Bodyshop work - parts unavailable

Bodyshop work - parts unavailable

It has been about 2 months and still waiting on the last part (rear windshield/spoiler) to fix my Model X. The Tesla approved body shop can't help me until they have the part.

Approved body shop tells me that they have tried contacting Tesla so many times and wanted me to call Tesla directly. I have contacted the body shop advocates at Tesla and escalated the issue as well but this has not helped.

I have been a strong advocate and continue to believe in Tesla. But I am losing hope that I will get back my vehicle fixed anytime soon. Worst part is, nobody at Tesla seems to know when the part will be available.

Quite frustrating...

madhuemani | 10 maggio 2018

Any ideas?

srinivas4raj | 10 maggio 2018

Is your insurance covering the rental? does Tesla provide a loaner in cases like this?

madhuemani | 10 maggio 2018

Tesla does not typically provide a loaner for body shop work. Insurance would only cover for a limited time (30 days). | 11 maggio 2018

Why not take the X back without the spoiler until it arrives? Seems like the car should drive fine without it. When the part arrives, then go back and have it installed. Depending on the damage, the body shop may need to paint it at the same time as the liftgate, so getting the car before it is fully fixed may not work.

Another thought - If you have an active spoiler (on early cars and P versions?), you could ask if it could be switched to the fixed design - perhaps it is easier to get. I don't know if it fits, but it seems like it should. Seems some owners prefer the non-active spoiler too.

Mauimistgardens | 11 maggio 2018

We are having the same issue. Our car has been at a body shop on Oahu, Hawaii, since March 1. We had to have the car shipped there from Maui. We've been told the parts are back-ordered and no ETA. Very, very frustrating!

avesraggiana | 11 maggio 2018

Maybe go on every social media platform you can find and loudly, vociferously, and repeatedly register your complaint.

Works for the passengers of the airline I work for. We get delayed for whatever reason, and then everybody gets on their phone and starts bitching. You’d be amazed at the number of frequent flier points, travel vouchers and other freebies our airline gives out just to mollify passengers. And they’re on it pronto too.

madhuemani | 11 maggio 2018

@TeslaTap All great points. The rear windshield is shattered and I'm told the spoiler and the windshield is all one assembly and comes off as one unit. So the entire thing needs to be replaced. It is a fixed spoiler btw. Thanks!

@avesraggiana no intention of doing that really. Never been in this situation before (thankfully!) and was wondering if there is anything I can do to speed up the process as it seems like I'm at a dead end juggling between Tesla and the body shop. The back and forth is no fun really. No one at Tesla seems to know when the part would even be available.

I have faith in Tesla and they will set it right...when is the issue...the unknown is what makes me uncomfortable. Thanks for chiming in!

siliconhammer | 11 maggio 2018

I had my car repaired in December of last year. I went through the same pain as you. The service manager at the body shop had a very honest discussion with me about getting parts from Tesla. From his perspective it's a total mess. They don't allocate any/enough parts to repairs. Everything goes to manufacturing. I waited on a piece of door trim for 5 weeks. They delivered the wrong one twice. In the end what worked for me was personally calling the service manager at the Tesla SC working with the body shop. I also opened a ticket with Tesla customer support. Being a squeaky wheel worked. I was supposed to wait another 2-3 weeks for the part and it suddenly appeared a day later.

madhuemani | 12 maggio 2018

@siliconhammer Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I had spoken to the SC in the past but it wasn't helpful as they kept saying I needed to follow up with the body shop which in turn tells me to get in touch with Tesla, which in turn directs me to the body shop. Been going around in circles!

I will talk to the local Tesla SC manager. Thanks for sharing your experience.

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 13 maggio 2018

Similar experience. Waiting for a right front door retrofit kit, final part to do our repair. Sympathy but no help from Tesla customer advocate, backordered part, no delivery date. Been waiting since mid-January. Fortunately, they didn't disassemble the vehicle, the door works, so we've been driving it with a dent. Patience wearing thin.

d.cherin | 14 maggio 2018

My spoiler third brake light stopped working. It took three months to get the replacement spoiler. Nothing to do with the rear window. Spoiler was a three part assembly the needed to be painted before installation. I drove four months without the third brake light working. Replacements parts are defiantly a sloooow process. Still smiling.

danbrown1010 | 15 maggio 2018

I am in a similar boat. I am now 6 weeks into my wait and my body shop still doesn't have all the parts the need to fix my car. My guess is it will be at least 10-12 weeks (if I am lucky). Has anyone pursued legal advice on this topic - I would love a reference. This seems to be too frequent of an issue and 'we are working on it' has been going on for some time now. And yes, before anyone asks, I contacted the special 'Tesla Body Shop' customer service people and from what I can tell they did nothing but quote me incorrect arrival times and ignored my emails for updates. How long is this going to be acceptable?

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 23 maggio 2018

Great news!! I called customer advocate line for a second time and presto - my part appeared within the week. Squeaky wheel. keep on them, and for me at least it worked.

bulldog12 | 30 maggio 2018

10 weeks into my wait here. I have called and emailed the tesla body shop as well as "escalated" my issue. I still have not been able to get a ship date for the remaining parts.

danbrown1010 | 7 giugno 2018

Quick update...still waiting...last part got pushed back another 2 weeks. Tesla representatives continue to say "we're trying" but this is crazy. I could have had an entire car built in this frustrating.

carlgo2 | 8 giugno 2018

This is simply a case of not actually caring. If they did, the parts would be available.

bulldog12 | 12 giugno 2018

Update from me... body shop called to say after 12 weeks of waiting, they finally received the parts, but unfortunately, tesla sent model S parts by mistake ... so we're back to ground zero.

