Xpel Ultimate

Xpel Ultimate

Two days after I picked up my Model S (6/15), i scratched the front bumper cover because I misjudged the width of the car in my own garage. I had it repaied and decided to put the clear bra. I had researches between Xpell and another cheaper material. I also looked into Opti Coat. i decided o go with Xpell for better protection. i just had the the front with full hood, all 4 doors, and the rear bumper covered. I cannot even tell I have the clear bra or not. It was expensive but I feel more at ease that the paint would be better protected.

Peter Kim of Cerritos did the work and I found him to be honest, meticulous, and experienced. He has his own website and will come to your place. For anyone interested, his contact info: 562-810-8468.

rdalcanto | 25 giugno 2013

I am having xpel put on tomorrow. I have a black car and wanted the full hood coverage. I had expel put on a car in 2005 and it still looked great 7 years later. I'm sure the newer version will be even better. The only problem will be trusting my car to someone else for a day....

cybrown | 25 giugno 2013

Cost? I'm interested in xpel ultimate but I can't find a clear estimate of cost. It seems to have incredible variance between installers.

ir | 25 giugno 2013

cybrown: How much of the car do you plan to cover? Full bumper to bumper can run upwards of $7000+, depending on type, where you live and how experienced the installer is. Always ask for package deals & if they offer a cash discount.

Just remember that you treat it like a replacable 2nd coat of paint. It still scratches, doesn't protect from dents (the MS is aluminum and dents easily), doesn't cover glass or chrome, needs regular hand washing, sealant, prone to hard water spots and costs several hundred dollars to replace (including removal fee) per panel.

It has saved the paint from a number of minor dings, but it's still a ding on the film and usually not worth the cost of replacing (ie. you will have to live with it). I did have a major encounter with the side of a garage. The film took all of the scratches, but still left a subtle dent after they peeled the damaged panel away :(

Ksamuellee | 25 giugno 2013

Along a long and narrow driveway, I have plants which can scratch the car. So I had four doors covered. The front bumper, the front nosepiece, full hood, rear bumper, side mirrors ... for $4k. I didn't think I need to cover the glass top. He wrapped the edges, wherever he could. I think he is one of the best.

My car is silver and it seems to suit the Xpel Ultimate very well. He came to my Pasadena home and worked on the car. It took 1-1/2 days.

olanmills | 25 giugno 2013

I got it too and I'm really happy with it. If nothing else, the peace of mind is nice...

CalabasasKid | 25 giugno 2013

How much better is it than Tesla's own paint protection film they offer as a factory option?

pjohnson23 | 26 giugno 2013

I just Picked up my car on Friday and did a lot of research on paint protection. I found the cheapest installers in the Los Angeles area that do top notch work. They will wrap the entire car with Xpel Ultimate for $3400. I got the whole entire front and all 4 doors and rear bumper done for $2495. Call Crystal Autoshield in Long beach 866-214-4735. Ask for Koosha or Norbert.
koosha came to my house on Sat and finished the car in one day. It looks perfect. I like that he scratched the film in front of me and then heated it up and the mark completely disappeared. He even wrote on it with a black sharpie marker and wiped it off with 91% alcohol.

DR R | 26 giugno 2013

trying to find xpel installer in/near westchester county new york....those in ny area i have called (listed on xpel site) haven't returned the call....anyone have any first hand experience with an installer nearby?

sbern18 | 26 giugno 2013

Great installer in hillsborough, n.j. Called leeberbs. Has done many teslas in jersey. Reasonable pricing. Number is 973-477-6717.

kalel65 | 26 giugno 2013

I used leeberbs as well

Does fantastic job at very good rates

rdalcanto | 26 giugno 2013

In Salt Lake they are charging me $1300 for the entire front, including A-pillars and front roof line.

DR R | 26 giugno 2013

thanks alot to sbern and kalel...appreciate the recommendation

Emmetpeppers | 26 giugno 2013

Automobilia in Milford CT was great and did my entire car in Xpel, fantastic job

jillsv12 | 8 ottobre 2013

Has anyone found an experienced and reasonably priced XPEL Ultimate installer in northern Westchester or Putnam County NY? Or across the CT border in northwest Fairfield County or southwest Litchfield County?

I'm interested in covering (including wrapping the edges):
Front Bumper
Full Hood & Fenders
Head Lights
Side Mirrors
Rocker Panels
Rear Bumper
and maybe the four door panels.

ggbjr | 8 ottobre 2013

newbie question here: does xpel cause the paint to wear unevenly, i.e., do uncovered areas wear more/less quickly than covered spots?

jillsv12 | 17 ottobre 2013

So I gave up on trying to find a well experienced Model S Xpel Ultimate installer and made the 200 mile r/t drop-off yesterday and then again for the pickup this evening and went with leeberbs ( It was worth the time, expense & effort. Full hood is custom, some other parts are from the templates possibly with some adjustments. As planned, I had wrapped the Front Bumper, Full Hood & Fenders, Head Lights, Side Mirrors, Rocker Panels and the Rear Bumper right into the wheel wells and up on to the full horizontal edge under the trunk hatch. While this is my first experience with Paint Protection Film, I think the job including the complete and excellent edge wraps is as close to perfection as possible. I had Opti-Coat Pro done in advance by Rich Grasa of Explicit Details which really setup the finish nicely and made for an easier prep and float of the Xpel. I recommend both of these guys as they do the highest quality work at very fair prices.

Inclined | 8 novembre 2014

Just had full Xpel Ultimate put on my red Model S. $1395 total. Recommended and arranged by my long time Ferrari mechanic Ben Salerno (Salerno Motorsports) in Rocklin, CA. Totally trust his judgment. Looks great. Looks like a good choice.

AoneOne | 8 novembre 2014

Wow, entire car wrapped in XPEL for $1395, most people seem to have paid 3K or more.

MichaelN | 8 novembre 2014

Contact San Diego Tesla Motors Club - a young man name Evan Rowe does Xpel for the Club and last price I heard was $1450 complete - he also has a website -