Zero power loss at elevation

Zero power loss at elevation

I'm looking forward to driving around Lake Tahoe with full power available. All of my ICE vehicles- KTM, Toyota and Aero Commander- start to suck at 6200 feet (and actual density altitude of 9500 feet at Lake Tahoe on a hot day).

Just a random though that made me smile today :)

David70 | 17 giugno 2013

Plus you'll have less air resistance at high altitude.

Brian H | 17 giugno 2013

Actually, they suck at 0 feet, too. It's just that there's less (oxygen) to suck at 9500' !! So the result is that they can't suck enough.

RedShift | 17 giugno 2013

Good one, Brian!

skymaster | 17 giugno 2013

Once you get used to a Electric car, all the puffers exhaust is nasty. Up at 14,000 feet at Mt Evans Co, I was getting a headache from the loss of oxygen as well as those damn puffers!!!