Tire rotation for longer life on X possible?

Tire rotation for longer life on X possible?

Sounds like the tires on X are not the same and so rotation is not possible, from what I heard on the M3 forum. So, do we expect lower life or is there some level of rotation possible to keep the tires lasting longer?

lilbean | 31 maggio 2018

I wish. My tires are lasting longer by not driving it.

burdogg | 31 maggio 2018

mejo - I am no tire expert, at all :) My previous AWD vehicles tires were never rotated and never had a problem with them - they all wore evenly.

I thought AWD really didn't need tire rotation - so it wouldn't really matter with the X being staggered, as it is AWD. Anyone out there, please correct my ignorance if I am wrong :)

lilbean | 31 maggio 2018

Hmm. Sounds good to me, burdogg!

mathwhiz | 31 maggio 2018

True, tires on Model X are diff sizes front to back so you can't rotate them that way... And also true, dual motor does reduce differential wear seen on rears v fronts of RWD models.

The only issue on the X is the slight negative camber scrubbing that happens when the suspension is set to low (or worse, very low), which is what Tesla recommends to reduce excessive wear on the front half-shafts. :~

Tropopause | 31 maggio 2018

Zoinks! A canundrum!

Vawlkus | 1 giugno 2018

You CAN get the same sized tires installed if you want to. I did for my winter tires, but I think I’ll keep the offsets for my summers.

jjgunn | 1 giugno 2018

Buy a 2nd set of 4 - 2 for the front & 2 for the back.

Rotate every 10k. Simple!!

Tessyred | 1 giugno 2018

Anybody have a ballpark figure on expected mileage on a set of tires for a Mx100. Mine has 8,500 miles with no measurable ware.

lilbean | 1 giugno 2018

Haha, jjgunn!

mejo | 4 giugno 2018

Thanks @burdogg, I did not know that....btw, I owned an mdx prior, which was an AWD and the tire store suggested rotating tires to keep uneven wear and the warranty....time will tell how well these tires do without rotation, only 4k miles in....hopefully 40k more to go...

burdogg | 4 giugno 2018

mejo - I have not researched it, so don't necessarily take my word :) Just my experience with my Expedition.

On my S, I am at 30,000 miles (70D) and the tires are needing changed now...We did not rotate them at all and they appear to have even wear. I am hoping to get 40,000 out of my X, but not holding my breath :)
So far I am at 23,000 miles on my X and just did the penny test - still good, but the outside part of the tire is wearing faster than the inside part - I am always set to low. Probably should be set to high to keep more even wear on the tire. But my tires comparing the front to the back appear to be wearing the same (well, the one front, I had to replace the other front one due to a nail in sidewall, we won't talk about that 10 hour trip home, that normally takes 5, you can find it on the X forum buried if you desire a crazy read on traveling home with the flat tire...) :)

burdogg | 4 giugno 2018

Sorry, that should say set to STANDARD to keep more even wear...not HIGH

mejo | 6 giugno 2018

thanks @burdogg, i am curious to see if the tire warranty will be void because you cannot rotate, will know when time comes, looks like you are closer to it than see what they say about the warranty and life of tires on X as it cannot be rotated....and let us know :-)

burdogg | 6 giugno 2018

Is there a tire warranty? I did not see anything as such. Sure, once you buy them from somewhere else, they usually have a type of warranty on them, but OEM? I haven't seen one.

Side note - our Ford Expedition tires did not last very long at all and we talked to the dealer where we got it and they said they were not under any warranty. We got Discount Tires to replace them for way less than the dealer, and then later I found the tire warranty that supposedly DID come with the Expedition when we bought it new - there was a new tire warranty pamphlet. Really kind of upset with the dealership - who should have known better than saying there was no tire warranty. (We also had to have a battery replaced and I had to have my wife tell them that it should have been still under warranty as they were going to charge us for it. She told them, so they looked it up and said, oh, yeah, it is ok....Say what? We bought this thing from you - you should know that without us having to tell you!)

Vawlkus | 7 giugno 2018

Actually burdogg, most tire companies have tire warranties, they just don’t advertise it much so people don’t use it. ;)

burdogg | 7 giugno 2018

So I guess the question do you figure out what the warranty is on OEM tires and even better, how do you claim that warranty? :)

Vawlkus | 7 giugno 2018

You ask the company who’s name is on the tire. While they don’t advertise, they will answer a direct question about it.