Wish there was remote close for the charge port door

Wish there was remote close for the charge port door

Don't know about you, but my drives usually start like this:
Go into garage
Walk around back of car
Do the "unlock shuffle" to move far enough past the charge port to get the car to unlock
Remove the UMC
Get in the car
Realize the charge port door is still open
Get back out of car and close charge port door
Get back in car and head off

Would be great if I could just push a button and close the CPD. And also great if the car unlocked when you walk behind it.

John_WorldFlyer | 11 marzo 2013

been there..done that.... several times already!!

MandL | 11 marzo 2013

+1 njh

David Trushin | 11 marzo 2013

You can unlock the car by pressing twice on the top of the FOB. That works from in back of the car.

petero | 11 marzo 2013

I usually depress the trunk release button adjacent to the top of the license plate. This usually awakens the monster and unlocks the "S." Besides, I have to coil up the chord and put it in the trunk anyway. | 11 marzo 2013

It's just a step to the front
And then a hop to the back
Pull the charge cable out
And remember to latch
Put your hand on your hips
And slide to the left

Let's do the charge port again
Let's do the charge port again

(sung to the tune of "Time Warp")

I know this dance.... :o)

Docjay | 11 marzo 2013



Captain_Zap | 11 marzo 2013

Madness takes its toll.

Vawlkus | 11 marzo 2013


Ok, it's over done, but it's still funny dammit :) | 11 marzo 2013

but seriously...The S does not auto unlock if you approach from the back. One press on the hatch button (over the license plate) will unlock the vehicle also.

nickjhowe | 11 marzo 2013

@KevinR - one press? I have to press twice to unlock the car using the trunk handle? Or am I not waiting long enough? | 11 marzo 2013

@nickjhowe - One press unlocks the car for me. Second press opens the hatch.

hammy16 | 11 marzo 2013

The way the hatch is constructed I would be very doubtful that it would be possible to close
it remotely with the existing design. It would need some form of small actuator/motor besides the solenoid and spring that currently open it.

nickjhowe | 11 marzo 2013

@Kevin R - hmm. Will test it. Unfortunately it is sat at Miami airport - again.