submit your opinion.

How was your testdrive, and did it convince you ?

Volker.Berlin | 26 novembre 2012

Please mention the weather you had during the test drive! Outside temperature? Cabin comfort? Snow, ice, wet roads?

pilotech | 26 novembre 2012

My test-drive for tomorrow noon, was just cancelled by Tesla due to circumstances beyond their control. Not too happy, but looking forward to a new chance soon.
Environmental info: Oslo today was +2C, very light snow, wet roads.

psirnes | 26 novembre 2012


has just posted an excelent review on TMC

The Tesla rep seems to be confirming future 4WD version

the HD bakc up camera of no use ins dirty road conditions!


including video;


Volker.Berlin | 27 novembre 2012

Here's another try to link to Johan's Review.

Brian H | 27 novembre 2012

Good that he got his drive in before another Norwegian crashed it in the sleet! Slight delay now while parts and panels are flown in from the States...

KnutNorway | 27 novembre 2012

To bad... I was supposed test the model S on thursday, but I got a call from Tesla today. They said that due to an incident they had to find a new date for the drive.

Does anyone know what happened?

psirnes | 27 novembre 2012

My test drive Friday has also been cancelled.

The rep from TM could not say any details about when the car would be ready, "We'll come back to you"

Obviously there has been a small crash and damage.

Driving a 420 hp RWD car on sleeky Norwegian roads, perhaps with too hard "all season tires", requires a very soft tocuh on the accelerator

When I get mine (standard not performance) I will go for very soft rubbered winter tires (19inch wheels) in the cold season

Timo | 27 novembre 2012

Model S TC should handle that power. More likely too fast cornering or too long stopping distance at critical moment. Or it might not have been Tesla fault at all, someone else could have collided to the car.

Vawlkus | 27 novembre 2012

The latter gets my vote.

Brian H | 27 novembre 2012

A Swiss guy implied Norwegians were crash-prone. ;)

ArieK | 29 novembre 2012

Has anyone heard if the car has been repaired yet? Is this the first crash of a Model S on public roads?
It would be interesting to see what the repair costs are compared to an Audi A8 for example (aluminium body) I'm sure insurance companies would like to know, since there is probably very little data out there so far for them to base their pricing on.

psirnes | 30 novembre 2012

The car is repaired and OK. My test ride today went smootly. A beuty of a black S perforamnce with 19 inch Pirelly studless winter tires . Minus 3 C; dry roads, no problems. The car is really nice and very easy to drive. Did not try the acceleration fully, the regen in standard seems OK. The does not feel as big as I feared. The seats are OK - not so "american style soft" as I feared, but could perhaps have a little more lateral support for those who like to take corners fast.

Regarding the incident: the Tesla Rep would not disclose any details. Rumor has it that there was a TV crew ( TV2) who were involved in a test at that time.

Timo | 30 novembre 2012

I wonder how it would have done today here in southern Finland. We had a small snow storm here last night, 30+cm snowfall and wind speed over 25m/s (so that in dunes there were a lot more).

BTW, has anybody anything to say about car in strong side wind? Or how prone it is to follow tracks that snow forms to roads? Car is wider than most cars, so it's a kind of one side off the track and one in all of time, so that's a good situation to get severe slide easily.

KnutNorway | 4 dicembre 2012

I had my first model S test drive today in Oslo. Drove 3 hours to get 10 minutes in the car and it was totaly worth it! The leap from my current car(97 hp gasoline manual gear front wheel drive) was huge! I have never tried a car that is so easy to drive. What I didn't enjoy was getting back in my Corolla and driving 3 hours back... I want my model S now!

To those of you who believe Norwegians crash a lot: maybe Tesla also believes that? Because there are now two model S in Oslo. They said the new silver one was for display only, but I belive it is a spear one in case someone crashes again :-P

nilsjohanf | 4 dicembre 2012

Video from today's test drive of Oslo Temperature-12C