Triggerplz | 12 giugno 2018

WOW!! It appears good help is hard to find at the Tesla parts division

sner66 | 13 giugno 2018

and guess where the first of the 9% layoffs will come from.........

mrrjm | 15 giugno 2018

It will take 4 months plus for an X to get repaired. There’s nothing you or the body shop can do about that.

SATesla | 18 giugno 2018

It took Tesla SIX MONTHS to supply the parts for a 2016 Model X P100D. I never once got an explanation from Tesla "escalate" - even after asking for arbitration in exasperation.

Osu18 | 18 giugno 2018

Many people on the same boat. In my case now 5 months waiting for a freaking front bumper. I cannot get my MX back because has already stripped of the damaged parts (Hood, front bumper, 1 fog light). If Tesla cannot provide parts for the cars they manufacture, why does this don't fall into Lemon Law...or does it? Worth litigating?

Vawlkus | 18 giugno 2018

Go ahead and sue if you wanna loose.

Tidbit for ya’ll: how many factories does Tesla have building car parts? Just one. How many do other car companies have? Dozens. You do the math.

OSU1998 | 18 giugno 2018

Oh! This is a math problem? Tidbit, any car manufacturer is required by law to provide parts for the vehicles they sell!

iyernikister | 18 giugno 2018

It took exactly 2 months for my car to be fixed. Tesla Service center was gracious enough to get me a loaner after the 30 days insurance loaner car coverage.

Vawlkus | 19 giugno 2018

And they do Benny. With only one factory, the wait time is a little longer.
BTW: not a law, just good business practise.

EdoM | 22 giugno 2018

It is irrelevant how many factories are building parts. Parts suppliers are manufacturing whatever (within limit of their capacity of course) the car company is requesting the month prior. It is for Tesla to request the correct amount of part including spares. The model X is a small production vehicle and making bumpers is no big issues. The development can be challenging, but once design is set, the manufacturing is fine. I do know about the process because I worked for an OEM as a project engineer on bumpers in the past. This is essentially a logistic failure.

davidahn | 22 giugno 2018

These threads are disconcerting, as I am contemplating trading in my Model S for a Model X. I am waiting for a new driver's side view mirror for a few weeks, but my car drives fine without it. Thank goodness I have never needed actual body panels or such, and I hope to never need them for the Model X.

As for only one factory, I'm pretty sure they only have one plant for assembly; do they really only have one plant producing parts?

Osu18 | 23 giugno 2018

What they have is no freaking clue! Tesla customer orientation made the brand highly regarded, now is just the opposite, in the meantime @TESLA Focuses on PR stunts. The body shop where my MX is at has 8 different MS and MX, the one with the shortest wait time is over 90 days. They are also frustrated since the cannot finish the work. I know is our fault for needing parts not Tesla’s for not having them. Best idea is buy your Tesla keep it in the garage, take selfies. Brag about it.

lilbean | 23 giugno 2018

Hey, that’s what I do! Minus the selfie and brag part. :)

jerryk | 23 giugno 2018

The take away I get is until the parts issue is fixed, do not let the body shop put your car in a state where it is un-drivable without the parts from Tesla (assuming the accident did not make it un-drivable). It might look ugly, but at least you can drive the car.

FWIW, we are using this tact with a home remodel. Until cabinets are ready (4-8 weeks), fixtures are in, plumber schedule freed up, stone at fabricator, etc. we are not tearing things out.

lilbean | 23 giugno 2018

Good advice, @jerryk.

I consider Teslas exotic cars and I have no expectation that the work would be done quickly. | 23 giugno 2018

@EdoM - "The model X is a small production vehicle and making bumpers is no big issues."

Not to excuse Tesla, but each bumper mold cost about a million dollars to make. There are different molds for the 3, X and S. Different versions/ages of each car may have a different mold as well. The Model S has at least 3 different molds over the years. For repairs and you have to have the right version, even though it may be long out of production.

At the start, Tesla had one huge injection molding machine for the bumpers and it is also used for other parts. I expect they have more than one of these large machines now, but it still has to do multiple duties. It's a fair amount of work to switch these molds, but it is done on a regular basis both for production and replacement parts. Anyway, not sure I'd call making bumpers no big issue. Not super complex either. Logistics and planning seem to be a larger issue for parts delays.

Krebo | 23 giugno 2018

My wife just hit a deer this past week and the Tesla approved body shop didn't have a lot of nice things to say about the speed of Tesla shipping parts. He said if everything went perfectly, we would have the parts in 4-6 weeks. Seems to me if I order another model X, they have the parts to get that together and to me relatively quickly....I am worried reading these comments.
Fortunately, the car is able to be driven, it just has an ugly dent in the front below the headlight.

zoejohns | 20 aprile 2019

What recourse do we have in this situation? Ive exceeded my rental allowance with insurance and tesla has NO information for me on when my car will have the part necessary to drive the car. I cannot reach anyone to provide me with a loaner. At this point i will not be replacing my tesla when my S lease is over and ill be screaming from the rooftops how terrible the service and experience has been. | 23 aprile 2019

@zoejohns - Why aren't you screaming at the insurance company for providing such lousy coverage? Accidents are not Tesla's responsibility, but yours and the insurance company.

Parts delays are not much different from any premium or luxury make. If you plan to get into a lot of accidents, then a bottom end car might be wise - it will either be totalled, you'll be dead, or the many Chinese knockoff parts can be bought quickly to put it back together.