When will be able to build my Model X online?

When will be able to build my Model X online?

Has anyone heard when we will be allowed to build our Model X's online?

Red Sage ca us | 23 agosto 2014

I believe the prevailing opinion is...

Detroit SuperCharger | 24 agosto 2014

I will now break my months of lurking and not actively participating, to simply say, I <3 Red Sage. That is all.

ian | 24 agosto 2014

Red Sage is awesome!

lvaneveld | 24 agosto 2014

If you want my guess, December.

Brian H | 24 agosto 2014
ian | 25 agosto 2014

Not before they release the actual specifications and options.

I hope before December, but that sounds about right.

holidayday | 25 agosto 2014


I have the same outlook hearing this as when I hear:

"Jesus is coming SOON!"

laurduncan | 26 agosto 2014

Wild idea, what if they're waiting for the iOS8 launch because they've got a slick marketing app that will come out at the same time?

N8Tyler | 29 agosto 2014

Sorry to be the wet blanket but I was told pricing and web building would soon be on the website before I reserved my Model July of 2012. I do agree with others that it will be before 2015.

vperl | 29 agosto 2014

Reservation holders will be contacted about one month before the build, then you decide, your build. All till then is pure speculation by children in mommies basement trying to seem disappointed.

tramline | 4 settembre 2014

"Jesus is coming SOON!"
....hopefully in a Model X

RocketReed | 16 settembre 2014

This may help...

I received this e-mail yesterday from Tesla:

"Hi Reed,

I hope you’re doing well! I want to congratulate you on the Model X reservation you placed a few weeks ago. I recommend keeping a sharp eye on our website for updates about the Model S and Model X in the coming months.

As always, feel free to contact me with your questions. Have a great day!


Elisa Chan"

My guess is October and November time frame. Sounds like some changes are coming to the Model S and an announcement on Model X. Sweet!! Just in time for the Holidays. >--

krissu | 20 settembre 2014

I would guess that with X pricing comes out S AWD as well. This will be ca 5000 option for S and X will be 9000 more than RWD S. Delivery time for AWD S will be ca 6 months in the beginning. I have my serious doubts how can AWD have the same range as RWD, this promise Elon will not be able to keep. If X will have ca 10% less range with AWD vs RWD S in best case, that can be one issue they can't crack. X has more weight due size, doors, body construction, higher drag due height, more components on board, front drivetrain, how can it reach the range of S with same battery. As battery swap looks dropped the X can have 65 and 90 as battery options as well, to match the range. I assume many reservation holders would be disappointed if range is less than X.

krissu | 20 settembre 2014

Sorry, if X range is less than S. Specially at higher speed due drag.

vandacca | 21 settembre 2014

@krissu, the reason why an AWD S would have a very similar range to a RWD S is because of motor efficiencies. When Tesla began building the Roadster, they put in a gearbox so that each gear handled a range of speeds to allow for better efficiency. Tesla worked really hard to get that gearbox to work and had a few different versions, but they eventually gave up. They just couldn't get a gearbox to work reliably with an electric motor, so every Tesla they built since has a fixed gear system, which is not the most efficient, but at least it's reliable.

With the Model X, they revisited this gear issue from a different angle. They now have 2 different sized motors (AWD) geared for different speeds. That way the rear motor is used for low speeds and once it's at higher speeds, the smaller, more efficient (due to gearing) front motor takes over.

According to Elon, this efficiency gain due to 2 motors more than compensates the extra weight of the second motor, which seems like a very reasonable claim to me.

Now the extra weight of the X and the frontal surface area will probably negate any range improvements with 2 motors, but hopefully not too much.