Powerwall 2 making loud noise

Powerwall 2 making loud noise

I have a PW2 connected to a solar system. It was working tolerably well until the unit started making a noise like a fan with a worn out bearing would make. I have been on the phone to Tesla a number of times and have sent them a video which records the noise made by the unit. On each occasion they say they will escalate the report to the next level and nothing gets done. I am now concerned about the value of their 10 year guarantee, given that the unit has only been in operation for 8 months.

When you speak to their customer service people they say all the right things and they have scripts to make callers feel better, but there is no useful response. I am beginning to regret specifiying a Tesla, and under no circumstances would I buy one of their cars if that is the level of service I can expect.

Tesla-David | 6 giugno 2018

Where do you live? It is frustrating when someone rants without specifying where they live. My experience with all things Tesla here is NW Washington State is overwhelmingly positive, and I can assure you their cars are fantastic and they honor their service better than any other Automobile manufacturer period. I can't comment on your PW2 noise issue, as I haven't gotten my PW2 installation yet, but will in 13 days. Try elevating your issue to Tesla-Energy management if your contact at customer service is not addressing your concern.

mbartfeld | 6 giugno 2018

I live in Melbourne Australia. I have elevated the issue twice now and still no result. Australia has a very strong consumer protection scheme, and I fear that it will be necessary to take the matter to a consumer tribunal for resolution. I try not to complain and I certainly don't rant. This is a large investment for anyone, and I expect quality products with appropriate support.

mbartfeld | 6 giugno 2018

I took David's advice and rang the Tesla Customer Service number. I spoke to another nice person (all of the operators are nice) whose job it was to take my details down (again) and pass my complaint to the next level. This is the second time this week I rang Las Vagas to have my details recorded in a computer system which I know has them stored already. No other response from the "elevated" response team.

mbartfeld | 7 giugno 2018

It is about 24 hours since I first posted my complaint. Tesla have swung into action and they have resolved my problem. A team is turning up next week to make the appropriate adjustments. The speed of the response is both welcome and what I had expected from a company like Tesla. Thank you.

frangibbons | 31 luglio 2018

I think my PW2 has the same issue. Did you get your problem resolved? If so, can you share what the problem was? Thanks in advance!

cwied | 31 luglio 2018

Call Powerwall support. They can run a script that purges bubbles from the cooling system. I think you might be hearing noise from bubbles in the system. Note that the script supposedly also makes a lot of noise, so it's possible that you're hearing the script run.

tbryant87 | 2 agosto 2018

Same thing happened to me. It took support a month to figure out, but they were able to remotely tell I had bubbles in the cooling system. The noise seemed to happen when they system was either charging or discharging a large amount of power. As cwied mentioned, they ran a script to force the bubbles out of the cooling loop. They did it by running the pump at max speed for a period of time. I'm assuming this caused the air to go out a vent in the system. They referred to it as a "bubble shunting process". The lower tier of support was very helpful. Once the ticket went to tier 3, I had to keep following up. I guess they closed my ticket without even informing me. Eventually I called back and they confirmed what they did.