App Improvements

App Improvements

Let's use this post as the place to put a running list of requested app improvements. I'll start

1 - Specify a time I want to have an interior temperature available. If I know I'm heading out at 8am. Let me tell the app I want the car at 70 degrees at 8am.
2 - Give the app access to my calendar and tell it to look for an meeting called "commute", have the car at the requested temperature in time for this meeting each day.
3 - Give me way to numerically specify what I want the charging % to be, not fiddle with a vague slider
4 - Put the open charge port icon on the main screen
5 - Let me set up navigation in the app and transfer it to the car as desired. 99% of the time when I use navigation it starts with my mobile, not near my car. I don't want to type or speak my destination again when I get into the car.
6 - Give me a preference that my phone must be unlocked to be used as key for the car. It's just a security thing.
7 - Let me schedule the time I want charging to kick off.

I don't want the app to do everything that the tablet can do in the car, just the things that make sense for me to do outside of the car.

Other suggestions?

Gregg Ray | 1 maggio 2018

You don't want apps, you want a freaking chauffeur!

jvcesare | 1 maggio 2018

1) The LEAF has that feature. I use to use it all the time to set the A/C before I left work

metz123 | 1 maggio 2018

Nah, If I wanted a chauffeur I would have put EAP and FSD on my order...

Xerogas | 1 maggio 2018

8 - remind me if I forgot to plug in at night

EVRider | 1 maggio 2018

Some third-party apps allow you to do more than the Tesla app, so check them out. Remote S is one example.

You can open the charge port door by touching the charging icon on the car status section of the touchscreen, and also by pressing on the bottom of the charge port door.

I think you can set up scheduled charging from the car, if not from the app.

If the Model 3 ever gets calendar integration like the Model S, you can transfer navigation destinations to the car by putting them in calendar entries.

pkaplan2524 | 2 maggio 2018

• The ability to roll windows up and down
• The ability to remotely see the view from any camera on the car
• Notification if anyone tries to open the door handle when car is locked and phone not in range

jrlevy | 2 maggio 2018

Apple Watch integration.

MarylandS85 | 2 maggio 2018

As @EVRider says, the Model S and X have a calendar app. You can navigate with that app by touchnig a calendar event which has an associated address.

Regarding the suggestion for charge port door on the main screen, I disagree. There’s only so much real estate on the main screen. I would rarely use that function. You can open the charge port door can be opened by tapping a button on the Wall Connector or Supercharger if you use one of those. And as @EVRider notes, if you’re using a Mobile Connector or third party charging system, as long as the car is unlocked, you can just press gently on the charge port door, and it’ll pop out. Right now, this doesn’t work if the car is asleep (even if the doors are unlocked) unless you open a door or touch the trunk open button, but I suspect they’ll fix that with a software update.

I doubt Tesla will add remote window operation. What if someone’s hand is in the way? That would be a foolish addition from a safety perspective.

For your number 3, there are left and right arrows on the car’s screen that let you move by 10% increments. If you’re OCD and need some exact percentage that doesn’t round to the nearest 10%, get the Remote S app.

For your number 6, how about just disabling your phone’s Bluetooth when you’re worried about security? This could be a temporary solution until (and if) Tesla adds this option.

I agree with several other suggestions on here. I do like the idea of allowing you to schedule charging to *end* at a certain time, although Tesla has resisted adding this I suspect because there would be backlash if it doesn’t go as planned, and if you wake up and find your car isn’t adequately charged. Apple Watch integration would also be great.

Dansosa | 2 maggio 2018

An improvement I would like. This past weekend I was on the freeway in Arizona going about 80 mph. I had my phone in my pocket and must have bumped the button to open the front trunk. Do you really want to..... well what would have happened if I had accidentally pressed yes at 80 mph? I envision my frunk flying up into my windshield injuring me and my passengers and possibly causing an accident. I should not be able to open the frank at 80 mph.!

Smhach | 2 maggio 2018

I like:

• The ability to remotely see the view from any camera on the car
• Notification if anyone tries to open the door handle when car is locked and phone not in range

PS: Having a speaker that you could access via your smartphone & tell people to get away from you car would be good too!,lol

pmacgowan | 27 novembre 2019

Can I suggest a few things:

1) Should be able to set the charging amperage/watts via the app
2) Should display the % charge AND the km/miles range. Currently it only display one ... change should also be applies to car software.
3) Opening the boot/trunk button should be on the initial screen
4) Can use the app to view the TeslaCam/Sentry videos