When parking on a hill, is there an emergency brake to apply?

When parking on a hill, is there an emergency brake to apply?

When parking on a hill, is there an emergency brake to apply?

jvcesare | 2 maggio 2018

It is automatically applied when you are in park

Beagle | 2 maggio 2018

Is there an actual parking brake, or is it that the car just acts like there is one because it is still "in gear"? (Trying to make a strong electric motor turn when there is no electricity takes a LOT of energy.)

jordanrichard | 2 maggio 2018

Rear brakes squeeze the rotors when you press the Park button. Nothing more to do, just press Park.

Kathy Applebaum | 2 maggio 2018

@Beagle: Not sure, but here's a couple of quotes from the owner's manual:

"Note: The parking brake operates on the rear wheels only, and is independent of the pedal operated brake system."

and under Brakes:
"Calipers Front: Four piston fixed
Rear: Integrated Electronic Parking Brake Sliding"

Kathy Applebaum | 2 maggio 2018

Oh, and more under Brakes:
"Parking brake Electrically actuated parking brake integrated into rear caliper"

TesSpartan | 2 maggio 2018

cool, thanks all.

Unbeliever | 2 maggio 2018

There's also a separate hill hold function that holds the main brakes. When stopped, give the brake pedal another quick stab/push, and the gear indicator switches to an H in a circle. At that point you can get off the brakes and the car will hold brakes until you hit the brakes again, or hit the accelerator to go.

Coastal Cruiser. | 2 maggio 2018

"Parking brake Electrically actuated parking brake integrated into rear caliper"

Base on the teardown videos we've seen, this statement makes more sense than the other statement from the manual that Kathy quoted, which sort of gave the impression the parking brake was a separate mechanism. It seems with the Model 3 that Tesla has been able to eliminate the extra caliper used for parking, and instead simply locks the wheels with the same calipers used for braking. More parts and cost reduction!

Gregg Ray | 2 maggio 2018


You are drastically misinformed, electric motors are free wheeling with no power applied, no matter how large.

EVRider | 2 maggio 2018

Whatever the underlying mechanism, in response to the OP, there's no separate emergency brake that you can engage when parking on a hill (or elsewhere).

SUN 2 DRV | 2 maggio 2018

But be sure to "curb your wheels" in any case.

redacted | 2 maggio 2018

To clarify: There is no "Park" in the traditional sense. Just brakes.

Coastal Cruiser. | 2 maggio 2018

Right. There appears to be no 'pin' that drops in the gears of the transmission to lock it, which is what PARK does on an automatic transmission.

Curbing wheels is always good advice. It's a well-known strategy in cities like San Francisco. It's interesting, I used to work there years ago. 90% of the cars you'd see parked on a hill had their wheels curbed. Was there just a few months ago though and a LOT of cars were parked on hills with out the wheels curbed. Just one more item on a long list of things that are not being passed on to successive generations.

BTW - For "flatlanders", Curbing your wheels means turning the wheels to the RIGHT when parking on a downhill, and letting the car roll ahead just slightly so that the tire is pressed up against the curb. It's the opposite for parking uphill. The idea is that if the brakes fail the car likely won't move, or worse case scenario it jumps the curb and rolls a short ways before being stopped by a building. Better to take out someone's flower garden and the wall of a building (and maybe one or two pedestrians), than slaughtering dozens in a run-away scenario. ;>

leewalker10 | 2 maggio 2018

Yes,There is a "park".
As zoeken else already Started, Quick double tap on the park button.

leewalker10 | 2 maggio 2018

"As someone else already stated"

EVRider | 3 maggio 2018

@mark: You only need to press the Park button once. Pressing it a second time unlocks the doors. I don’t think anyone is saying there’s no Park, just that it’s not implemented the same way as it would be in an ICE car.

maitchau | 3 marzo 2019

Where are the emergency flashing lights in Model 3?

apodbdrs | 3 marzo 2019

Hold down the Park button for about 3 seconds, you will see a "P" appear on upper right side of the display!

TrueBrit | 3 marzo 2019

Apodbrds... Is correct in telling you how to activate the parking brake.

TrueBrit | 3 marzo 2019

Sorry for the spelling error "apodbdrs" ...but they are correct in how to activate the parking brake.

rob | 3 marzo 2019

Its between the dome lights on the ceiling. Had my car for a month and never looked until last night. Had to look it up. Ha ha.

Bloob | 3 marzo 2019

Has anyone's "parking" brake ever frozen up in cold weather?

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 3 marzo 2019

There is something else going on with this parking break question. When I just put the car in park it shows a big P for park. But when I hold the park button in for longer than two seconds I get an extra symbol in the right corner of that display indicating that I have set the parking break. That symbol does not appear unless I go through this extra action of holding the park button on the stalk for an extra couple of seconds. Anyone else observed this? It doesn’t describe this action in the FM.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 3 marzo 2019

Oops, just saw apodbdrs response above.

bob120950 | 13 dicembre 2019

According to the owner’s manual, pressing and holding the park button is for emergency use when normal braking fails. From the manual...Caution: In emergency situations, if the brakes are not functioning properly, press and hold the Park button on the gear selector to bring the vehicle to a stop. Do not use this method to stop the vehicle
unless absolutely necessary.

lilbean | 13 dicembre 2019

Now there is automatic hold so you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

wayne | 14 dicembre 2019

I am still confused as to what it means when you hold the park bottom for the extra two seconds and the small P appears on the display.

RayNLA | 14 dicembre 2019

If you hold the park button for 3 seconds the emergency brake icon will display on the screen.

wayne | 14 dicembre 2019

Yes but is it really a separate physical emergency brake?

gparrot | 14 dicembre 2019

I was told by a Tesla Tech that the big P was Parking mode. Thee little p was your hand brake.
Remember those?

RayNLA | 14 dicembre 2019
wayne | 15 dicembre 2019

Nice. Good to know.