Wiper Blades Skipping

Wiper Blades Skipping

So when I first got my MS few weeks ago, it rained before I had a chance to put RainX on and found that my wipers were skipping. I put RainX on and the next time it rained, no problems for first 10 minutes but then, really bad skipping again. Went to SC last week and they gave me new blades. The passenger side was fine now with just a little skipping on the driver's side. Put more RainX on Monday. Today, wipers started skipping again after 5 minutes. SC thought it might be the RainX. I said I don't have this problem with my other vehicles. Anyone else with this problem?

riceuguy | 25 settembre 2013

I use Rain-X but haven't reapplied it in ages, with no skipping either way!

Bighorn | 25 settembre 2013

I had skipping without RainX, but it was first real time I used them. Waiting to see if better or not next go round. | 25 settembre 2013

I stopped using RainX as I found if it did not go on evenly or wore away unevenly, it caused wiper bladed to chatter. YMMV.


JPPTM | 25 settembre 2013

I find Rain X to be more of a problem then a solution and that I get skipping and chattering with it applied, which gets worse as the coating unevenly wears off. Great for side and rear windows, not so great for the windshield, IMHO.

ILOVEMYTESLA | 25 settembre 2013

@Jon C, Rain X this, Rain X that. >80% of all cars out there don't have Rain X on them including mine! I have nothing again my fellow Teslans who are mostly talking about Rain X instead of wipers. Your wiper relay (that controls the wiper) is bad and will need to be replaced. They replaced mine, it started up skipping and then just quit working except at the highest speed setting. Tesla ran a remote diagnostic and confirmed that the relay broke down. They sent a guy that came and swapped it in my garage. Talalaaaa the issue resolved and has not come back since then!
Call Tesla and save your money from Rain X and it's unforeseen side-effects.

jat | 25 settembre 2013

@omarsultan, JPPTM - my experience exactly. My wife had it on her car, I won't ever put it on mine. I have thought about it for the rear view camera, but never tried it.

rune.aune | 25 settembre 2013

I have the same problem on my Tesla. I have used Rain X on all my cars before without any problems.

Andercam | 26 settembre 2013

Mine started skipping after I applied Rain-X. I ran the wipers on high in the rain for about a half an hour, and that seemed to help. Now they chatter occasionally, but not too bad.

Bighorn | 26 settembre 2013

The fact that mine chatter and the windshield has never had any product applied may bring into question some people's hypotheses.

AmpedRealtor | 26 settembre 2013

Patient: Doctor, it hurst when I twist my arm behind my back.
Doctor: Well then don't do that.

Put down the Rain X and walk away... :)