white house letter

white house letter


please have your staff put together an online petition so i ( and others ) may sign it and support tesla of the outrageous response from washington.

they talk from both sides of their mouths, i have never been more disappointed and embarrassed in my government. i wonder who has who in their pocket.

will things ever change??????????

enginerd78 | 16 luglio 2014

DaphneGreen | 16 luglio 2014

Hmm, I think congress is busy suing the president right now. To busy to enact any laws. Oh, and then there's the next Benghazi go around. Don't think they really care about how and what Tesla sells, except that it doesn't use oil.

Sorry for being facetious, but in considering all the stuff congress, in particular the House, hasn't done, Tesla is peanuts. Sure I would love congress to do something about Tesla.

holidayday | 16 luglio 2014

The president's problem right now is:

If he takes any executive action, he gets slammed by congress for taking executive action (see: Boehner's attempt to sue the president)

If he doesn't take any executive action, he gets slammed by everyone else for looking weak. (see: right now with Tesla response)

I was *hoping* for a better response, but the response ("Leave it to the states/ needs action by congress") is about what I *expected*.

DaphneGreen | 16 luglio 2014

There was a vote taken in the senate to make all birth. control available to all with insurance. It didn't pass with a majority (56 to 44) because now a super majority is needed (60). There's no such thing as majority rules anymore. And then, of course, there Boehner who won't bring anything to a vote, if a majority of republicans aren't going to vote for it. So nothing happens even if the public wants it. And then the pols have to worry about their corporate sponsors and getting reelected. Me thinks our government is broken.

Mel. | 17 luglio 2014

I think you are talking about a different White House letter.